Marshall Harrison: Presto-digitation coming soon

Born and riased in Houston Texas, Marshall Harrison started playing the guitar in 1988 in Houston with successful session guitarist and mentor, John Ziegler. Marshall's major influences range from the classical range of Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and the guitar legends Allan Holdsworth. Marshall's musical turning point came when he listened to a tape of Chopin's Heroic Polonaise played by his brother in summer 1995. Soon after he dedicated his life to leading people to the classics by transcribing virtuoso piano music to plectrum electric guitar in a hybrid pickler type style. 
DN: What is the inspiration behind this album?
MH: I tried to transfer my inner passion for virtuosity directly to the listener. Composition-wise the goal was to use common-practice period harmonic practices in a modern rock-improvisatory setting
DN: Who are the musicians that play on the record?
MH: Lamar Cato - bass, vocals Jordan Harrison - drums, vocals Marshall Harrison - guitars, keyboards, vocals
Demo track 1Demo Track 2
DN: Do you have any projects that you are working on right now or any in the future?
MH: I'm always transcribing, composing, improvising. I would like to try and record some of the more technical pieces that I've worked on recently. I'd really like to record all 50 etudes from Czerny's Art of Dexterity op 740.  full interview