Joe Bonamassa: star feature in iGuitar 4

Issue four of the free digital Magazine iGuitar is now live and is packed with over 180 pages of video interviews, guitar lessons and gear reviews. The latest issue features an exclusive interview with the great blues legend Joe Bonamassa, including a special blues masterclass with Danny Gill and an in-depth Bonamassa gear section including Joe's very own Lazy J amp and a full analysis and review of the fabulously rare and expensive ‘59 Gibson Les Paul. There's even the '59 Challenge - showing readers how to get Joe's trademark sounds on a budget!

iGuitar four also includes an interview with fretless guitar king Guthrie Govan who talks about mastering these unique instruments. Other artists featured include over an hour's video interview with the inspirational Bruce Welch from the Shadows and a profile of Roy Buchanan, inventor of the pinched harmonic.

With a huge catalogue of video lessons, Lick Library have included in this issue a wide range of columns featuring free to view tutorials on all styles. iGuitar is much more than a magazine you can read, these lessons feature some of the UK best guitar teachers giving you tips and easy to follow lessons in how to get better at playing the guitar.

Gear reviews in the latest issue include the new Statesbar Pro II tremolo, Marshall Class 5, Epiphone Bonamassa Les Paul, Vintage MRJBM, Splawn Nitro 100 watt head, Orange TH30C, Lazy J J80 combo, Rickenbacker 330/12 12–string, Yamaha RGX 420DZ 2 guitar, Hughes & Kettner 60 DFX Edition Blue, Plutoneium Chi Wah Wah, Digitech Whammy DT, G&L 30th anniversary ASAT as more!

The dedicated acoustic ‘Quiet Room’ section reveals a newly filmed Collings guitars factory tour and an interview with the legendary Bill Collings, reviews of the Collings C10, Freshman Apollo 3DC and Washburn WD25 guitars plus a beginner’s fingerstyle guitar technique session with renowned virtuoso payer and teacher Giorgio Serci - the latest star signing to the iGuitar team.

iGuitar offers readers an exceptional experience with its dynamic design and layout, and its fully interactive multi media presentation. There’s a fantastic free to enter Rotosound competition in the latest issue to win strings for a year and you can also download free the TAB for all the features and lessons in the latest issue!

iGuitar is available free from , no strings attached!