Jimmy Pitts, Tom Geldschläger: Fractured Dimension - Galaxy Mechanics - featuring Christian Muenzner, Marcel Coenen, Alex Machacek,

Help The Fractured Dimension to bring their Galaxy Mechanics cd into reality!

Campaign Summary
For the past seven years we have been putting together the followup to our debut cd, Towards the Mysterium, and assembling some of the very best musicians in the progressive metal and fusion scene to do so. Now, we are all set for the final mix on April 4th, and after so many years and thousands of dollars invested, we could use your help to bring the next The Fractured Dimension cd, Galaxy Mechanics, into reality. The musicians who have created Galaxy Mechanics are:

Jimmy Pitts (keys), Jerry Twyford (bass), Hannes Grossmann (drums), Vishal J Singh, Tom "Fountainhead" Geldschlager, and Tom Kopyto on guitars, Joe Deninzon (violin), Kasturi Nath Singh (Indian Classical Fusion Vocals), and guest guitar solos by Christian Muenzner, Marcel Coenen, Alex Machacek, Mike Abdow, Pete Pachio, Aaron Roten, Bill Bruce, and Jeremy Barnes.

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