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Jerry Donahue: Interview

Jerry Donahue Interview

Marco De Cave: melodic solo competition

More interesting intervallic ideas from Marco De Cave.

marco de cave melodic guitar solo contest.wmv

Plus Software and book to provide you with interval combinations to expand your playing style tp the next level.


A complete method, logical, providing a tool to overcome physical limits medante enforcement techniques of modern design without neglecting the traditional harmonic-melodic and consolidated system, the deepening of interval permutations arising from the primary scales and viewing it on your keyboard, let seek solutions and build sound, inter alia with the help of software that, for those who wish, it would also be able to go further ... Highly recommended for guitarists who are not afraid of modern adventure!
(Nico stew)

If you are among those who love the research, if you want to bring a high level knowledge of your keyboard, if you look for new solutions melody, in short if you are willing to engage seriously on the guitar, this book is for you. Marco de Cave, whose attitude "scientific" I could appreciate several years ago, has done a great job in these pages, disclosing the possibility of dislocation of scales and arpeggios, these forms from two to seven sounds, expanding opportunities noise by the reversal of heights. The result is happy and music, supported by impeccable graphics that allows even non-readers make use of it. Such is the validity of the project deserve to be taken into consideration in its musical side, even by non-guitarists. Congratulations to Mark.
(Umberto Fiorentino)

Cave de Marco called me to let me have this book and am very happy I decided to write a comment on her work. First of all I remember Mark, in the years when she studied with me as a very curious and intelligent a passion for knowledge, after a few years and in front of this impressive work not only confirm my idea, but I make great compliments to Marco for the depth with which he has addressed all the arguments and the passion he has put in conceive of this work. Certainly not work for everyone, but for guitarists who want to do an advanced search on your instrument, both melodic harmonica in this book are an infinite study material.
(Fabio Zeppetella)

In this book of guitar technique advanced, Marco de Cave gives details of his theories.

This book is full of illustrative diagrams and is accompanied by a CD-ROM with all examples (complete audio and bases for exercise) of licks in the text.

Techniques outlined in Guitar Quantum is based on a new way to display the guitar with a point of view "geometric."

After having discussed how to expand "mentally" geometry of the keyboard, Mark guides us through what we might call a "conceptual simplification" in the construction of the guitar patterns, from those represented by the more familiar major scales and their arpeggios.

The ultimate goal of this book is to provide a variety of techniques, thinking and executive, to help the "guitarist of the 23 st Century" (as the subtitle) to develop their own paths melodic going beyond the usual concepts of the box and position.

This book is therefore intended to guitarists 'brave', wishing to explore new territories in which up to expand their creativity.

David Wallimann: melodic solo competition 30th June 2010

Gareth Lloyd: melodic solo competition

Melodic Guitar Solo Contest

David Wallimann: melodic solo competition 30th June 2010

Jim McLaren: Dave Martone competition Chapman stick style!

Chapman Stick - "The Goodie Squigee Song" Jim McLaren

Dave Martone: Pigtronix pedal competition. Ends on the 30th June 2010

Lukasz Kulczak: Dave Martone solo competition

Dave Martone contest by Lukasz Kulczak.m4v

Dave Martone: Pigtronix pedal competition. Ends on the 30th June 2010

Andy Wood, Johnny Hiland, Mike Landau: Raleigh Music Academy clinic

Andy Wood, Johnny Hiland, Mike Landau together in Raleigh Sept. 25th

A bit of VERY cool news to share. Andy Wood (Van Hellion here on the forum for the uninitiated) will be coming to Raleigh on Sept. 25th where he will be with us at the Raleigh Music Academy's booth at the Southeastern Guitar and Amp Show. On that day, he'll teach a short "Shredneck" clinic at the convention and then later that evening at the Lincoln Theatre he's opening the show featuring Johnny Hiland and Mike Landau. I and a couple of other RMA teachers are proudly supporting him and his redneck shreddage at the show. So if you've always wanted to see A Wood, Hiland or Landau, this is a great east coast opportunity to do so and go to a guitar/amp show at the same time. I'm really happy for Andy as I think that will be a pretty receptive crowd for lots of chicken picked notes! 

If you can't make that weekend, email me about the Wood/Timmons clinics we have coming up in July at our workshop if those are of interest.


Bobby Messano, Jayce Landberg: Heavy Metal Mayhem podcasr

Listen to internet radio with Heavy Metal Mayhem on Blog Talk Radio

Rob Scallon: "Eventually" Guitar Tapping Lesson

"Eventually" Guitar Tapping Lesson - Rob Scallon -

Tommy Ermolli, Daniele Liverani: TwinSpirits The Making of "The Forbidden City"

 TWINSPIRITS - The Making of "The Forbidden City"
Behind the scenes of the making of latest TWINSPIRITS album "The Forbidden City" (11/9/2009 Lion Music).
Album available on Lion Music web store:

Goran Nystrom:Vocals
Tommy Ermolli:Guitars
Alberto Rigoni:Bass
Daniele Liverani:Keyboards
Dario Ciccioni:Drums

Band links:

TWINSPIRITS - The Making of "The Forbidden City"

TWINSPIRITS - The Making of "The Forbidden City" Extended DRUMS Version

Chris Broderick: Megadeth Rust in Peace live DVD

On March 31, 2010, at this incredibly special show at the legendary Hollywood Palladium, not far from where Dave Mustaine formed the band in 1983, MEGADETH played their landmark, genre-defining 1990 "Rust In Peace" album in its entirety, in addition to other MEGADETH favorites. "Rust In Peace Live" also marks the return of original bassist David Ellefson (MEGADETH 1983-2002) to the iconic multi-platinum group after eight years. Ellefson (bass), joins Mustaine (lead vocals, guitar), Shawn Drover (drums) and Chris Broderick (guitar).

The full track listing for the "Rust In Peace Live" CD, DVD and Blu-ray is as follows:

"Rust In Peace" Live:

01. Holy Wars...The Punishment Due
02. Hangar 18
03. Take No Prisoners
04. Five Magics
05. Poison Was The Cure
06. Lucretia
07. Tornado Of Souls
08. Dawn Patrol
09. Rust In Peace...Polaris

Bonus Content:

10. Skin O' My Teeth (Countdown To Extinction)
11. In My Darkest Hour (So Far, So Good…So What!)
12. She-Wolf (Cryptic Writings)
13. Trust (Cryptic Writings)
14. Symphony Of Destruction (Countdown To Extinction)
15. Peace Sells (Peace Sells…But Who's Buying?)
16. Holy Wars – Reprise (Rust In Peace)

News: Shred This the Interactive Cup Game!

We're working on Shred This Three... in the meantime have a go at Shred This... the cup game!

Interactive Cup Game!

Juniho Afram: After the war

keep album: (After the war) instrumetal guitar

workshop juniho afram em goiania

Jason Sadites,Brett Garsed: Is It Safe To Go In There

Jason Sadites (Guitar), Tony Levin (Bass and Chapman Stick [Tracks 1-5,9,11]), Matt Bissonette (Bass [Track 6]), Martin Motnik (Bass [Track 8]), Kenny Aronoff (Drums [Track 1-3]), Marco Minnemann (Drums [Tracks 4,5,11]), Gregg Bissonette (Drums [Track 6]), Chad Wackerman (Drums [Track 8]), Jerry Marotta (Drums [Track 9]), Brendan Colameco (Drums [Track 10]), Brett Garsed (Guitar Solo #1 [Track 5]), Carlo De Lorenzi (Organ [Track 4]).


Following up his first release 'Orbit', Jason returns with 11 brand new instrumental fusion tracks! This incredible CD features performances by many of the worlds top musicians, including Kenny Aronoff, Tony Levin, Marco Minnemann, Gregg and Matt Bissonette, Jerry Marotta, Chad Wackerman and Brett Garsed among others! Along with the aformentioned players, Jason displays stunning performances throughout the CD, weaving his strong melodies, tight harmonies and amazing solos over the songs incredible grooves. If you are a fan of great instrumental songwriting combined with truly inspirational performances, this is a CD you won't want to miss!


1. Swarm
2. Self Evolving System
3. Weave
4. Oddly Enough
5. Is It Safe To Go In There
6. Fluid
7. Silent Repercussion
8. That's Gonna Leave A Mark
9. Afterthought
10. Reversal
11. Memetic Hazard
Jason Sadites - Is It Safe To Go In There from the 2009 CD 'WEVE'. Played on Michael Tuttle Custom Bent Top guitar through a DR. Z Maz 38 2x12 combo. Performed live at The Laughing Buddha, Sudbury, Ontario on June 20/2010.


Jason Sadites - Guitar
Brett Garsed - 1st Guitar Solo
Tony Levin - Chapman Stick
Marco Minnemann - Drums

Dr. Z Maz 38 - Jason Sadites - Is It Safe To Go In There (from the 2009 CD 'WEVE')

Dr. Z Maz 18 Jr. Demo featuring Jason Sadites

Plus the original Instrumental release Orbit:

Eugene Berger: Olympic Love Games Award

Eugene Berger-Olympic Love Games Award

Sloth Chubsteen: shredding over a Micheal Romeo backing track

I attempted to shred on the rythym section of premature burial. i usually just improv melodies but was inspired by Romeo's amazing album the dark chapter. I have been playing for three years now and am trying to develope my shred chops. Thanks for watching =)

Gear used: John Petrucci guitar, mesa boogie express 5:50 2x12, boss me 70 for effects, sony handycam for mediocre sound quality =)

Micheal Romeo backing track shred improv

Belial Báez: DiMarzio pickup review

Dimarzio Evolution (Bridge) and Breed (Neck) Pickups review by spanish guitar player Belial Báez.
Guitar used; Ibanez S-270

First I have played a "demonstration" with legato, alternate, wah, tapping & sweeps. You can listen the pickups sound in this demo.

After that, i have tested the dynamic response of the picks, with High and Low volume.

At the end, i tested the sustain.

I hope you enjoy!

Dimarzio Pickups Review (Evolution & Breed Steve Vai Set Up ) By BELIAL BÁEZ

Chris Broderick: Fractal Audio Axe FX

Chris Broderick talks about why he's touring with the Fractal Audio Axe FX.

Fractal Audio - Chris Broderick

Andy Mclaughlan: tribute to Allan Holdsworth

Here is my cover of this cool tune. 3 or 4 mistakes due to the crazy chords contained within!! Enjoy

Allan Holdsworth - House of Mirrors - Cover by Andy Mclaughlan

Tim Morrison: box guitar tapper returns

J.S. Bach - Prelude in C Minor

In case you missed...

Guitar Tapping: Chopin Prelude in E Minor played by Tim Morrison

Betcha Can't Play This : Jazz Edition (Giant Steps)

Theodore Ziras Style Extreme Shred on Box Guitar

Achilleas Diamantis: Solar

Achilleas Diamantis Playing Solar Mles Davis

Paul Tauterouff: Lead Guitar Improvisation

Lead Guitar Improvisation I for Rock Metal Blues Jazz Rock Guitarists

Paolo Castillo: pop fusion

I promised myself I'd record stuff more often whee. Anyway, I stole that main theme thingie (those 3 notes) from Brett Garsed. Everything else is improvised :)

Acoustic Pop improv jam

Jon Bloomer: guitar noize super giveaway! Seriously check it out!

The competition page is here: loads of great prizes on offer and it is easy to enter and open to everyone!

Guitar Noize 3rd Birthday Bonanza giveaway!