Jani Szentkirályi,Krisztian Lovrek: top 8 players named in Hungarian guitar competition

Completed in ujgitaros.hu talent competition in professional and közönségszavazásának Total score! Eight new guitarist in the final! 

A public vote of nearly 150 thousand votes received during the first 10 searches of helyezettből than 6 were raised the possibility that different people are not voted in such numbers that the guitarist, but a vote on someone or someone tampered. Because the jury had to decide the final per racers, so the organizers it was decided that the first public vote of 16 (ie 10 +6) helyezettjét commented on the jury. 

Since so many excellent guitar player known to the talent, so the jury of the contest in 5 instead allocated to the final eight contestants. Thanks to all eight of the HANOSZ participate in the Training Camp and Music Gitármánia week program, which can be made with live finals, held on the last day on which the jury will select the ujgitaros.hu winner of the competition. 

Here are the eight finalists of the guitarist's name in alphabetical order: 

Stephen Czech 
Erdősy Laci 
J. Jani Szentkirályi 
Lee Oliver 
Lovro Krisztián 
Beat Andrew 
Virághalmy Balint 
Z. Kiss Zalán 

Congratulations to all finalists, and thanks for the entry of a further 113 new guitarist as well. 

Do not forget to ujgitaros.hu talent does not end here, in fact, has just started really ...