Fred Brum: extended range guitar masterpiece available on bandcamp

Fred Brum
Atonement was completed as an album around this time 2 years ago - damn, time flies! As such, and given how people have supported me and continue to do so, here it is in a "name your price" format. Yes, you can get it for FREE if you want!

Thanks for all the support and wish me luck in these final stages of making Transcendence a reality!

Fred Brum This is my debut album, dedicated to the memory of my mother Maria Brum.

I am working on my new album Transcendence as we speak, and I hope to be able to bring it to you before the year is over - if you like Atonement, please consider helping me out if you can, as even the smallest contributions do have an impact.

Thanks for dropping by, and I hope you enjoy listening to Atonement as much as I did making it! :)
released 30 November 2011
Mixed and mastered by Matt Crawford at Numbskull Audio, all instruments played by Fred Brum except where noted.

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1. Vortex 05:36
2. Toolshed 05:06
3. Atonement 04:34
4. Salt In The Wound 04:33
5. Nebula 05:55
6. Flying Adventure Bus 05:23
7. Retribution 05:02
8. Soulless 04:42
9. Ethereal 06:32