Wayne Calford: Shred Alliance also featuring Per Nilsson, Michael Angelo Batio, Simone Mularon, Pete Pachio and others

Wayne Calford: Shred Alliance

Shred Alliance is an intense shred guitar orientated album that not only has the high impact intense hyper-speed guitar shredding but also emotion and feel. This album features many of the worlds greatest guitar warriors including Michael Angelo Batio, Per Nilsson, Simone Mularoni, and many more!

Shred Alliance. Guitar warriors unite for the sake of shred guitar!

1. Return to Tabernacl (Featuring Per Nilsson) 5:18
2. Spirit of Guitar (Featuring Michael.A.Ruelas)3:43
3. Speed Thrills (Featuring Michael Angelo Batio)4:46
4. Fretburn (Featuring Simone Mularoni)6:05
5. Shred City (Featuring Nick Sandt)3:11
6. Valley of the Cursed Guitar (Featuring Timothy Reid)4:00
7. Legacy of Shred (Featuring Dave Bowes)3:36
8. Epical Guitar Quest (Featuring Jacqui Taylor)6:09
9. S.O.S [Strings of Solace] (Featuring Rodrigo Tabare Fernandez)6:10
10. Day of the Shred (Featuring Pete Pachio)4:18
11. The Ghost of Cadno Music (Featuring Gareth Calford)5:06
12. Shred Rising (Featuring Andy Rosser-Davies)4:24
13. The Guitarstrophe (Featuring Doug Steele)4:59
14. Making a Stand (Featuring Kyle Watherston)