Marshall Harrison: time for math and tweeting in between a little shredding

RozarSmacco: On g-loaded material __ people consistently exhibit cognitive abilities almost two sigmas lower than the total US mean. (not a statistician)

6:49 PM (2 hours ago)
RozarSmacco: Three chord songs require more gray matter than today's pop stars can muster. Two chord rambles are the order of the day.

6:49 PM (2 hours ago)
RozarSmacco: Stereotypes are bullshit!! Census evidence shows that they aren't EXTREME enough to accurately describe reality.

9:01 AM (12 hours ago)
RozarSmacco: Michelle Obama on "Simpsons"? Hey Simpsons writers no matter how much you kiss her lipstick-covered ass, your ancestors still owned slaves.

Here we take two seemingly unrelated papers from JWL Glaisher and unify them via a nice def integral of inf products at the very end of the video.

Marshall's Math - 2nd Order Geometric Series Summation with Infinite Integrals