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Dave Mustaine: musikmesse 2009 licklibrary interview


Dave Mustaine Megadeth Interview - Musikmesse 2009

Doug Aldrich: lick library interview musikmesse 2009


Doug Aldrich Whitesnake Interview - Musikmesse 2009

Hedras Ramos: touring guatemala for guitar idol votes

Hedras Ramos has been busy playing presentations, radio interviews to promote his final entry for guitar idol. Insanity Atoms is currently in 4th place with 982 votes:

Some photos from the promotion

Hedras Ramos and ... Hedras Ramos!

Gustavo Di Padua: guitar idol 2009 finalist promo

Gustavo Di Padua has put together a promo show his live playing style to promote his final entry for guitar idol, vote

Gustavo Di Padua - GUITAR IDOL 2009 FINALIST

The final track!

Gustavo Di Padua - 2008 - New Take (GUITAR IDOL 2009 ENTRY)

Faraz Anwar: getting tv coverage for guitar idol

Guitar idol continues to grow and build as players get press, online and TV coverage for their cause. Faraz Anwar is no exception, here is some recent TV coverage.

Faraz Anwar - Guitar Idol News on Dunya Tv


Lucas Fagundes: guitar idol finalist posts live video

24 live videos from Lucas Fagundes

Lucas Fagundes Teatro Newton Rossi - SESC

Hey, this is a cool video. I’ts from a song called “Soltando os Cachorros”, which means something like “Unleashing the Dogs” in portuguese, it was taken out of my first instrumental CD. To catch the dog spirit, nothing better than teaching my dog how to play it (lol)! At least it was very fun to make. Hope you like it! This song is actually longer than it is in this video, you can find other performances on Youtube if you wish.

Thanks for watching!

John Petrucci: bfr 6 review

Premier guitar review Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci BFR 6 Review

Vinnie Moore: talks to modern guitars

An interview with Vinnie Moore posted on modern guitars:

Vinnie Moore:
"The only plan I had when making this record was to do some things I have never done before. I am into many types of music and wanted to make a record where I could just let it all pour out without limitations. I am basically a rock guy but all these other influences filter into my music. You can hear many styles from an R&B/Hip Hop vibe to one that is heavy but has an Indian vibe with lots of exotic percussion. I even have a couple tunes with techno elements, some funk, some blues and some bepop. Hell, there is even some motorcycles on it and I even played slide guitar on "Jigsaw" which is fairly new for me. The common thread that ties it all together is probably the fact that it's me playing guitar through it all."

full post

Tom Quayle: adam nitti release available from guitar9


Adam Nitti "Liminal"
Adam Nitti has been establishing himself as both a bass-wielding frontman and recording artist for well over a decade. Having also performed and recorded with a diverse collection of artists, including the Dave Weckl Band, Steven Curtis Chapman, Mike Stern, Peter Erskine, Phil Keaggy, Susan Tedeschi, Scott Henderson, Wayne Krantz, Casting Crowns, Chris Tomlin, and Heather Headley, he has likewise earned his reputation as a distinguished studio bassist and sideman based out of Nashville, TN. A passion to inspire excellence in musicianship led Adam into co-founding, the first-ever interactive online music school. Adam is a tireless educator and touring clinician and is also a regular columnist for both Bass Player Magazine and Bass Musician Magazine. He has been featured in hundreds of music publications around the world and continues to bring unique voice and perspective to the bass playing community. Liminal is his 2009 album, and features, among others, guitars Marco Sfogli, Shane Theriot, Phil Keaggy and Steve Cunningham.

The Renaissance Man/Rebirth (6:45)
Distraction (6:40)
Liminal (6:26)
Redemption Street (9:03)
The Seven Year Swing (6:46)
The Last Walk Home (Nakita's Song) (1:48)
Not Forsaken (6:04)
The Good Foot (5:53)
Il Cuore Del Campione (7:17)
Vivere l'Aperitivo (4:35)

Richard Hallebeek: one spirit

One Spirit Go For It! (CD)
Go For It! represents the second One Spirit project release. With the addition of Flying Dutchman guitar player Richard Hallebeek as a permanent member, One Spirit, the brainchild of bass player Frans Vollink and drummer Sebastiaan Cornelissen has now evolved into your classic fusion trio line up: Blistering guitar solos on top of kick-ass rhythm-section playing. Fusion lovers worldwide will find what they are looking for on this new album: progressive writing, yet with the classical Weather Report / Mahavishnu Orchestra vibe as well as high level soloing by all three members. The compositions follow a melodic path with highly listenable compositions distinguished by energetic and thoughtful arrangements. On top of that the album features some hot guest appearances with Randy Brecker returning on trumpet and Steve Hunt (Allan Holdsworth) joining in for a keyboard solo. Other guest appearances include Swedish keyboard virtuoso Lalle Larsson, Dutch jazz pianist Rob van Bavel and percussionists Martin Verdonk and Martin Gort.

Tricky's Tales (7:16)
Demo Of Demonstration (4:45)
Purpurama (4:31)
Done (2:21)
If So (3:32)
Port (5:42)
Go For It MF (6:00)
Maybe - Interlude (1:30)
Leo's Dance (5:07)
25-8 (7:00
Sergio's Pants (4:08)
TBA (3:37)
Paraquats (4:16)

New: El IMT en el Mussikmesse 2009

A compilation of videos from EI IMT at Musikmesse 2009 including clips of Paul Gilbert and Mattias IA Eklundh

El IMT en el Mussikmesse 2009

Floyd Fernandes: blue jazz

Floyd Fernandes says:
Not really jazz but incorporating some of that flavor. I love the blues and its really part of my playing.Hope you guys like it.

Floyd Fernandes Jazz Blues

News: free spanish guitar magazine

Spanish guitar fans might like to know that there is a new free onlinze guitar magazine which you can download:

News: spinal tap unwigged interview


"Spinal Tap" Unwigged Interview

Spinal Tap "Unwigged & Unplugged" Seattle 4/20/09 - Stonehenge!

London, England – Monday 6th April 2009 – The loudest Rock band in the World, Spinal Tap, Nigel Tufnel, David St. Hubbins and Derek Smalls have today announced that they will be returning to the UK this June to kick off their one time only exclusive special show at London's Wembley Arena with very special guests The Folksmen.
2009 marks the 25th anniversary of the iconic cult classic rock movie 'This is Spinal Tap' and Spinal Tap are celebrating this in a big way! By reuniting for the 'One Night Only World Tour'the band had the following to say:

"If we're going to do a World tour on only one night, at least it's this world"
Nigel Tufnel

"This show will be dedicated to all of our drummers who have passed on, either to their reward or to middle management at Sainbury's."
David St. Hubbins.

"One night is not enough, and it's way too much!"
Derek Smalls

So crank your dials up to 11, lock up your daughters and dust off your spandex in anticipation of THE rock event of the summer. Spinal Tap Live in Concert for one night only on Tuesday June30 2009 at Wembley Arena, have no doubt, they are gonna rock you!
Goniff Concerts, Inc.
3 Nishkeit Plaza
Parsippany, N.J.

March 2, 2009

To: Spinal Tap
Re: 2009 concert tour


I have good news and bad news.

The bad news:
Your 2009 “Unstoppable” tour has been cancelled.
The poor economy plays a role in this decision, as
does the band's history, pertaining to shows.

The good news:
Much of your repertoire will be performed in a concert
setting this spring in the Guest/McKean/Shearer “Unwigged and Unplugged”
tour across the U.S. If you're interested, we can probably get you a
limited number of seats.

More information is available at

Our best to your “families”.

Nathan Goniff

Christophe Godin: morglbl euro and usa tour dates


Mörglbl is touring the east coast and more at the moment !
Check out if there's any venue we play in your area, and come and party with us !
Here's the schedule for the upcoming weeks :

4.23.09 Mörglbl at Fat Daddys, Athens, Georgia US
4.24.09 Morglbl live at Mike’s DownUnder Pub, Jefferson GA (Athens area
4.26.09 Morglbl Band Clinic at the Excalibur, Florence SC
4.27.09 Kartoon Guitar Clinic at the Excalibur, Florence SC
5.01.09 Morglbl live at the Excalibur, Florence SC
5.02.09 Morglbl's instructional concert at Music Depot, Florence SC
5.08.09 Morglbl live with special guest Kinetic Element at The Capital Ale
House Richmond, Virginia
5.09.09 Morglbl live at Orion Studios, Baltimore MD
5.16.09 Morglbl live at the New Jersey Proghouse
5.17.09 Morglbl live at the North Star Bar, Philadelphia PA
5.20.09 Mörglbl opens for Kick the Mc Gee at Martyr’s in Chicago, Illinois US
5.21.09 Morglbl at the Crystal Corner Bar, Madison, WI
5.22.09 Morglbl live at Tail Gators, Kokomo, IN
5.23.09 Morglbl live at Tail Gators, Kokomo, IN
5.24.09 Mörglbl at the Summer Camp Festival on the Campfire Stage in Chillicothe, IL

Charly Sahona: guitar extreme


Promo for Guitar Extreme featuring Charly Sahona and Jean Fontanille.

Teaser Guitare Xtreme Magazine n°32 - Mai / Juinl 2009

News: daisy rock competition!


Enter Daisy Rock's 'How do YOU Daisy Rock' YouTube Contest, and have your music heard by industry professionals! Also be entered for a chance to win a Daisy Rock Guitar! Visit for more details!

Joe Chawki: journey to october thawns


I'm never sure why it take Joe so long to finish his Guiness

Joe Chawki is another one of my favourite players, but it's really difficult to find video of Joe playing... so it was a pleasure to come across these old videos from the archive, as pointed out by one of the best names in shred Yngchtie Blacksteen. Joe Chawki was a meer slip of a lad furing these recording, just about 16-17 in these videos, so awesome stuff indeed!

First track off the self titled CD. Sick intro bassline written by Rob Carpenter, the band's original bass player. I love JoFu's faces in this video.

October Thorns - Page One

Shot live at the Birch Hill in New Jersey. Embodies the basic vision and sound for the band, it was always a great opener to get the adrenaline going

October Thorns - Soul Forge

October Thorns - Jihad

Jack Gardiner: guitar idol youngster hitting the headline in liverpool

Liverpool axe hero is youngest Brit entry in Guitar Idol 09:
A teenager from Liverpool has reached the final of the world's largest guitar playing competition Guitar Idol 09.

Jack Gardiner, 15, from Anfield, is the youngest British entry to make it to the final stages but he faces stiff competition from 119 musicians from around the globe.

Having already beat thousands of string strumming hopefuls, the talented teen is one step away from appearing on stage in the London live final.

But with most of the fellow competitors already being professional musicians and nearly double his age, they have a clear advantage in gathering votes from their already set-up fanbase.

The St Margaret's High School pupil was singled out by the judges for his 'exceptional' skill and 'faultless' playing but the judges only make up two thirds of what is needed to make the grand final.

Having held the record for Merseyside's youngest ever player to pass the classical grade one, Jack hopes to finish his GCSEs and eventually go to music school in Italy.

Jack said: "It has always been my dream to play guitar for a living and the competition could be my break.

"I have my heart set on finishing high school and eventually going to college in Italy to study music.
full article

Jack Gardiner says:
My thanks go to a number of people:
My Dad!

Kevin Price for lending me the Boss GT-5 so i could record this!

Martyna Karpinska for lending me the camera!

Karl Sweeney for being there for me man! (and for being such an awesome bassist)

Kieran Doyle for editing a load of my text and taking all the amazing photos!

Laurie Monk for the support and such! Check out his awesome website!

Daniele Gottardo for all the inspiration!

And the following for support:
Oliver King, Andy Graham, Unholy Divide, and all you others out there!


Guitar Idol Entry '09 ''Ambitions'' Jack Gardiner (15 year old)

German Schauss: live tonight!


German Schauss, Live with Devas at Cranes Hollywood Tavern,
Date: 24 April 2009
Time: 20:00 - 22:00
Location: Hollywood, CA
Description: German Schauss, Live with Devas at Cranes Hollywood Tavern

Dave Martone: and john 5 to destroy mojo room...

Coming soon:
JULY 5-10 2009

Martone Mojo Room

Tommy Emmanuel: latest tour dates


Apr 24 2009 8:00 PM Nuremburg, DE Audi Forum
Apr 25 2009 8:00 PM Munich, DE Prinzregententheater Tickets
Apr 26 2009 8:00 PM Stuttgart, DE Liederhalle
Apr 27 2009 8:00 PM Zurich, CH Volkshaus
Apr 30 2009 8:00 PM Frankfurt, DE Jahrhunderthalle Frankfurt Tickets
May 1 2009 8:00 PM AUBAGNE, FR Centre de Congres Agora
May 2 2009 8:00 PM Lyon, FR L'Epicerie Moderne
May 3 2009 8:00 PM Paris, FR La Cigale
May 9 2009 9:45 PM Santos Tirso, PT Auditorio Padre Antonio Vieira Tickets
May 16 2009 8:00 PM Istanbul, TR TBA
May 17 2009 8:00 PM Malmö, SE Konserthuset - Malmö
May 18 2009 9:00 PM Modena, IT Palazzetto dello Sport Tickets
May 19 2009 8:00 PM Graz, AT Orpheum
May 20 2009 8:00 PM Vienna, AT Szene Wien Tickets
May 27 2009 6:30 PM Kaluga, RU Philharmonic Concert Hall Tickets
Jun 4 2009 8:00 PM Hawke's Bay, NZ Hawkes Bay Opera House Tickets
Jun 5 2009 8:00 PM Auckland, NZ Bruce Mason Theatre Tickets
Jun 6 2009 8:00 PM Hamilton, NZ Clarence Street Theatre Tickets
Jun 13 2009 8:00 PM Prospect Vale, TAS, AU Country Club Tasmania
Jun 15 2009 7:00 PM Hobart, TAS, AU Wrest Point Entertainment Centre Tickets
Jun 16 2009 8:00 PM Melbourne, VIC, AU Hamer Hall Tickets
Jun 19 2009 8:00 PM Sydney, NSW, AU City Recital Hall Angel Place Tickets
Jun 20 2009 8:00 PM Brisbane, QLD, AU Concert Hall Tickets
Jun 21 2009 8:00 PM Toowoomba, QLD, AU Empire Theatre Tickets
Jun 24 2009 8:00 PM Canberra, ACT, AU Canberra Theatre Centre Tickets
Jun 26 2009 8:00 PM Adelaide, SA, AU Her Majesty's Theatre Tickets
Jun 28 2009 8:00 PM Bunbury, WA, AU Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre Tickets
Jun 29 2009 8:00 PM Perth, WA, AU Perth Concert Hall Tickets
Jul 19 2009 11:00 AM Grass Valley, CA California Worldfest Tickets
Jul 21 2009 8:00 PM Exeter, CA Orange Blossom Junction Tickets
Jul 22 2009 8:00 PM Exeter, CA Orange Blossom Junction
Jul 24 2009 8:00 PM Jacksonville, OR The Britt Festival Tickets
Aug 8 2009 12:00 PM Copper Mountain, CO The Villages At Copper Mountain Tickets
Aug 14 2009 12:00 PM Pomeroy, OH Fur Peace Ranch Tickets
Aug 15 2009 12:00 PM Pomeroy, OH Fur Peace Ranch Tickets
Aug 16 2009 8:00 PM Pomeroy, OH Fur Peace Ranch Tickets
Aug 19 2009 8:00 PM Quebec City, QC, CA TBA Tickets
Aug 20 2009 8:00 PM Montréal, QC, CA TBA Tickets
Aug 21 2009 8:00 PM Ottawa, ON, CA TBA Tickets
Aug 22 2009 8:00 PM Toronto, ON, CA tba Tickets
Sep 13 2009 8:00 PM Beach Haven, NJ Surflight Theatre Tickets
Sep 14 2009 8:00 PM Beach Haven, NJ Surflight Theatre Tickets
Sep 15 2009 8:00 PM Beach Haven, NJ Surflight Theatre Tickets
Sep 26 2009 8:00 PM Kalamazoo, MI State Theatre Tickets
Sep 29 2009 7:30 PM Springfield, IL Sangamon Auditorium
Oct 1 2009 7:30 PM Muncie, IN Pruis Hall Tickets
Oct 2 2009 8:00 PM Terre Haute, IN Hatfield Hall Theater Tickets
Oct 3 2009 8:00 PM New Albany, IN Paul W. Ogle Cultural Center Tickets
Oct 4 2009 8:00 PM Jasper, IN Jasper Arts Center Tickets
Oct 6 2009 7:30 PM Frankfort, KY Grand Theater Tickets
Oct 8 2009 8:00 PM St. Louis, MO Sheldon Concert Hall Tickets
Oct 9 2009 8:00 PM Overland Park, KS Carlsen Center
Oct 10 2009 8:45 PM Hutchinson, KS Hutchinson Historic Fox Theatre Tickets
Oct 15 2009 8:00 PM TBA, TBA, JP TBA
Oct 23 2009 8:00 PM Beijing, CN TBA
Oct 24 2009 8:00 PM Shanghai, CN TBA
Dec 3 2009 7:30 PM London, UK O2 Shepherds Bush Empire Tickets
Dec 5 2009 7:30 PM Bristol, UK Colston Hall Tickets
Mar 12 2010 7:30 PM Liverpool, UK Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Tickets
Mar 13 2010 7:30 PM Sheffield, UK Sheffield City Hall Tickets

Gary Moore: tour dates and you chance to win a ticket

We have a few pairs of tickets to see Gary Moore on his forthcoming tour in Wolverhampton, Manchester and London.

Gary is out on the road from in Newcastle (20th April), Glasgow (22nd) and will call in Sheffield (23rd), Cambridge (25th), Norwich (26th), Bristol (28th), Wolverhampton (29th), Manchester (1st May) and London (2nd) in support of his outstanding new album Bad For You Baby.

We have a few pairs of tickets to give away to the final three dates on the tour, so if you want to be in with a chance of winning them then simply choose the venue and fill in the form and you’ll go into a prize draw.

If you can’t make those three dates but

Tour dates:
All shows at 8 pm except Bamberg, 7:30pm.
Very Special Guest: Alvin Youngblood Hart

UK April/May 2009

Sat 25 - Corn Exchange, Cambridge
Sun 26 - Norwich U.E.A., Norwich
Tue 28 - Colston Hall, Bristol
Wed 29 - Civic Hall Wolverhampton
Fri 1 - Apollo, Manchester
Sat 2 - Apollo Hammersmith, London

Tickets on sale, NOW.

Very Special Guest: Buddy Whittington

SPAIN May 2009

Sat 9 - Pabellon Anaitasuna, PAMPLONA
Mon 11 - Sala Multiusos del Sar, SANTIAGO
Wed 13 - Multiusos Sánchez Paraíso, SALAMANCA
Thur 14 - Sala Rock Star, BILBAO
Sat 16 - Tabaco Blues Festival, GRANADA
Mon 18 - Palacio de Congresos, VALENCIA
Wed 20 - Palacio de Deportes de la Comunidad de Madrid, MADRID
Thur 21 - Festival de Guitarra, Sala Anexa del Palau Sant Jordi, BARCELONA

Additional Bilbao Ticket information


Sat 20 - Sierre Blues Festival, Switzerland


Wed 1 - Ulmer Zelt, Ulm, Germany
Thur 2 - Europahalle, Trier, Germany
Sun 5 - Schloßhof, Fulda, Germany
Tue 7 - Parkbühne (Clara Zetkin Park), Leipzig, Germany
Wed 8 - Tollwood Festival, München, Germany
Fri 24 - Tall Ships Race, Turku, Finland
Fri 31 - Großer Elzpark, Mosbach, Germany


Sat 1 - Rock Of Ages Festival, Seebronn, Germany

try and win

Joe Bonamassa: planet rock prize draw

As a special treat just for our Planet Rock Newsletter recipients we are giving away tickets to see Joe Bonamassa in Cardiff, Glasgow and Sheffield.

Supporting his phenomenal Ballad Of John Henry album, Joe is currently in the middle of his biggest UK tour to date and is playing better than ever.

So if you want to win tickets to see him in the next week then fill in the form and you will go into a prize draw...
try and win

Greg Howe: introspection backing track cd version available

Introspection Jam Along Tracks Available!:
UPDATE: The CD version of the backing tracks, at this time, are available with the purchase of the "Introspection" Tablature Book. However, they are available only with the purchase of the book and are currently not being sold separately!

For those of you who have already purchased the "Introspection" Tablature Book, the CD of the backing tracks will be available to purchase for $10.00. Due to the fact that these tracks are not being sold seperate from the book we ask that you email with your Paypal or Amazon receipt number in order to begin the purchase transaction.

As this procedure of purchase for the backing tracks is subject to change, we will be sure to keep everyone posted with any new information.