Monday, 11 May 2009

News :illegal file sharing ring busted ... are you next?

No not me folks, I'm a strictly buy CD person... but be aware that is you download illegally more ways are being devised to catch up with you. The band Domain posted this:
Illegal Filesharing Organisation Busted! Hi everybody, we would like to thank you!

To thank all of our fans, who spent their hard money to buy our albums and download our songs from the legal download shops. Your are the true fans, the real fans, who earn our respect!

This attitude is all the more to appreciate, as we had the chance, by placing inaudible digital watermarks in our songs, to blow the whistle on an illegal filesharer organisation, which downloaded our actual album "The Chronicles Of Love, Hate And Sorrow" over 35.000 times (!) within only 4 weeks by the internet!

You can imagine how catastrophic the financial damage will hit a band like DOMAIN. All the lost money can't be invested in the music production, in touring or high quality merchandise.

Luckily, by using the watermarks, we brought the persons in charge to justice where they had to answer for their delicts. More investigations are in the offing. As far as we can see, this is the first time that a single music group defended themselves successfully against the abuse of their music.

As a band, we would like to express our gratitude to all loyal fans, who appreciate our work even in hard times, by not supporting the despicable steal of our works. YOU keep the band alive!

We salute you!

Axel, Nicolaj, Erdmann, Steven and Jens

Joe Satriani: cd samples available... er legally people!

Check out :

to hear samples of these tracks:

Tracks :

1. Avenida Revolution 5:56
2. Soap On A Rope 5:32
3. Sexy Little Thinh 4:14
4. Oh Yeah 4:54
5. Runnin' Out 3:52
6. Get It Up 4:42
7. Down The Drain 6:17
8. My Kinda Girl 4:34
9. Learning To Fall 5:13
10. Turnin' Left 5:48
11. Future In The Past

Adam Fulara: superb double neck for sale

Doublenecked MENSINGER Adam Fulara signature

Price: 1000 EUR (or 1450 USD)+shipping, Made in 2007 (March). On this guitar I have performed only once - at the Musik Messe 2007. It has been made especially for this one gig. Reason of sale: deal with another luthiery craftsman: REK guitars. So it's almost new and not used. I don't need it anymore. Perfect for tapping. It has signature of Michael Angelo Batio, I met him at the Musik Messe 2007, and he signed it.
Guitar specifications:

Two necks very close to each other
Fingerboard relative radius: 10''-12''
Scale: 25.5''
Construction: Both necks are bolted-on (screwed)
For longer sustain there is very special system: half neck thru body (the brige is fixed to the neck not body). Very good for tapping.
Frets: 24. Frets in perfect condition (like new)
Wood: Body - alder, Fingerboard - rosewood, Necks - maplewood
Two neck humbuckers: Seymour Duncan Jazz Model (passive circuit), both at neck side (both in black).
Two tones potentiometers, two volumes.
Bridges: Screwed on fixed bridges
Finish: blue
Weight: approximately 10 pounds
Some new ideas were applied for tapping needs
Pick-ups are placed the way that coils are very close to one another.
The necks are both a bit widther from the treble strings (from E1 in the upper neck and from B2 on the other one).
Special sustain half neck-thru-body system
Necks are joined at the head, although you can easy unmount every neck if neccessary

Ronni Lé Tekrø: radio show appearence

Ron Coolen says:
Hey guys, It's a great honour to announce that In our next edition of 'LET THERE BE ROCK' Radio, RONNI LE TEKRO of TNT will present his favorite tracks. Make sure you listen on May 12 (9-11PM CET), you will LOVE it for sure! Keep rockin'

- Live internet stream:
- Twitter:

Jennifer Batten: guitar gone wild


When: Sunday, May 17, 2009 3:00 PM

Chocolate Moose Music Cafe
9118 SR 84

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Sunday May 17th Guitars Gone Wild; A guitar Masterclass from 3:00 pm-6:00 pm and a show from 8:00 pm-11:00 pm featuring Jennifer Batten (electric) and Vicki Genfan (acoustic). Masterclass $50 Show $30 Combination ticket $ 70 Tickets available in advance at the Chocolate Moose

So where do you play guitar after you’ve done the Superbowl XXVII's half time entertainment, which aired to one and half billion people in 80 nations. Having played to the largest audience in television history, during a stint with Michael Jackson that included four world tours, super rock guitarist Jennifer Batten will teach and play at the Chocolate Moose Music Café in Davie on Sunday May 17th. She will be joined at this gig by Guitar Player Magazines “guitarist of the year” Vicki Genfan. This will be the first time that Moose owner Caroline Ammundsen has ventured to book major international performers for her Davie coffeehouse, perhaps better known for its local performers and Open Mic events. Local musician Robert Mason is enthusiastic about the move and commented that “these are such great performers, any serious student of acoustic or electric guitar should be thrilled at the opportunity to attend, and anyone who loves guitar music will want to come and check these ladies out.” Both are touring the world to promote their new CD’s, and when Jennifer e-mailed Robert Mason to let him know she would be passing Fort Lauderdale on her way to a gig in Key West, he jumped at the chance to arrange a VIP style event for her and Vicki. “The Moose sprung to mind as an ideal venue, given the kind of show the musicians had in mind” Mason commented. “It’s like everyone will have a backstage pass and the opportunity to learn from these incredible artists” Jennifer Batten’s new innovative multimedia show is an intimate one woman performance which runs about 90 minutes. For the Chocolate Moose in Davie the show will also be formatted for a guitar workshop. Both Jennifer (electric) and Vicki (acoustic) will teach from 3:00-6:00 pm, and will include the techniques they use achieve the sounds and effects on their records and performances. From 8:00-11:00 pm the show will be "Guitars Gone Wild". Guitar player of the year (Guitar Player Magazine) Vicki Genfan will perform her songs, her voice enhanced by her deft acoustic guitar technique. She will be followed by Jennifer Batten, formerly guitarist with Michael Jackson (four World Tours) and the Jeff Beck Group (Two CD's and World Tours). The show is called Guitars Gone Wild and it promises to be a wild event indeed. To preview Vicki’s chops, check out her video and see her winning performance at the Great American Music Hall in SF, Ca September 13th 2008, go to She took home the title of '2008 Guitar Superstar'! Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Elliot Easton, Brendon Small and George Lynch give their comments....the WINNER is announced by host, Andy Summers (Police). To check out Jennifer Batten go to and be amazed. After all, who gets to play lead guitar with the Jeff Beck Group besides Jeff Beck? Only Jennifer Batten. For tickets go to the Chocolate Moose Music Café, 9118 SR 84, Davie, or call (954)-474-5040

Mike Orlando: supports Duff McKagen of Guns n Roses-Velvet Revolver fame!


Mike Orlando: Start Time: 19 May 2009 at 20:00
End Time: 20 May 2009 at 00:00
Location: The Blender Theater
Street: 127 East 23rd St.
Town/City: New York, NY

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Phone: 12127776800
Mike Orlando's Sonic Stomp Band will be performing at The Blender Theater Tuesday May 19th in NYC with the one & only Duff McKagen(Guns n Roses-Velvet Revolver). Tickets are available through Paypal at for $15 each. Show starts at 8 pm.

Milan Polak: new cd... the details

You can never have too many posts is what I say... yes, I know 130 per week is a little steep, but the shotgun approach might catch a wider audience... so more of the detail of the new Milan Polack upcoming CD. This straight from Lion Music:

After 2 instrumental releases Milan Polak released his first vocal album “Straight” in 2007. Now 2 years on “Murphy’s Law” is the perfect extension of its predecessor with a more modern sound, heavier, less bluesy, more guitar (e.g. “Murphy’s Law”), more progressive (e.g. “Sheeple”, “The Mystery Of Life”), more choirs & backing vocals (e.g. “Inner Truth”) and a great representation of an artist that is delivering music true to his soul and ideals in life.
“Murphy’s Law” is an accessible album full of strong vocal hooks, great guitar work and mature song writing from one of Europe’s most in demand session musicians who is now forging his own fan base.

Lyrically the album deals with social issues, mass media manipulation and other issues of modern day life (e.g. “Wannabes”, “No God”) being the main overriding factor influencing Milan’s work. On his aim with the album Milan comments, “The idea was to create a killer album with melodic, heavy modern songs that appeal to both consumers of that genre and musicians”.
On his fellow band mates on the release Milan beams, “Fabio Trentini who played all the basses this time also co-produced the album. He has several platinum & gold records and added his knowledge & experience. Simon Michael (drummer of Subway To Sally) added the right mix of technical & musical modern drumming, it’s a great band and I’m delighted to be playing with them”.

The creative process behind “Murphy’s Law” began 18 months ago with Milan recording the basic guitar tracks in his home studio before sending them to Fabio Trentini. The pair then went about furbishing the songs in Fabio’s studio. By this time Milan had a detailed picture of each and every song resulting in the recording of guitars and vocals happening in a productive 3 week period. Schedules of the albums other personnel meant the album took longer to complete than originally planned, but the freshness of the main creative process of the album is readily apparent for all to hear on “Murphy’s Law”.

Hedras Ramos: guitar idol final live place announced

Well done Hedras Ramos Junior and Senior... Man U for the European cup, Eh Hedras?

This little guy has been working his butt off to get votes, playing concerts, schools, churches and shows all over Guatemala, plus he's got a lot of talent for a young guy! Great to see him in the final. The other finalists

Hedras Ramos - Insanity of the Atoms (entry for Guitar Idol 2009)

Help him pay his way over by buying some CD's and the Blues Jam tracks:

Hedras Ramos, awesome guitar: buy!

Let's hear it for our first special guest from Guatemala! Hedras Ramos might only be 17, but he plays with the feel and confidence of an experienced master. His first bluesjamtracks project features three rock/metal pieces, all with lots of juicy melodies and insanely cool tapping licks. There are two solo jams (Metal Heart and Hard Nut) plus a complete composition, Insanity of the Atoms, which is Hedras's entry in Guitar Idol 2009. All three tracks come in audio and video form, along with backing tracks and accurate Tab transcriptions. In addition, there are extended jam tracks based on Metal Heart and Hard Nut

AVAILABLE NOW at Guatemala's teenage phenomenon Hedras Ramos features in a brand new package featuring solos, jam tracks and accurate Tab.

This track is Hedras's entry for Guitar Idol 2009, and is included with a full backing track and full Tab! Vote for Hedras

Marc Bonilla: keith emerson tour cancelled

Marc Bonilla is the touring guitarist for the Keith Emerson Band

Keth Emerson who has recently lost his mother.

The band has had to cancel the tour to recurring problems with his hands:

treatments for his complex condition of focal hand dystonia. Some of these treatments have included: soft tissue massage, stretches, slow down exercise therapy, sensory reeducation, scapula-humeral exercises, splintage and sensory tricks.

Unfortunately these treatments appear to have been of limited use to Mr Emerson, as he is reportedly still finding it very difficult to play his instrument in gigs and recording sessions.
full details

We send best wishes to Keith at this obviously difficult time and wish him a speedy recovery.

News: guitar player daily, another cool guitar blog for you.

For fans of more jazz orientated guitar some great articles posted by Matt Warnock

Recent posts include
Breaking Down the Modes of the Melodic Minor Scale
Interview with Sheryl Bailey
Interview with Jonathan Kresiberg

News: guitar bloggers, join guitar world blog forum


Some cool guitar blogs and cool people, pulling double shifts to get the guitar news to you... may be you're a guitar blogger or plan to be one or didn't know you can get more visitors by joining guitar world blips... join us over at Guitar World... helps take guitar blogging to another dimension. You'll need to join, but if you have a blog you'll find useful discussion and ideas. Thirteen bloggers so far, including the , Guitar Noize, I Heart Guitar, Jenn Feather, Mark McGuigan, The Rock House blog and many more... Mr Strat O Blogster... .where are you?!

Tomo Fujita: tone merchants clinic and live

Part of Lessons from Tomo's Tone Merchants Clinic dvd and some live clips in this 5 video selection.

Tomo Fujita: lessons and live

Renat Bikchurin: clean tone on an electric.

Renat Bikchurin soloing on an electric... no two handed tapping... plus an unexpected guest.

Improvization on clean tone. Renat Bikchurin

Brandon Gan: wala wala live show highlights

Highlights of the May 10th show. All original music featuring Brandon and his band. Darren Toh - Bass Mark Lim - Drums Christopher Chen - Rhythm Guitar

Brandon Gan Live at Wala Wala Cafe and Pub

Vinnie Moore: ufo interview

Was originally broadcast live. A great interview with one of the true guitar greats VInnie Moore. Vinnie gives a detailed overview of the construction of his new Vinman 2000 Dean Guitars. Great to see such a cool personality talking having fun with it all! Check out Vinnie Moore's new album out in May 2009!

Vinnie Moore of UFO talks about designing his new Dean Guitar models

Rusty Cooley: fret buster lessons

Dean Guitar posted some videos of Rusty Cooley. Video is from Rusty's Fretboard Autopsy series by Rock House Method. Which you can buy on line... uk shop

Dean Artist Rusty Cooley Tutorial - 6 Tone Extended Minus 7th

Dean Artist Rusty Cooley Tutorial - Double String 5 Sequence

News: youtube major channel redesign on the way... will it affect you?

Change to cover, movies, TV ahead of user created content.

In which John discusses the coming youtube redesign, which will reportedly emphasize television shows and feature films over user-generated content in order to improve advertising revenue--and in which John also tries to prove that HE CAN SELL LUCKY CHARMS, TOO.

The Death of Youtube?? Redesign Coming

Tommy Emmanuel: tangerine sky, help the bush fire victims


The single Tangerine Sky is now available at (shipped from Nashville):

The song is a collaboration of Australian country music artists and is dedicated to the victims of the bushfires in Victoria last year. Proceeds go to the Salvation Army.

Participating artists include Troy Cassar Daly - Tommy Emmanuel - The Sunny Cowgirls - Anne Kirkpatrick - James Blundell - Tamara Stewart - Pete Denahy - Lianna Rose - Talia Wittman - Darren Coogan - Dianna Corcoran

CD Includes:
1) Tangerine Sky 3:57

2) Tangerine Sky

Tangerine Sky dedicated to the Victorian Bushfire Victims

3) The Making of Tangerine Sky - Mini Video Documentary

The making of "Tangerine Sky" Mini documentary

Daniel Realpe: makes it to the guitar idol live final

Daniel Realpe becomes the 5th finalist announced for the live guitar idol final. for his track: Enlightening Discussion Daniel Realpe commits some serious wah wah abuse to this track.

Guitar Idol 2009 Entry - Daniel Realpe

Milan Polak: new cd is on the way


Milan Polak says:
Just wanted to let you know that my new CD will be out June 19th (Lion Music). Check out the samples on my MS player and let me know what you think...
speak soon - all the best,Milan
visit his myspace to hear vocal and guitar teasers, which are highly enjoyable:

Paul Bielatowicz: i talk guitar interview


Ever since the guitar began to gain popularity during the last century, the job of arranging keyboard pieces for the fretboard has been an onerous task. Just ask any classical guitarist who has tackled some of JS Bach’s keyboard pieces and watch him turn pale… But at least Bach stuck to one keyboard and didn’t switch continuously between Hammond, Moog and grand piano! This was the challenge facing Paul when he joined the band – and ever since, audiences have been amazed at such diverse and positively non-guitar like sounds emanating from his PRS.

We caught up with Paul just before he left on a European tour with the band.

What’s the first step in arranging a keyboard part for the band?

“Carl gives me a CD of whatever piece he wants me to arrange. Before I dive straight in to transcribing and arranging the piece, I’ll listen to it a few times to see if I can get any ideas about how specific sections should sound on the guitar… what techniques to use, etc. During these initial listens I’ll make notes (using CD times as references) about ideas I have for the various sections. I find this is a really good place to start as it helps me see the bigger picture before I get out the microscope to focus in on the specifics of each section. After I’ve got a good idea of how I want to play each section of the song, I transcribe exactly what the keyboards are doing and, as I do that, I arrange the part for guitar.”
full interview

Jennifer Batten: i talk guitar interview


Do you think it’s harder for artists to get established now or has My Space, You Tube and digital download technology/the internet actually made it easier?

“I think technology has made many things easier such as making CDs at home; but when it comes down to it, it’s all about promotion, time and dedication, like any other business. The audience can now get instant gratification by hearing about someone they’re interested in, seeing videos on YouTube and then downloading the music whether paid for or stolen. I think the market is so crowded with tens of thousands of bands trying to be noticed that it takes more and more effort to get noticed, and to stay on people’s minds. Technology has made some types of promotion more accessible and potentially cheaper than before, but it’s just as hard to get through to make a decent impact.”
full interview

Joe Bonamassa: i talk guitar interview


A lot of people say that playing the blues successfully is all about feeling – how do you manage to get ‘into the zone’ on stage every night?

“Well, the simplest answer would be the fact that you have a show and you have songs that, in theory, mean something to you and it’s very easy to go into that place. Now, are there are good nights and bad nights? Absolutely! Are there nights when you just don’t feel it? Absolutely! Are there magical nights when it all seems to come together and people really gel and you and the audience connect? Absolutely! Would you like to bottle that, sell it for a million dollars and then retire to some island off the coast of St Bart’s? Absolutely! But that’s the beauty of playing live – the inconsistencies. So each night varies about ten or 20 per cent in that there are some magical ones and some not so magical ones but the audience doesn’t really see that sometimes; they know when you’re ‘on’ but the key is not to show them when you’re ‘off’.”
full interview

Tommy Emmanuel: i talk guitar interview


After touring and playing in bands, when did you record your first solo album?

“I’d been touring the world with different bands and things and felt that I was ready to do something myself. I was approached by a record company in America to make a New Age type album. They gave me this brief and said that they wanted it all original and gave me an awful lot of freedom to go ahead and do whatever I wanted. So I recorded 22 pieces that I’d written and some of them were fairly commercial-sounding and when I played the demos to them, the record company said that they really liked the more commercial tracks. So I wrote a few more and did a medley of Beatles tunes and then the album came out which was called ‘Up From Down Under’. The album went into the top ten, much to everyone’s surprise; and I ended up, ten years down the track, with ten albums out.”
full interview

Guthrie Govan: i talk guitar interview


What was the most surprising response to your album ‘Erotic Cakes’ that you received?

“I’ve had some startlingly encouraging feedback from some of my favourite living guitar players… which was nice. Even more surprising, though, was a video on YouTube where some marimba player from Berklee was playing a note-for-note rendition of ‘Wonderful Slippery Thing’ as part of his end-of-term recital. It cheered me up to think that someone who doesn’t even play guitar could find something of interest in the album, and I thought it was pretty amazing that he invested all that time into learning one of the tracks so meticulously… it felt a bit like being inducted into the Real Book for 15 minutes!”

Are there any plans for a follow-up?

“Oh, yes. I’d like to write and record the whole of the next album in one uninterrupted period of time, in the quest for musical continuity… so I’m constantly scanning my diary in the hope of finding an appropriate window of time somewhere, amongst all my teaching/gigging/transcribing commitments. I’m determined to get it done this year, whatever else happens…”
full interview