Monday, 5 September 2011

Daniele Gottardo,Martin Miller: Laurie Monk's Top 50 players

Martin Miller (photo Philppe Breu) 
I've put the solos from the Daniel Gottardo Guitar competition in bandings as I saw them.Green being the best videos (note within the band they are in no particular order, but they indicate that I watched the video more times than the other colours). There were 500+ videos to go through, a mammoth task to complete! I think were some stunning solos submitted and so it was very... and I mean very, difficult to get down to the final list. Congratulations to Martin Miller for delivering quite a remarkable solo, a vignette of every state of the art lick you can imagine, set to a classic backing track from Daniele Gottardo.

Magnus Olsson: deep dive into Blue-Room Studio - guitar fans dream!

Magnus Olsson:
I get loads of mails about what I use in my home recording environment (but it is more like a writing and practice room these days).
So I thought it was an idea to shot a short video to show it.
It is noting in deep, just a quick walk through of what I had here that specific day. Sorry for my English and not thinking about what to say before it's already to late and I already said it.

The first thing you will notice is that noting in the room is blue, so I guess you're thinking "why on earth is he calling a room with noting even close to blue in it, the blue room studio?
Is he seriously colorblind, just mad or both colorblind and mad?".

But no, I'm not colorblind (and just a little bit mad) and there are reasons for this madness. My studio rooms have always been very blue, blue walls, blue tables, blue stoles, blue everything (I really like blue, sort of like the opposite to green, like smoke), and the name was self-evident. But a little while ago did I move to a new and bit bigger flat, and decide to go for a change on colors in my music room, try something new.
But I really like the name "Blue Room", sort of like in the middle of an aquarium without being a fish, and it is also full of nice memories for me, so I kept it.

The walls are a horrible color right now, a memory left by the previous flat owner (now he must have been seriously colorblind), and will be repainted to warm chili red and a black fond wall where the guitars are hanging, as soon as I get the time (I have all the paint and stuff, but no time to do it, or maybe the truth is, can't get my fingers out of my ass to do it because it is silly boring).
Well, enough about that, step out of your shoes and welcome in.

Hope you enjoy it.

Blue-Room Studio visit (Part I)

Blue-Room Studio visit (Part II)

Blue-Room Studio visit (Part III)

Ricky Graham: ambient Axon

"Axon" - Live at Electronic Arts Research Society at SARC, Belfast

Adam Nolly Getgood, Petey Graves: Red Seas Fire self-released our debut 6-track mini-album for free

Adam Nolly Getgood - 08:23 - Limited
My band Red Seas Fire self-released our debut 6-track mini-album for free yesterday, please go check it out!

Red Seas Fire

Click the eye to begin album download. Preorder Merchandise.

Red Seas Fire by Red Seas Fire

Plus the super cool T-Shirt:

Pablo Boly: Boly impro 7 - great job!

Boly impro 7

Claudio Pietronik: classy guitar examples

Claudio Pietronik: 8 Finger Tapping Sample

Claudio Pietronik - Locrian Pentatonic Fingerings + Licks

Philippe de Lange,Jason Becker: lets stop ALS now!

Jason Becker's "Not Dead Yet" Festival Amsterdam (November 2011) Beside Jason, many other people are suffering from ALS. Philippe de Lange, a Dutch guy (and guitar player) was diagnosed in February 2010. The doctors gave him 3 to 5 years. We invited Philippe to attend the festival as a great guitar lover. Jason is an example for him, an example showing him you can live longer than 5 years with ALS.
Please visit Philippe's site too and help to stop ALS!

bekendheid geven aan ALS

Not Dead Yet site
Face Book Page
Book Tickets

Dhalif: virtual interwebs collaboration

A Split Screen COLLABORATION of After Forever - Energize Me

Vocals - Nadine Vaesen ( )
Keyboards - John Anthony Almadin Mateo
Guitars - Dhalif Rhapsody ( )
Bass - Dhalif
Drums - Dhalif

Ernieball Musicman Guitars
Dimarzio Pickups
Awe-In-One Picks
Korg Keyboards

Would like to thank Nadine and John for involvement in this cover and my lovely girlfriend Antionette for putting up with my frustrations putting all this together. (She even had to listen to it a million times)

After Forever - Energize Me ( SPLIT SCREEN )

Federico Riva: Greg Howe tribute and original

Jump Start - Federico Riva (Greg Howe Cover) - Full Live HQ

Neverland, my first original song inspired by the movie "Neverland a dream for life."
Sorry for the low audio quality, I did my best!

Dedicated to all those who believe that dreams can be fulfilled ...

Thanks Cristina for your continued support.

The video is recorded entirely live without any cuts.


Guitar: Ibanez Prestige
Pick-up: evolution
Pod X3
Sound Card: Tc Electronic Impact twin
Video: Logitech WebCam C910 HD

Neverland - Federico Riva (Original song) HQ

Enver Izmailov: at Nemesis Guitar School


Daniele Liverani: Distance Is Peace

Daniele Liverani - Distance Is Peace
Taken from the instrumental guitar album "VIEWPOINT"
Recorded on 1994 at 56 Studios (S.Monica California)
Released later on 1999 by Virtuoso Records / Legend

All Guitars and Keys: Daniele Liverani
Bass: Ricky Wolking
Drums: Julio Mathis II

DANIELE LIVERANI - Distance Is Peace

Joe Bonamassa: star feature in iGuitar 4

Issue four of the free digital Magazine iGuitar is now live and is packed with over 180 pages of video interviews, guitar lessons and gear reviews. The latest issue features an exclusive interview with the great blues legend Joe Bonamassa, including a special blues masterclass with Danny Gill and an in-depth Bonamassa gear section including Joe's very own Lazy J amp and a full analysis and review of the fabulously rare and expensive ‘59 Gibson Les Paul. There's even the '59 Challenge - showing readers how to get Joe's trademark sounds on a budget!

iGuitar four also includes an interview with fretless guitar king Guthrie Govan who talks about mastering these unique instruments. Other artists featured include over an hour's video interview with the inspirational Bruce Welch from the Shadows and a profile of Roy Buchanan, inventor of the pinched harmonic.

With a huge catalogue of video lessons, Lick Library have included in this issue a wide range of columns featuring free to view tutorials on all styles. iGuitar is much more than a magazine you can read, these lessons feature some of the UK best guitar teachers giving you tips and easy to follow lessons in how to get better at playing the guitar.

Gear reviews in the latest issue include the new Statesbar Pro II tremolo, Marshall Class 5, Epiphone Bonamassa Les Paul, Vintage MRJBM, Splawn Nitro 100 watt head, Orange TH30C, Lazy J J80 combo, Rickenbacker 330/12 12–string, Yamaha RGX 420DZ 2 guitar, Hughes & Kettner 60 DFX Edition Blue, Plutoneium Chi Wah Wah, Digitech Whammy DT, G&L 30th anniversary ASAT as more!

The dedicated acoustic ‘Quiet Room’ section reveals a newly filmed Collings guitars factory tour and an interview with the legendary Bill Collings, reviews of the Collings C10, Freshman Apollo 3DC and Washburn WD25 guitars plus a beginner’s fingerstyle guitar technique session with renowned virtuoso payer and teacher Giorgio Serci - the latest star signing to the iGuitar team.

iGuitar offers readers an exceptional experience with its dynamic design and layout, and its fully interactive multi media presentation. There’s a fantastic free to enter Rotosound competition in the latest issue to win strings for a year and you can also download free the TAB for all the features and lessons in the latest issue!

iGuitar is available free from , no strings attached!

Fred Brum: Soulless - rough mix

Soulless - rough mix by Fred Brum

Rick Graham: more sample backing tracks

sample BT's by Rick Graham

Joe Satriani: discusses Chickenfoot III

Joe Satriani I recently spent some time talking to Joe Bosso at MusicRadar about Chickenfoot III - check out the cool feature he put together that goes through each song on the album! Oh yeah, I'm supposed to remind you that you can pre-order the album on iTunes at so check it out...

Joe Satriani on Chickenfoot III: new album preview |
On Chickenfoot's long-awaited second record, jokingly titled Chickenfoot III, the supergroup of Sammy Hagar, Joe Satriani, Michael...

Bryan Baker: in Netherlands for gigs

Guitarist Next week, the special American rock and jazz guitarist Bryan Baker in the Netherlands for a number of performances with bassist Bob van Luijtelaar and drummer Sebastiaan Cornelissen. Interview and concert dates on! Bryan Baker to
"Me is all about energy"

Johnny Hiland: Barnyard Breakdown

Johnny Hiland:
Recording in Prairie Sun Studios. This is "Barnyard Breakdown", a track off the new record.

Johnny Hiland - Barnyard Breakdown - In The Studio Preview

Johnny Hiland - All Fired Up - In The Studio Preview

Sam Bell: Mask of Judas at Envy Studios

Mask of Judas at Envy Studios

Guthrie Govan: Shawn Lane - Get you back

Guthrie Govan plays Shawn Lane - Get you back

Carlos Hernández: Chapman Guitars Heart of Fire Competition

The Chapman Guitars Heart of Fire Competition - Carlos Hernandez

Jane Smith: Fuzz Box Girl - deLuxe Motor Fuzz Pedal

the web site: and and My new favorite fuzzy.... honestly. I found out about this pedal when I was reading Guitar Player Magazine's list of their top 25 fuzz pedals on the market. This pedal is Ge based and is super dirty. Looking for Black Keys or some White Stripes tones? I think I found the pedal for you! Check it out....
Gear Used:
Reverend Guitars Warhawk II HB
VOX AC30 combo with blue celestion speakers
Shure SM57
FuzzBox Stein- a good old brewsky :)

deLuxe Motor Fuzz Pedal by Orion Effekte Demo- Guitar Player Magazine Top 25 Fuzz Pick

Richard Hurley: Impaler Guitar Solo


Martin Barre: Jethro Tull Thick As A Brick UK tour tickets!!

In April, Ian Anderson will hit the road to commemorate the 40th anniversary of his classic Jethro Tull album, Thick As A Brick - and you can book your tickets NOW
The album from 1972 will be played in its entirety, for the first time since its original tour. There will, of course, be some Jethro Tull hits thrown in for good measure. 
The Thick As A Brick album will be performed as per the original recording, along with a few surreal and humorous theatrical interjections, special guests and visual projections.
We have a 48 hour presale on tickets which is happening RIGHT NOW!
Click on the link below or the image above to get your tickets now and don't miss out on one of the most exciting tours of 2012.
Here's the dates:
April 14 - Perth Concert Hall
April 15 - Glasgow Theatre Royal
April 17 - Newcastle City Hall
April 18 - Liverpool Philharmonic
April 19 - Sheffield City Hall
April 20 - Blackburn St George's Hall
April 21 - Harrogate Royal Hall
April 22 - Manchester Opera House
April 24 - Derby Assembly Rooms
April 25 - Ipswich Regent Theatre
April 27 - London Hammersmith Apollo
April 28 - Bristol Colston Hall
April 29 - High Wycombe The Swan Theatre
April 30 - Birmingham Symphony Hall
May 2 - Oxford Apollo
May 3 - Reading Hexagon
May 4 - Guildford G Live
May 5 - Cardiff St David's Hall
May 6 - Southampton Guildhall

Andrew von Gregor: Superhuman

Superhuman - EP Andrew Gregor
1 Beings of Invisible Light: Equetrialus Blu (Prelude)
2 Ode to Joy (Live)
3 Foe Toes: Soothing Foot Music for Jill O'Steinig
4 Amazing Grace (Live)
5 Phallopian
Andrew von Gregor
Composer · Arranger · Guitarist
Miami & Los Angeles

My website is being redesigned; to contact me in the interim,
please email: Andrew[at]AndrewVonGregor[dot]com

This video is from a holiday stage play I wrote with choreographer Jo Ellen Hoffman called "The Holidays Before Christmas"—it's an homage to Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas" (my favorite movie!). This sequence is "Toccata sans Fugue," based on the famous organ composition "Toccata and Fugue" in D minor by Johann Sebastian Bach. (...I titled it "Toccata sans Fugue," sans being the French word for without or absent, because, after I learned the whole Bach piece, we found it to be too long for the show [almost 9 minutes], so I had the good Dr. Finkelstein enter from stage-right and interrupt me with news of the mummies in the cemetery growing restless, due to getting a sugar-high from eating too much Halloween candy.) The play chronicles the various holidays leading up to Christmas, by way of various musical and dance numbers. In addition to performing several instrumental guitar songs at different points in the play; i.e., "Auld Lang Syne" à la Carlos Santana (New Years Eve), "The Star Spangled Banner" à la Jimi Hendrix (Memorial Day), "Toccata sans Fugue" à la J.S. Bach (Halloween), "Christmas Time Is Here" à la Steve Vai (Christmas), etc., I was dressed as Jack Skellington and acted throughout as the Master of Ceremonies and narrator of the whole show, too. It was fun as Hell!! (...But VERY difficult to play all of those complicated guitar parts while wearing that crazy full-head mask!!)

NOTE: The video footage used herein was captured from various performances of the show and edited together over one of the audio tracks of my playing on one of the nights. The people who did the video production edited for presentation and, not being guitar players, didn't realize that a lot of the scenes they cut together do not sync correctly with respect to my fingers and the music I was playing. Oh, well. Enjoy!

Andrew von Gregor - "Toccata sans Fugue"

Andrew von Gregor playing Steve Vai's arrangement of "Christmas Time Is Here," written by Vince Guaraldi and Lee Mendelson for the 1965 prime-time animated TV special, A Charlie Brown Christmas. ©2010 FamewalkFilms
Andrew von Gregor - "Christmas Time Is Here"

Mike Keneally: Composes a New Song On The Spot

Chee: Mike Keneally Composes a New Song On The Spot

Steve Vai: Radio 6 Interview

Co de Kloet interviews Steve Vai during The Steve Vai Festival, October 20-24, 2010 where Steve debuted and performed new contemporary compositions which fuse rock music with orchestral sensibilities & arrangements as part of Vai's "Evo Era," a movement which merges the two genres. The performance features Steve with the Noord Nederlands Orkest (NNO) and also showcases Mike Keneally performing several Vai piano reductions. This interview was created and broadcast through De Oosterpoort en NTR Radio 6.

Concept: Co de Kloet and Marcel Mandos
Artistic Manager / Programmer North Netherlands Symphony Orchestra: Marcel Mandos
Creative Catalyst: Co de Kloet

Steve Vai Festival - Radio 6 Interview & North Netherlands Orchestra Performance