Joe Chawki: journey to october thawns


I'm never sure why it take Joe so long to finish his Guiness

Joe Chawki is another one of my favourite players, but it's really difficult to find video of Joe playing... so it was a pleasure to come across these old videos from the archive, as pointed out by one of the best names in shred Yngchtie Blacksteen. Joe Chawki was a meer slip of a lad furing these recording, just about 16-17 in these videos, so awesome stuff indeed!

First track off the self titled CD. Sick intro bassline written by Rob Carpenter, the band's original bass player. I love JoFu's faces in this video.

October Thorns - Page One

Shot live at the Birch Hill in New Jersey. Embodies the basic vision and sound for the band, it was always a great opener to get the adrenaline going

October Thorns - Soul Forge

October Thorns - Jihad