Sam Bell,Pete Pachio,Francesco Filigoi,Malcolm Pugh,Alan Sacha Laskow: Robots Pulling Levers: Zong!

 Robots Pulling Levers: Zong!

Zong! by Robots Pulling Levers
released 08 March 2013
Mark Hawkins : Rhythm guitars, Bass, Shred

Vishal J. Singh : Drums, Arrangement, Synth, Shred

Andrey Sazonov (Storm) : Keyboards, Shred

Guests (In order of appearance):
Alan Sacha Laskow (March of Nazi Robots)
Malcolm Pugh (Jihad)
Pete Pachio (Jihad)
George Richman (Sumati)
Sam Bell (Central Powers)
Francesco Filigoi (Central Powers)
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Artwork: Cover design and banner by Mike C. Bauer