Richard Hallebeek: one spirit

One Spirit Go For It! (CD)
Go For It! represents the second One Spirit project release. With the addition of Flying Dutchman guitar player Richard Hallebeek as a permanent member, One Spirit, the brainchild of bass player Frans Vollink and drummer Sebastiaan Cornelissen has now evolved into your classic fusion trio line up: Blistering guitar solos on top of kick-ass rhythm-section playing. Fusion lovers worldwide will find what they are looking for on this new album: progressive writing, yet with the classical Weather Report / Mahavishnu Orchestra vibe as well as high level soloing by all three members. The compositions follow a melodic path with highly listenable compositions distinguished by energetic and thoughtful arrangements. On top of that the album features some hot guest appearances with Randy Brecker returning on trumpet and Steve Hunt (Allan Holdsworth) joining in for a keyboard solo. Other guest appearances include Swedish keyboard virtuoso Lalle Larsson, Dutch jazz pianist Rob van Bavel and percussionists Martin Verdonk and Martin Gort.

Tricky's Tales (7:16)
Demo Of Demonstration (4:45)
Purpurama (4:31)
Done (2:21)
If So (3:32)
Port (5:42)
Go For It MF (6:00)
Maybe - Interlude (1:30)
Leo's Dance (5:07)
25-8 (7:00
Sergio's Pants (4:08)
TBA (3:37)
Paraquats (4:16)