Tommy Emmanuel: tangerine sky, help the bush fire victims


The single Tangerine Sky is now available at (shipped from Nashville):

The song is a collaboration of Australian country music artists and is dedicated to the victims of the bushfires in Victoria last year. Proceeds go to the Salvation Army.

Participating artists include Troy Cassar Daly - Tommy Emmanuel - The Sunny Cowgirls - Anne Kirkpatrick - James Blundell - Tamara Stewart - Pete Denahy - Lianna Rose - Talia Wittman - Darren Coogan - Dianna Corcoran

CD Includes:
1) Tangerine Sky 3:57

2) Tangerine Sky

Tangerine Sky dedicated to the Victorian Bushfire Victims

3) The Making of Tangerine Sky - Mini Video Documentary

The making of "Tangerine Sky" Mini documentary