Fred Brum: Rocktron G300 - Frozen Soul

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The kind folks at Rocktron Germany sent me a cool Utopia G300 floor unit to review a while ago, so here it is! Since most of the stuff I had seen showcasing the unit had it into a typical guitar amp + cab setup, I thought a cool variation would be to use it to record direct, no bells, no whistles - just the unit's inbuilt features straight into the computer.

Signal chain is simply guitars - cable - Reaper. No post EQ or FX were added so that the unit is the one thing doing all the work, which I believe will make it easier to hear how I used it.

Thanks to the guys at Rocktron for sending me the G300 to toy with - it does sound great and it's a lot of fun to fiddle with! :)

Gear used here:
- Jaden Rose Guitars -
- Decibel Guitars -
- Rocktron Effects -
- Sik Piks -
- Hufschmid picks -

- Gruv Gear Fretwraps (i.e. thing around neck) -

Fred Brum - Rocktron G300 - Frozen Soul