Monday, 28 June 2010

Kurt James: "On The Rocks"

Kurt James "On The Rocks" Domination by Dr. Mastermind

David Paul Jones | MySpace Music Videos

Kurt James "On The Rocks" Solo

David Paul Jones | MySpace Music Videos

Kurt James sizes up his hot rod!

Larry Urey - 1935 Ford w/ Kurt and Mabel

Diego Budicin: lizard star comes to USA

Born in Turin, 26 August 1990. Start to playing guitar at 8 y.o.
2004: First public show in Pianezza (Turin) playing some Iron Maiden covers.
2005: Studying with Max Arminchiardi - my first serious "shredder teacher" and friend.
2006: January - I won the "Orchestra del domani" italian guitar selection in a guitar duel live show on Rai 1.
2006: May - Another TV show where I'm playing with all other "orchestra guys"; the orchestra is managed by Master P.Caruso.
2006: August - I'm starting learning experience with Tony De Gruttola - my second "shredder teacher", one of the best guitar teachers of "Centro Professione Musica" Milan.
2007: January - Diego's first composition: "Sonority Pt.2"
2007: June - Live show in a jazz club, thanks to Connessionegratuita Association;
2008: January - It's "Thinking of Chopin" time, a new cool sound I'm looking for.
First up an original composition written, performed and played by Diego Budicin during a professional recording session at "Lizard Accademy".

Thinking of Chopin-(Composed by Diego Budicin)

Guthrie Govan-Fives by Diego Budicin

Jump Start (Greg Howe)-by Diego Budicin

Diego's american experience.

News: dirtbox, see what you're missing

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Let me know what you think :)

This video just highlights some of the features of the new look, community themed

DirtBox Promo

Regi Wooten:Guitar Secrets of The Teacha

Regi wants to ask you if you would post a link to Facebook to your friends how might like this DVD. He would definitely appreciate it. Guitar Secrets of Regi “The Teacha “ Wooten was produced by Regi Wooten and Clear Vision Films. Release date July 1st, 2010. To sell the DVD in your store contact or call 231-288-9417

guitar shredding Regi Wooten (Long Version)

Chris Broderick: Megadeth at Sonisphere Sofia, Bulgaria 2010

Megadeth: Sonisphere Sofia, Bulgaria

News: things not going well with your guitar playing

The Final Shred

Hedras Ramos: BlueROJO with Hedras Ramos Sr #2

Hedras Ramos and BlueROJO band LIVE!
Date: Saturday, 31 July 2010
Time: 19:00 - 21:30
Location:El Sitio Cultural, Antigua Guatemala
Street: 5a. calle poniente número 15
Town/City: Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

Tel. 7832 3037

Fernando Pareta: Jemfest X June 2010

Argentine artist Fernando Pareta tears up jemfest 10 with his killer blues playing. Check him out at He's playing through a borrowed Bogner head.

Fernando Pareta Plays Xotic Blues @ Jemfest X June 2010 Orlando, FL

Fernando Pareta ZZ Top @ Jemfest X June 2010 Orlando, FL

Fernando Pareta Plays Put It Where You Want It @ Jemfest X June 2010

Tony Smotherman: Jemfest X June 2010

Tony Smotherman duing his performance at Jemfest 10. His current CD, The Light Within has a lot of varied types of music and his amazing shredding as well. Check him out at

Tony Smotherman @ Jemfest X June 2010 Orlando, FL

Sam Coulson: ZZ top shredding... now time to work on that beard!

ZZ Does It!

Marshall Harrison: time for math and tweeting in between a little shredding

RozarSmacco: On g-loaded material __ people consistently exhibit cognitive abilities almost two sigmas lower than the total US mean. (not a statistician)

6:49 PM (2 hours ago)
RozarSmacco: Three chord songs require more gray matter than today's pop stars can muster. Two chord rambles are the order of the day.

6:49 PM (2 hours ago)
RozarSmacco: Stereotypes are bullshit!! Census evidence shows that they aren't EXTREME enough to accurately describe reality.

9:01 AM (12 hours ago)
RozarSmacco: Michelle Obama on "Simpsons"? Hey Simpsons writers no matter how much you kiss her lipstick-covered ass, your ancestors still owned slaves.

Here we take two seemingly unrelated papers from JWL Glaisher and unify them via a nice def integral of inf products at the very end of the video.

Marshall's Math - 2nd Order Geometric Series Summation with Infinite Integrals

Étienne Robert: Orange jam

Étienne B. Robert... with a different king of Orange jam.

me playing music with Annoying Orange

Ignazio Di Salvo: A Night Of Change

An original composition with the very talented Ignazio Di Salvo, nice thinck and creamy guitar tone, emotional playing with assured two handed tapping.

Ignazio Di Salvo - A Night Of Change

Rob Chappers: PRS Custom 24 Limited edition

PRS Custom 24 Limited edition - World Guitars

Ayman Mokdad: playing during the Bikers fest in Sérrières

Ayman Mokdad: playing during the Bikers fest in Sérrières

Andre Tonelli: Circle Of Fifths Chord Progressions

Use the Circle Of Fifths to generate chord progressions and to spice up your songs.

Usa el Círculo de Quintas para generar progresiones de acordes y para dar vida a tus temas.

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TABS and archived sessions (TABS are posted on Mondays):

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GSWS Guitar Lesson 43 - Circle Of Fifths Chord Progressions

Chris Brooks: Suhr Koko Boost and Mesa Dual Rectifier

In response to my previous casual video about the Suhr Koko Boost, I've recorded some close-mic settings to give you a more realistic representation of how I use the Koko to create my tone.

Signal chain= Suhr Custom Standard Guitar ~ Koko Boost ~ 1996 Dual Rectifier solo head ~ Mesa 2x12 Recto box ~ SM57 ~ delay in cubase (370ms + 500ms).

Thanks to Suhr for this awesome pedal which has become an integral part of my sound nowadays!

More tones with the Suhr Koko Boost and Mesa Dual Rectifier - Chris Brooks

Arnaud: Greg Howe tribute

An improvisation on the Sunny theme in fusion shred guitar style with my new magnificent PRS Custom 24 20th anniversary from 2006 ^^

Une petite impro sur le theme de Sunny dans le style shred fusion avec une superbe PRS Custom 24 20eme anniversaire de 2006 ^^

Sunny - Greg Howe Shred Fusion guitar cover (HD)

Daniele Gottardo: Scare Crows Dance free transcription

Now available - a FREE download of 'Scarecrow's Dance', from Gotty's fantastic debut album 'Frenzy of Ecstasy'. Our exclusive package includes video, a backing track, full Tab and even Daniele's original score in Guitar Pro format. Download it NOW from