Friday, 2 April 2010

News: Irish National Guitar Festival 2010

The Irish National Guitar Festival is 5 days of guitar heaven!! April 7th - 11th 2010.
Performances and master classes from some of the worlds greatest guitar players, and clinics and demonstrations from the biggest names in guitars and equipment.

Eric Robillard: guitare

Virtual exhibition of paintings my childhood friend Lawrence with original music "axis", imagine a planet that was just added to view life thank you to Olivier for the synth parts of my childhood Vitual Exhibition friend's paintings are complemented by a Which composition I wrote me a star Which would imagine just an eye Be Able to view human life ...


AYMAN: Milan Polak strings on fire II

AYMAN-Milan Polak strings on fire II

Jake Reichbart:: tribute to Frank Gambale

The return of the son of yet another jazz rock funk fusion jam, High Five by Frank Gambale

Alex Milella: Shuffle 'n' Rock

Shuffle 'n' Rock

Jake Guy: great original composition

I like this guys compositions, I think you will too... don't let the Monkey grip guitar fool you,!

Original composition by Jake Guy First solo from my new track "Daylight Therapy"

Daylight Therapy Solos (part one)

Daylight Therapy Solos (part two)

Rob Chappers: join Rob filming his DVD "Shreducation" May 23rd

Tickets here:

Join me at the filming of my next DVD "Shreducation" May 23rd!

The Monkey Lord Lead Guitar Concepts and Techniques Workshop is a 6 hour clinic. You will spend the day learning a range of techniques, including (but not limited to) muting, picking, legato, vibrato and posture.

The clinic will be filmed live for Robs next DVD Shreducation, which will feature bonus footage of Rob recording with Eddie Kramer. Everyone who attends will get a free DVD once it has been published

Join me at the filming of my next DVD "Shreducation" May 23rd

Rob demos a Satriani solo.

My Kinda Girl Solo - Chickenfoot - Satriani

Sloth Chubsteen: tribute to bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman

This is a original song that i thought would be fun to put in a couple great quotes from bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman since i cant sing at all. My playing has many mistakes here because I was worried one of the duffers on the golf course would hit my guitar with a golf ball. You can see the golfers in the backround at the end of the video, lol. My house frequently gets hit by golf balls! I guess thats what you get for living on a golf course. Thanks for watching =)

yeah buddy, light weight baby! Rock Version

Mattias IA Eklundh: Guitar Fight Club sample musikmesse

Guitar Fight Club | Musikmesse FFM 2010 - Impressionen

Mattias IA Eklundh: Freak Kitchen and LJO orchestral treat!

Metal meets Brass! Freak Kitchen and Linkoping Jazz Orchestra live in Linkoping. Man I would to have seen this live!

Freak Kitchen & LJO - Night in Tunisia

Freak Kitchen & LJO - Chest Pain Waltz

Bryan Aspey: Here were some of my rules...

A great new blog and web site from Bryan Aspey Just shows any guitarist what you can do with blogger now. Bryan is beginning blogging with posts covering sage aspects of guitar playing, technique, hints, tips and his views on how to become a better player.

Here were some of my rules:

  • Play slow, don't even think about playing anything fast
  • Play only new things that are unfamiliar, things that keep both the fingers and mind occupied
  • These tips are great: find out more