Saturday, 17 April 2010

Kenny Serane: Two Notes audio engineering Musikmesse 2010

On our sweep of the halls we were looking for stands with live players were lucky to find that Kenny Serane was on the Two Notes Audio Engineering stand. We said hello to Kenny and he let us know what time he was going to play... just after that we bumped into Ruggero Robin, jamming away... so look out for some video of Ruggero in fine form as soon as I get some time to process.

Kenny pretty much played must of the week promoting the Two Notes audio engineering gear. With the aid of my trusty sidekick, Shred Medium, we managed to catch some good demo sessions. Again the Two Notes audio engineering crew were excellent and most helpful in letting us know when Kenny would be around. We did have a couple of bits where the background sound was quite loud... some bass players just don't know when to stop... but overall the sound is pretty good.

I did get a chance to speak with Kenny as well during a break, discussing guitars, new CD's and guitar players... like Rick Graham and Richard Daudé...

I am reminded to advise you that you need to buy a copy of this awesome CD... which features Christophe Godin, Richard Daudé and Joel Hoekstra... the whole CD is great but I particularly love the track Black Light!

BEYOND THE UNKNOWN TERRITORY (2008) Workshop are on MySpace:

1. Departure (Introduction)
2. Spectral Anarchy
3. Fire Kiss mp3
4. Don’t Forget mp3
5. Speech Recognition (Interlude)
6. Last Word
7. Without my Soul
8. Beyond the Unknown Territory Pt. I – Leaving Home
9. Beyond the Unknown Territory Pt. II - Destination
10. Retrospection (Interlude)
11. Black Light mp3

Richard DAUDE : Guitar Solo on 2
Christophe GODIN: Guitar Solo on 3
Joel HOEKSTRA: Guitar Solo on 6

Check out the new sound samples for the workshop release: or this sample which features fellow Frenchman Ric Daude:

Kenny Serane: Two Notes stand Musikmesse 2010 part 01

Kenny Serane: Two Notes stand Musikmesse 2010 part 02

Pete Pachio: TRex Milan Polak Strings on fire 2 - ALERT face melting licks!

Pete Pachio:
My entry in Milan Polak's competition. Although Im having a difficult time posting it as a video response with this new youtube interface!! ARRGH!!

I always get a little tingle of anticipation when I see Pete's name appear on the youtube video list... and I'm nit disappointed, tons of shredding licks... but none of it senseless, highly melodic, sweeps, taps and just perfect for the backing track and title of the competition... enjoy!!

Pete Pachio- Strings on Fire 2 Contest Entry

Now with super hot shredding like this... you'll want to show us you can do better right... well get burning... time is running out!

Milan Polak: T Rex Strings On Fire 2 ends 23:59 CET 25th of April 2010

Dragianni: Battlefield live at Ziua Chitarelor - second place

Dragianni says:
DRAGIANNI "Battlefield"
Live at Ziua Chitarelor Guitar Contest, 10.04.2010. Bucarest,Romania

I won the 2nd place choosen by following jury:
Andy Timmons,Brett Garsed,Corrado Sgandurra,Fabrizio Dado,Greg Howe,Michael Angelo BaTiO,Richard Hallebeek, William Stravato

Dragianni - Battlefield (Live at Ziua Chitarelor Guitar Contest)

Chris Cab: TRex Milan Polak Strings on fire 2 competition

hi mi name is chris and this my entry for the strings of fire 2 competition

this is the first time i do something like this so we'll see what happens heehhe

i know the whole video sound is not the best but right now i can't get any better so be forgiving! :-\

if you like this video please press the button with the thumbs up! you never know if that will help the judges decision!!

if i get any lucky maybe i got a chance at this so whish me luck!

gear: boss gt-6, crate powerblock, behringer bg412h and my ltd - m 50 lefty w/ dimarzio pickups(bridge - tone zone, neck - fred)

Strings of fire 2 competition entry - Chris Cab

Milan Polak: T Rex Strings On Fire 2 ends 23:59 CET 25th of April 2010

Fredrik Pihl: lift jam

I heard the song for the first time a few hours before this jam. Made a spontaneous jam and filmed it with my webcam. Since I just jam along I don't play the song exactly like the band does. But I think it's somewhat close...
Good song and a good band.

Poets of the fall - Lift - Jam

Raphael Fraser: ZZ Top tribute

Rough Boy (ZZ Top)

Pop Woravit: burning fire

Pop Woravit form thailand play new song " Burning fire " original version... some amazing picking from Pop again, with some wild pedal tones and legato too.

Pop Woravit " Burning fire " original version

Warah Mhaidee: Andy James shredding competition

Andy James Guitar Solo Contest - Song1508 Entry

Hans Grølsted: Andy James shredding competition

Andy James solocontest - Hans G

Andy James: Q and A session all videos - seriously this time... now 6 ;)

Is it a hairband? Is it some sort of Capo? Andy James talks about why he uses a hairband on his guitar and what benefits it has.... and more! ... OK this time fixed and with an added session 4!

In these sessions Andy James answers some of our members questions.

Andy James - Q&A - Session 1

Andy James - Q&A - Session 2

Andy James - Q&A - Session 3

Andy James - Q&A - Session 4

Andy James - Q&A - Session 5

Andy James - Q&A - Session 6

David Wallimann: the worst video lesson in the world


Marcos De Ros: v pick demo

Marcos De Ros and V-Picks! Test drive!!

Here is a litle video to check the V-Picks.

To me, this little piece of plastic, or acrilic, I don't know, is an amazing invention.

I really love this pick, and hopes you can try one someday!

Marcos De Ros and V-Picks! Test drive!!

Sidney Carvalho,Roger Franco,Juninho Betim: guitar clinic shredathon!

Sidney Carvalho,Roger Franco,Juninho Betim

Chek,Boeing : Retrospect Cover

This song my brother & I cover is from Retrospect Band in Thailand. We tuned guitars drop very low.

6 - A 5 - E 4 - A 3 - G 2 - B 1 - E

เพลงนี้ผมและรุ่นน้องของผมเอามาเล่นกันครับ ศรัทธาแห่งรัก เรทโรสเปค ของจริงตั้งสายไม่เหมือนกันนะ แต่พวกผมตั้งกันแบบนี้ครับ

6 - A 5 - E 4 - A 3 - G 2 - B 1 - E


ChekTheMetal - Baracuda ST-70
Boeing - Washburn

ChekTheMetal - Line 6 POD 2.0 & Zoom GFX 5
Boeing - Zoom G9

Program - Sony Vegas 9.0

Retrospect Cover - ศรัทธาแห่งรัก (By ChekTheMetal & Boeing)

Salvo Vecchio: Spirulation in Db

Spirulation in Db!!

Brian Larkin: Andy James shredding competition

Way to go Brian...a boat load of cool ideas and one of the finest t-shirts on the planet!

Brian Larkin: Andy James Guitar Solo Contest

Still time for these cool competitions

Milan Polak: T Rex Strings On Fire 2 ends 23:59 CET 25th of April 2010

Andy James: Shred competition. Ends on the 30th April 2010

Dave Martone: Pigtronix pedal competition. Ends on the 31st May 2010

Darren Donohoe: creating Interesting guitar lines

Creating Interesting guitar lines (16-04-10)

Frank Gambale: solo compilation

Frank Gambale- favorite solo compilation

Richie Kotzen: biggest fan?

Michelle Holland... did I tell you I'm going to see Richie Kotzen?

Photos used here were taken by the many fans in UK and Europe during Richie Kotzen's Peace Sign 2009 Tour.

The dates listed at the end of this slideshow are for the Peace Sign 2010 US Tour

Richie Kotzen slideshow

Marcel Coenen: facebook group

Guitarist Marcel Coenen is playing the guitar since 1983, this group is for fans of Marcel and his playing.: