Joe Bonamassa: i talk guitar interview


A lot of people say that playing the blues successfully is all about feeling – how do you manage to get ‘into the zone’ on stage every night?

“Well, the simplest answer would be the fact that you have a show and you have songs that, in theory, mean something to you and it’s very easy to go into that place. Now, are there are good nights and bad nights? Absolutely! Are there nights when you just don’t feel it? Absolutely! Are there magical nights when it all seems to come together and people really gel and you and the audience connect? Absolutely! Would you like to bottle that, sell it for a million dollars and then retire to some island off the coast of St Bart’s? Absolutely! But that’s the beauty of playing live – the inconsistencies. So each night varies about ten or 20 per cent in that there are some magical ones and some not so magical ones but the audience doesn’t really see that sometimes; they know when you’re ‘on’ but the key is not to show them when you’re ‘off’.”
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