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Robert Marcello: demos Boss BR800 at musikmesse 2010

Demo Boss BR800 English Gundy Keller - Musik Messe 2010

Xavier Boscher: Ultra Virtual Prog Band

After 10 years of music and 14 albums/compilations released, Xavier Boscher is a productiveness musician. His work contains great melodies and amazing synth ambiances between rock, new-age, classical and progressive music...

He was born on 23 December 1979 in Poissy, France. He began piano at 10 years and guitar at 14 and played his first riffs on french metal band called HORRESCO REFERENS in 1997 during two years and recording a first album.

The year after, he joined MISANTHROPE, the best french metal band, as lead guitar player for the "Temple of Humiliations Tour" during April-May 1999. He recorded two albums in 2000 with it : "Recueils d'Ecueils..." and "Immortal Misanthrope"; 30 000 albums were sold all over the world...

Desiring to explore new horizons, he left the band in 2001 and began record instrumental solo materials... and decided to officialize the project NEBULEYES with his friend Benjamin Masson. 12 tracks of progressive metal and avant-garde theater for the first album "Digital EnfanT" were recorded in 2002-2003. Next episode "Revolution Divine" followed in 2004...

After many experiments and happy familial events, Xavier met Jacques Dejean from Plaza Mayor Company, an international publisher and released his first solo album named "A Part of Utopia" in 2006, a cocktail of guitar melodies, strings and new age ambiance... This opus was sold on many digital stores all over the world.

Second album "Musical Voyage" was available in 2007, a journey with world-music ambiance and progressive new age vision...

Meanwhile, NEBULEYES is working on its next album with a lyrical female singer. Third solo album "Guitamorphosis" was released last year and contains 9 tracks of ambiant synths and guitar solos...

In 2009, a new project is born : Xavier Boscher Ultra Virtual Prog Band and a new album is released : "Sphere of Knowledge"...

"Orfeo-Guitar" Compilation is out since February the 4th... Other Compilations and Releases are available on CD and Digital at Orfeo'Lab'Shop

Xavier Boscher Butterfly

Xavier Boscher Ultra Virtual Prog Band - Sphere of Knowledge

Xavier Boscher-Worldomania-solo

Robin Hulbert: instrumental track

Fast Rock Instrumental

Victor de Andres: now this is how to go crazy!!!

Victor de Andres la trituradora.

Kevin Serra: Andy James shredding competition


Kaki King: i heart guitar interview

Kaki King is sleepy. She’s only been in bed a few hours after a gig the night before (in Freiberg, Germany), but she has to wake up ridiculously early to field interviews from the Australian press about her new CD, Junior. But buoyed by a great run of shows with her trio, who are really in their groove at the moment, King is in as chirpy a mood as one could possibly summon at such an ungodly hour. “We were having a good time last night, we all tied one on and, my god, I probably didn’t got to bed until three hours ago!”

Much has been made of the pessimistic theme running through the album’s song titles: The Betrayer, Falling Day, My Nerves That Committed Suicide, Death Head. “There’s no lyrical theme at all, but there’s a theme within the titles,” King concedes. “During the making of Junior, I was pretty physically and mentally depressed, and I was physically sick and I didn’t know it. It was really, really dumb – I had an undiagnosed sinus infection and it could have been very easily cleared up, but I had crap coming out of my ears, I had headaches, migraines, couldn’t work some days, and I was emotionally upset about a break-up I’d been through. This was the second time in two years going to Malcolm Burns’ house and working on an album while suffering through a break-up. It was like, ‘This is crap!’ I just couldn’t believe it. It was utterly gutting, like, ‘Is this going to be the cycle for the rest of my life?’ It was unbelievable. So the titles of the songs reflect some of that darker feeling and darker imagery. Some of the songs are deeply honest and open about my personal life, and others are just ‘we wrote a song!’”
full interview:

Marty Friedman: i heart guitar interview

The legendary Marty Friedman is on his way to Australia soon for a clinic tour for Allans Music. Marty is probably best known for his tenure in Megadeth’s classic ‘Rust In Peace’ line-up, where his amazing mastery of exotic melodies and seemingly limitless technical ability balanced out the ’street-style’ power of Dave Mustaine’s rhythm and lead work. But Marty’s playing has always been about much more than metal, and on such diverse albums as Scenes and Music For Speeding he combines a wide array of influences including classical, new age, and Japanese pop. Now a resident of Japan, Marty took time out from his busy schedule to have a chat with I Heart Guitar.

Is there anything about Western culture that you miss? Or do you get enough of it on tour?

I miss stuff like crazy sweet multi colored cereal and pop tarts, that`s about it. I hope I can get a hold of it in Australia…
full interview at

Jor Kokiat: Andy James shredding competition, another Thai shinning star!

Jor Kokiat:
here´s my entry for Andy James Guitar Solo Contest hope you like it! Cheers!!
in this video ,I use ESP M-II Thru Urban guitar distortion from gearbox .

Andy James Guitar Solo Contest Jor Kokiat Entry

Mark McGuigan: TRex Milan Polak Strings On Fire 2

Mark McGuigan - "Strings On Fire 2" Competition Solo

your chance to shred

Milan Polak: T Rex Strings On Fire 2 ends 23:59 CET 25th of April 2010

Damjan Pejcinoski: ziua Chitarelor 2 the winning track

Damjan Pejcinoski: Me at the guitar contest in Romania.Thank you Romania for your support! Thanks to Corrado Sgandurra,Cristina Postolache,Andy Timmons, Brett Garsed, Corrado Sgandurra,Fabrizio Dado,Greg Howe,Michael Angelo Batio,Richard Hallebeek,William Stravato,M&C Musical Instruments ,Guitar bass discipline ...
lets meet everybody soon @ ziua Chitarelor 3!

Damjan Pejcinoski - 1st place live at Ziua Chitarelor2 guitar contest

Bryan Aspey: sage advice

Cultivate an appreciation for the subtle and the expressive

When I was a young aspiring shredder I always gravitated to the most insane sounding, fast and impossible things that I would hear my favorite guitarists playing and I'd say "THAT'S what I want to play!" Chord progressions and song structure were out, as was the majority of any solo content that was not exceedingly fast. As a result, I spent a lot of time trying to learn and master licks that were way beyond my technical ability.
find out how Bryan Aspey moved from his technical shred obsession to achieve his more subtle flawless fluidity

The young Bryan Aspey with Pat Metheny

Carljohan Grimmark: Narnia is over

C.J. Grimmark (guitar, keyboards) of Swedish epic/melodic metallers NARNIA has issued the following update:

"Some of you may have heard rumors, and some of you may be surprised by what you're about to read.

"We confirm today that we're facing the end of the journey of this band.

"We want to thank all our fans, friends and our families who stood behind us all the time. Thank you for believing.

"The decision was made around New Year '09/'10.

"It's time to move on. Music business is tough, and it's getting tougher every day. But it's also the greatest business to be in thanks to the crowds and the people we've met along this long road.

"Thank you for sharing your stories and for letting our music and message be a part of your lives.

"Last summer, after a concert, a guy around the age of 20-25 walked up to me, thanked me for the show and said, 'I listened a lot to you guys when I was a kid'. (...and I thought WE were still kids...hey, wake up.) :)

"To celebrate this long journey, we will do ONE more concert that will serve as the grand finale of NARNIA. The event has been chosen with great care and we hope to announce this... soon ;)

"Stay tuned, God bless... over and out."

News: music of the spheres

I remember talking to Shawn Lane about music and the relationship of music to the Fibonacci series. Shawn was adamant that there was a relationship to music and the distance and alignment of the planets to the solar system... he may have been right... check this out:

News: rethink your marketing strategy

Recently, the UK government passed The Digital Economy Act which included many, perhaps draconian, measures to combat online music piracy (including withdrawing broadband access for persistent pirates).

Much was proclaimed about how these new laws would protect musicians and artists revenue and livelihoods.

But how much money do musicians really get paid in this new digital marketplace?... check this out and rethink your marketing strategy:

Seven Reasons To (Still) Buy CDs:

Michel Top: Lee Peterson guitar competition

Lee Peterson's Competition - Michel Top

Sloth Chubsteen: Fireball100 heavy collab... another example of guitar 2.0

This is a collaboration (first ever!) that I did with my friend Sloth. He does the shredding on the first part of the song, and I riff the rest of the song. We had fun! Backing track can be found here: "7 String Metal March"

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BGM at end of video: "The Senseless" by Trond Vold

Trond Vold is an instructor at This site is a great way to take online guitar lessons; taught by many experienced instructors of all playing styles. There's a chat where you can chat with other GMC:ers and Instructors. Very often an instructor will do a video chat with students. Please visit this website; it costs nothing to browse. When you become a member you gain access to all the lessons, forums, and get to interact in the chat room! It's so awesome! I'm a member there and I am thriving!

Heavy Metal Collab (Sloth & Fireball100)

Marcos De Ros: guitar wars

BRMS 2010 Guitar Wars - Marcos De Ros.

Stephan Vidi: free CD for you!

Vidi says:  I have a cd out. You can download it for free at my homepage:

News: ipod: SyncSing read manage scores and music sheets.

The program came out on April, 3rd 2010 on App Store and iTunes and is specially designed for guitarists, singers, pianists and other musicians.
SyncSing HD is the iPad version of SyncSing, a share and play application for iPhone, which allows performers and students importing, reading and managing their scores and music sheets and easily carry and share them with other users of the application.

Therefore, its iPad version simplifies the music practice thanks to dedicated features :

- Reading of yours sheet music in your iPad
- Editing of yours tabs, sheet musics and lyrics
- Playing and singing your songs in rhythm thanks to the import of audio files or use the Karaoke mode
- Internet research
- Page turning with automatic scroll
- Loop on difficult part to train

SyncSing HD (iPad version) is free on the US App Store since April, the 3rd: We invite you to try it to get your own experience.

You can also visit the website of the iPhone application:

Guthrie Govan: a star of half life?

Shred Medium pointed this one out to me... Shred Medium says: "it's in half life one... you know at the start after you get off the tram, in the locker room before you get into the HEV suit room... may be there is a Suhr guitar inside?"

Russ Parrish: steel panther Download Festival

We wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to all you totally hot chicks (and dudes) who came out to see us on our UK tour. We rocked longer and harder than we ever have before in the UK and it was totally awesome of you guys to SELL OUT the tour - Newcastle, Sheffield and most incredible of all, 5,000 of you badasses filled out the legendary Brixton Academy, we were truly honoured. Check out these photos from this totally rad night.

You won't have to wait long to see us again as we're back in the UK for Download Festival, we're playing Sunday 13th June on the Second Stage, along with our some friends of ours below... 

Gannin Arnold: Simon Phillips and Jeff Berlin Live at Durty Nellie's

Check out Rich Murray's review and videos from the show... look out for some tour photos to... coming soon on guitar channel

Gannin Arnold, Simon Phillips and Jeff Berlin "Cissy Strut" Live at Durty Nellie's - April 13th 2010

Gannin Arnold, Simon Phillips and Jeff Berlin "Fred" Live at Durty Nellie's - April 13th 2010

Gannin Arnold, Simon Phillips and Jeff Berlin "Stratus" Live at Durty Nellie's - April 13th 2010

Wayne Krantz: Euro tour dates

Kudos again to the king fusion spotter Rich Murray at guitar channel

April 21 - 22 : THE REX, TORONTO


2 May IE- DUBLIN : Mermaid Arts Centre
3 May UK- LONDON : Ronnie Scott's
4 May UK- LONDON : Ronnie Scott's
5 May UK- CARDIFF: Clwb Ifor Bach
8 May DE- DORTMUND : Domicil
9 May DE- OSNABRUCK : WK clinic
10 May NO-TRONDHEIM : Dokkhuset
11 May NO-TRONDHEIM : Dokkhuset
12 May CH-FRIBOURG : Fri-Son
13 May CH-ZURICH : WK clinic
14 May AT-VIENNA : Porgy & Bess
15 May CH-ZURICH : Moods
16 May CH-MURI : Ochsen

Allan Holdsworth: full tour dates

Kudos to Rich Murray at guitar channel for spotting the full tour dates:

JIMMY JOHNSON bass guitar

June 3, 2010 - Hastings, England
Venue: White Rock Theatre

June 4, 2010 - London, England
Venue: Ronnie Scott's

June 5, 2010 - London, England
Venue: Ronnie Scott's

June 6, 2010 - Hareford, England
Venue: The Blue Rooms

June 7, 2010 - Cardiff, Wales
Venue: The Globe

June 8, 2010 - Milton Keynes, England
Venue: The Stables

June 9, 2010 - Bilston (Wolverhampton), England
Venue: Robin 2

June 10, 2010 - Manchester, England
Venue: Academy 3

June 11, 2010 - Glasgow, Scotland
Venue: The Ferry

JIMMY JOHNSON bass guitar

complete info:

July 7, 2010 - Fukuoka, Japan
Venue: Gate's 7

July 8, 2010 - Kurashiki, Japan
Venue: Red Box

July 9, 2010 - Kochi, Japan
Venue: Caravan Sary

July 10, 2010 - Osaka, Japan
Venue: Janus

July 12, 2010 - Kyoto, Japan
Venue: Rag

July 13, 2010 - Nagoya, Japan
Venue: The Bottom Line

July 14, 2010 - Nagano, Japan
Venue: Back Drop

July 15, 2010 - Sendai, Japan
Venue: Enn

July 16, 2010 - Tokyo, Japan
Venue: STB139

July 17, 2010 - Tokyo, Japan
Venue: STB139

JIMMY JOHNSON bass guitar

Sept 14, 2010 - Annapolis, MD
Venue: Ram's Head Tavern

Sept 16 - Sept 19, 2010 - New York, NY
Venue: Iridium Jazz Club

Sept 20, 2010 - Piermont, NY
Venue: The Turning Point Cafe

Sept 21, 2010 - Piermont, NY
Venue: The Turning Point Cafe

Sept 23, 2010 - Somerville/Boston, MA
Venue: Johnny D's

Sept 24, 2010 - Northampton, MA
Venue: The Iron Horse Music Hall

Sept 25, 2010 - Albany, NY
Venue: Van Dyck Lounge

Sept 28, 2010 - Buffalo, NY
Venue: Tralf Music Hall

Sept 29, 2010 - Cleveland, OH
Venue: The Winchester Tavern & Music Hall

Sept 30, 2010 - Detroit, MI
Venue: Jazz Cafe at Music Hall

Oct 1, 2010 - Detroit, MI
Venue: The Winchester Tavern & Music Hall