Daniele Gottardo,Martin Miller: Laurie Monk's Top 50 players

Martin Miller (photo Philppe Breu) 
I've put the solos from the Daniel Gottardo Guitar competition in bandings as I saw them.Green being the best videos (note within the band they are in no particular order, but they indicate that I watched the video more times than the other colours). There were 500+ videos to go through, a mammoth task to complete! I think were some stunning solos submitted and so it was very... and I mean very, difficult to get down to the final list. Congratulations to Martin Miller for delivering quite a remarkable solo, a vignette of every state of the art lick you can imagine, set to a classic backing track from Daniele Gottardo.


  1. A BIG BIG BIG Thanks Laurie !!
    This touches me a lot .
    An honor to be ranked in your green table.
    See you soon for news videos ;)

    Fabrice Lacourt


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