Fred Brum: Laney Ironheart Studio - Vortex

Fred Brum - Laney Ironheart Studio - Vortex
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In what is a different take from the whole "take your time and tweak stuff" I shot this vid (with Chris Taylor from Laney as the kind-of-voluntary cameraman) in about 30 minutes - I simply took one of the 7-strings at Jaden's booth and proceeded to set the amp to fire and forget with a tone more akin to the stuff I used in Atonement.

Signal chain is simply guitar into the Ironheart Studio, recorded using USB and, for obvious reasons, no reamping took place. For authenticity's sake, I didn't resort to most post-processing safe for the usual tape delays in melody and lead parts, using mostly pickups and volume / tone pots for diversity.

Thanks to the guys from Laney for putting up with me, as well as the guys from the booth in front of the cab for understanding I had to use it, as I used that for recording in monition purposes (no time to configure the rig).

Gear used here:
- Jaden Rose Guitars -
- Laney Amps -
- Sik Piks -
- Hufschmid picks -
- Gruv Gear Fretwraps (i.e. thing around neck) -

Hope you guys enjoy! :)