Vinnie Moore: talks to modern guitars

An interview with Vinnie Moore posted on modern guitars:

Vinnie Moore:
"The only plan I had when making this record was to do some things I have never done before. I am into many types of music and wanted to make a record where I could just let it all pour out without limitations. I am basically a rock guy but all these other influences filter into my music. You can hear many styles from an R&B/Hip Hop vibe to one that is heavy but has an Indian vibe with lots of exotic percussion. I even have a couple tunes with techno elements, some funk, some blues and some bepop. Hell, there is even some motorcycles on it and I even played slide guitar on "Jigsaw" which is fairly new for me. The common thread that ties it all together is probably the fact that it's me playing guitar through it all."

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