Saturday, 5 June 2010

Tosin Abasi: ibanez interview

Ibanez: What has Reflux been up to lately?
Tosin: I guess we're not really a band anymore [laughs]. We never officially released anything, but the drummer and I decided that we wanted to go to school for music. So we were just going to take a year off to finish the program that we were doing, and our bassist ended up playing for Animosity. Our singer, Ash, started a record label, and he books other bands full-time. Interestingly enough, Prosthetic Records is going to launch another label for instrumental guitar-oriented music in the vein of the old Shrapnel and Magna Carta stuff, and I'm going to be the first release off of that label. So I've been working on that solo album, and I'm just about done. We're going to start mixing in about a week or so.

Ibanez: How has the approach on that been different from when you were in Reflux?
Tosin: Stylistically, it's way more adventurous. The guitar I got from the Ibanez custom shop is synth-equipped, and I've been using a lot of weird unison synth effects. It's going to be interesting. Just from going to school, I've got way more comprehension of harmonies, and there's more extensions in the chords. They're more colorful. Before with Reflux, I was just playing by ear.

Ibanez: Did you take any kind of lessons when you were younger?
Tosin: No, no lessons. I'm completely self-taught, but there are all sorts of videos like the REH videos and Hot Licks videos from the hair metal days that I would watch. I had all the old videos of Ibanez players like Paul Gilbert and John Petrucci, and that's all that I worked on. I've also always been really into writing, so I would work on the technique stuff and just concentrate on writing riffs. That's where I was, but that's kind of a limited standpoint.
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Greg Koch: Guitar Clinic

Greg Koch was organized by Musica Mitros, 17 05th 2010th year held a guitar workshop in Belgrade, which demonstrated the Fender guitars and amplifiers that use. Unforgettable experience for all participants!

Greg Koch: Guitar Clinic

News: drummer in the wrong band... or drummer needs a new band?

this drummer is at the wrong gig

Nazim Forza,George Stark: player V player

An oldy posted back in 2006

Nazim Forza vs George Stark

Steve Morse: the guitar show interview

Four videos in this interview.

Steve Morse: The Guitar Show Interview

News: Fender and London Music Show giving away 21 guitars!

Fender, the world’s leading guitar manufacturer, has pulled out all the stops for London Music Show 2010. Not only are they running a stand in the Guitar Zone but they’ll be giving away 21 of their amazing guitars.
That’s one an hour, on the hour for the whole of the show.

This incredible generosity means that 21 guests at London Music Show 2010 will go home from the event with a top-notch Fender guitar.

Of course, Fender taking a stand means, even if you don’t win a guitar, you’ll still have the chance to see, hear and play the latest Fender electric guitars, Fender’s brand of Taylor acoustic guitars and the new G-DEC 30 amp. So everyone’s a winner really.

Helen Varley, Marketing Manager for Fender Musical Instruments GBI said:
“We’re delighted to be involved with such an exciting event; The London Music Show will give us a chance to meet and interact with our consumers in person, as well as giving them the chance to test out the latest equipment and talk to our experts. It’s a great showcase for all of our products, and we’re really looking forward to the event.”

You van follow the updates on facebook:

Masahiro Aoki: another great Japanese fusion player

I was digging through my google notebook which contains links to hundreds of players I have not posted yet and found Vivix Godspeed, aka Masahiro Aoki, I assume this to be a stage name. Vivix Godspeed is from Sakai, Osaka Prefecture. Here are a number of very good instrumental tracks. He has a complete discography: I suspect the original reason I did not post because I could not work out the name.

"Squall" from the compilation album "Ex:hibition"

Guitar Idol 2009 Online Final Heat Entry "never surrender"

G5 2007 "Free For All"

Marco Ferro: guitar as organ

This is a little piece made with guitar rig 3 to emule a leslie with the rotary effect...

Organ Style Comping (By Marco Ferro)

Chris Poland: live at Plainfield School of Music

Chris Poland, Guitar (Yamaha guitar, Roland JC120, Marshall JVM, Port City 2X12 with Scumbacks, and a boat load of pedals)
Jim Gifford, Drums (Sonor, Zildjian)
Andy DeLuca (Tobias, Thunderfunk)

This was an improvised jam. No rehearsals or planning. I thought it was great, so here you go!

This is the first video I'm uploading for your enjoyment... I'll figure out how to work out the sync issues as I decide which program to purchase in the end.

Feel free to comment, but be friendly. These cats deserve re

Chris Poland at Plainfield School of Music

t-cophony: Vacillate

This is old tune from "How to get much more".
Please check out it on Amazon ⇒

T-cophony Official Website ⇒

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Vacillate (solo version) - T-cophony

Bruno Godinho: Yngwie Malmsteen / Edu Ardanuy Arpeggios Solo Medley

Super clean picking study from Bruno Godinho.

Bruno Godinho - Yngwie Malmsteen / Edu Ardanuy Arpeggios Solo Medley

Tomo Fujita: live at Togatoga , Kyoto Japan.

Tomo Fujita live at Togatoga , Kyoto Japan. 6/27/2010
The Good Life (from PURE). Koh Simizu -bass, Testuji Horio-drums.
Fender SRV strat & Fender 1967 Pro Reverb amp.

Tomo Fujita - The Good life (PURE)

Doug Steele: Dean Dime o Flame for sale!

June 5th to be exact.

I gotta sell it..I'm sad...Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! I owned for about 1 month. Saw one gig last week, not a scratch on the bitch. Comes with case. Professional set up by Vic, and that'll do ya.

Australia wide, biatch!!!! BUT!!! I'll send anywhere if you pay for shipping.

For sale (Melbourne Australia): Dean Dime o Flame!!!!

Ignazio Di Salvo: amazing rock fusion solo

Another blinding tour de force from this very talented musician and guitarist, Ignazio Di Salvo! Enjoy!

Ignazio Di Salvo rock fusion solo

Vinai Trinateepakdee: acoustic anti shred competition

Another really top notch solo... this time on acoustic.

"Anti-Shred" Competition - Vinai Trinateepakdee

Claudio Mariola: Anti shred Contest

Competition is closed now... the tough part... pick a winner! Meantime here's another cool solo.

Claudio Mariola - Anti shred Contentest

Dhalif: TRex Strings On Fire II - the unboxing!

so it arrived! Surprise surprise.. thanks once again to Milan Polak, TRex, and the judges.. for having this competition for all of us..\m/ yall rock!!


Scott Henderson: Tribal Tech back in the saddle?

Scott Kinsey Tribal Tech is back and rocking the crap out of it..

John 5: guitaredge Web Xclusive Interview

The Art of Malice just dropped—tell us about the album.

It was a very important album for me. I put a lot of work into all of my albums, but this was my fifth instrumental album. I wanted to get a wide range of music on there. I wanted to have it be a CD that when you pop it into your boom box, it sounds like your iPod is on shuffle because of all the different styles and different types of songs—so people don’t get tired of listening to it after the first couple songs, which I think is important with an instrumental CD.

You span the spectrum of music in all of your solo work. Each musical style has its own properties that you had to learn—trills, slides, scales, things like that. Was there ever any style that you struggled with more than others?

Everything I try to do, I struggle at in the beginning, but I just practice. I’m very patient with it and I just sit and play it over and over until it’s no longer a struggle for me. In fact, just before this interview I was watching a lesson online. So I’m always trying to learn something new and keep it fresh—not just for the sake of my career but for myself, too. It keeps it fun for me playing the guitar. There’s just so much you can learn.
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