Tommy Emmanuel: i talk guitar interview


After touring and playing in bands, when did you record your first solo album?

“I’d been touring the world with different bands and things and felt that I was ready to do something myself. I was approached by a record company in America to make a New Age type album. They gave me this brief and said that they wanted it all original and gave me an awful lot of freedom to go ahead and do whatever I wanted. So I recorded 22 pieces that I’d written and some of them were fairly commercial-sounding and when I played the demos to them, the record company said that they really liked the more commercial tracks. So I wrote a few more and did a medley of Beatles tunes and then the album came out which was called ‘Up From Down Under’. The album went into the top ten, much to everyone’s surprise; and I ended up, ten years down the track, with ten albums out.”
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