Adam Fulara: superb double neck for sale

Doublenecked MENSINGER Adam Fulara signature

Price: 1000 EUR (or 1450 USD)+shipping, Made in 2007 (March). On this guitar I have performed only once - at the Musik Messe 2007. It has been made especially for this one gig. Reason of sale: deal with another luthiery craftsman: REK guitars. So it's almost new and not used. I don't need it anymore. Perfect for tapping. It has signature of Michael Angelo Batio, I met him at the Musik Messe 2007, and he signed it.
Guitar specifications:

Two necks very close to each other
Fingerboard relative radius: 10''-12''
Scale: 25.5''
Construction: Both necks are bolted-on (screwed)
For longer sustain there is very special system: half neck thru body (the brige is fixed to the neck not body). Very good for tapping.
Frets: 24. Frets in perfect condition (like new)
Wood: Body - alder, Fingerboard - rosewood, Necks - maplewood
Two neck humbuckers: Seymour Duncan Jazz Model (passive circuit), both at neck side (both in black).
Two tones potentiometers, two volumes.
Bridges: Screwed on fixed bridges
Finish: blue
Weight: approximately 10 pounds
Some new ideas were applied for tapping needs
Pick-ups are placed the way that coils are very close to one another.
The necks are both a bit widther from the treble strings (from E1 in the upper neck and from B2 on the other one).
Special sustain half neck-thru-body system
Necks are joined at the head, although you can easy unmount every neck if neccessary