Milan Polak: new cd... the details

You can never have too many posts is what I say... yes, I know 130 per week is a little steep, but the shotgun approach might catch a wider audience... so more of the detail of the new Milan Polack upcoming CD. This straight from Lion Music:

After 2 instrumental releases Milan Polak released his first vocal album “Straight” in 2007. Now 2 years on “Murphy’s Law” is the perfect extension of its predecessor with a more modern sound, heavier, less bluesy, more guitar (e.g. “Murphy’s Law”), more progressive (e.g. “Sheeple”, “The Mystery Of Life”), more choirs & backing vocals (e.g. “Inner Truth”) and a great representation of an artist that is delivering music true to his soul and ideals in life.
“Murphy’s Law” is an accessible album full of strong vocal hooks, great guitar work and mature song writing from one of Europe’s most in demand session musicians who is now forging his own fan base.

Lyrically the album deals with social issues, mass media manipulation and other issues of modern day life (e.g. “Wannabes”, “No God”) being the main overriding factor influencing Milan’s work. On his aim with the album Milan comments, “The idea was to create a killer album with melodic, heavy modern songs that appeal to both consumers of that genre and musicians”.
On his fellow band mates on the release Milan beams, “Fabio Trentini who played all the basses this time also co-produced the album. He has several platinum & gold records and added his knowledge & experience. Simon Michael (drummer of Subway To Sally) added the right mix of technical & musical modern drumming, it’s a great band and I’m delighted to be playing with them”.

The creative process behind “Murphy’s Law” began 18 months ago with Milan recording the basic guitar tracks in his home studio before sending them to Fabio Trentini. The pair then went about furbishing the songs in Fabio’s studio. By this time Milan had a detailed picture of each and every song resulting in the recording of guitars and vocals happening in a productive 3 week period. Schedules of the albums other personnel meant the album took longer to complete than originally planned, but the freshness of the main creative process of the album is readily apparent for all to hear on “Murphy’s Law”.