Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Andy Wood: Sebastian Bach gets Wood as hired gun!

Andy Wood
looks like i got a ton of song learning to do... i just got informed that i will be Sebastian Bach's hired gun guitarist on the 11th 12th and 13th...  pretty sweet news indeed. now to learn a whole shows worth of material in a few days YIKES!

Stéphan Forté: Loud Guitars interview

Stéphan Forté in English for our March 2012 issue feature.

Stéphan Forté interview English

Filmed at rehearsals for Jason Becker Fest.

Stéphan Forté

Chris Brooks: fundraising in memory of his friend

Chris Brooks fundraising initiative: On now, until May 20, 2012

Sale progress report: 73 of 100 sold! Keep 'em coming!

(and see my Guitar Charity Auction here too!)

Rouse Hill News, Tuesday May 1, 2012

Nicolas Waldo, Andres Parada: Vorpal Nomad signs to Metalodic Records

VORPAL NOMAD - Hyperborea Promo Trailer 2012 - Metalodic Records/Canada

Produced by Vorpal Nomad - Co-produced by Juan Felipe Gutierrez.
Recorded at ART Studio - Bogota Colombia 2012
Mixed and Mastered by Piet Sielck at Powerhouse Studio Germany 2012.

All music and arrangements composed by Nicolas Waldo
All lyrics and vocals lines by Felipe Machado Franco
Vocals by Felipe Machado Franco - All guitars and Bass by Nicolas Waldo -
All drums by Christian Gaitan

CD art and design by: Felipe Machado Franco
Backing vocals by Piet Sielck and Paulo Cuevas.

Guest vocals on As The Otherworld Falls Down by Oliver Hartmann (Avantasia).
Guest guitar solo on As The Otherworld Falls Down by Piet Sielck.

© Vorpal Nomad 2012.

Promo trailer edit by Nicolas Waldo for METALODIC RECORDS/CANADA.

VORPAL NOMAD - Hyperborea Promo Trailer 2012 - Metalodic Records/Canada

VORPAL NOMAD - Skull Island (2012) - Metalodic Records/Canada

Derryl Gabel: Online Guitar Lessons

Derryl Gabel: Online Guitar Lessons

Hi Guitar Friends, I just wanted to let you know that I now have some available openings for online guitar lessons via skype. My rate is $30 a half hour. If you want an hour or more that is fine. I can schedule you accordingly. You can take monthly, bi weekly, weekly, or daily. Those of you that have my DVDs and are struggling to digest the material I could help with a practice routine and coaching. Maybe you've been able to digest the material but need help with application in improvisation and composition. I can help in that area as well. If you need help setting up a studio, filming, guitar sound settings, or learning your favorite solos I can show you how.

Advantages to taking lessons online:
Use your own equipment
Take a lesson anywhere WIFI or internet is available
Be in the comfort of your own home
Convenience! Save gas and time

Some tools that I use to make the lessons easier to follow and more enjoyable are on screen neck diagrams, standard notation and tab of the material covered, mp3 backing tracks for you to practice with, and multi camera angles and close ups when needed.

If you are interested, please email me to set up an appointment. You can schedule just one lesson if you like to see if this works for you.

Maybe you just have a few questions or things you would like to go over. That is fine as well.

In order to take lessons online you will need to download and install Skype which is free. Just go here to get Skype for Windows Skype for Windows

Go here to get Skype for Mac Skype for Mac

You will also need a webcam and mic. If you need help getting setup, just let me know.

Your dedicated guitar teacher,

Derryl Gabel

Joe Bonamassa: "Driving Towards The Daylight"

Free MP3 Driving Towards The Daylight
Get your FREE Download of Joe Bonamassa's new single "Driving Towards The Daylight" off his new studio album.
Follow Joe:
Twitter: @jbonamassa #jbonamassa #DTTD
This is the Official Music Video for the hit single "Driving Towards The Daylight" from his new studio album of the same name.

Guitar Superstar Joe Bonamassa worked with Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford on New Solo Album "Driving Towards The Daylight" - releasing May 22
Pre-order your copy now at
Bonamassa also stars in a reality Web TV series "Driving Towards The Daylight" which will premiere 10 episodes featuring never-before-seen interviews and behind the scenes footage of Joe in the studio
Subscribe to Joe Bonamassa's Official Youtube Channel Here

Joe Bonamassa "Driving Towards The Daylight" Official Music Video

George Harrison: Living in the Material World - Multi-Touch edition of book for iPad

Multi-Touch edition of book for iPad

George Harrison: Living in the Material World is now available in a Multi-Touch edition that brings the book alive with audio from Harrison himself, as well as from Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and others. Available exclusively on the iBookstore, this elegant, fully immersive book also includes image galleries and videos from both the Scorsese film and the Harrison archive, giving readers an unparalleled reading experience on iPad. Watch the trailer

iBookstore / iTunes: Multi-Touch version

Amazon: Hardcover Book

George Harrison: EARLY TAKES Volume 1
on CD, Vinyl and Digital

EARLY TAKES Volume 1, a musical companion piece to the George Harrison documentary, features 10 previously unreleased recordings from Harrison, including early takes of "I'd Have You Anytime" and "Awaiting On You All," plus unheard demo versions of "Behind That Locked Door," "All Things Must Pass," "Run of the Mill" and "My Sweet Lord," all later featured on Harrison's 1970 chart-topping album All Things Must Pass. Other unreleased tracks include demos of Bob Dylan's "Mama You've Been on My Mind," and an early take of "Woman Don't You Cry For Me."

Early Takes is out May 1 in CD, Vinyl LP, and in Digital formats, including Optimised for iTunes and HD Audio.

iTunes: Digital

Amazon: CD | Vinyl LP

Martin Scorsese Documentary Released in North America on DVD, Blu-ray, Digital and Deluxe Box Set

The critically-acclaimed Martin Scorsese documentary, George Harrison: Living in the Material World, which premiered on HBO last October, is available on home video May 1. The film is offered in four editions: 2-DVD set, Blu-ray, Digital, and a Deluxe Edition box set that will include the DVD, Blu-ray, a 96-page book of photography, plus the 10-track CD EARLY TAKES Volume 1 of previously unreleased music.

Amazon: 2-DVD | Blu-ray | Deluxe Box Set

iTunes: Digital

Many thanks,

Steve Morse, Randy Rhoads,Guthrie Govan: iGuitar Issue 9

Steve Morse, Randy Rhoads, & Guthrie Govan features Plus Win a Guitar & Pedal worth over £2000 - inside iGuitar Issue 9- Out Now!

Guthrie demonstrates the latest Vigier Fretless!

Orange - Jim Root Signature #4 Valve/Tube Head & Cab

Musicman - Steve Morse Y2D Guitar

Engl - Powerball Valve/Tube Head

TC Electronic - Flashback Pedal

Peavey - Delta Blues 15 Combo

Morley - Steve Vai 2 and Classic Wahs

Digitech - iStomp FX Pedal

Yamaha - Pacifica 311 & 611 Solid Bodies

Michael Angelo Batio -Concludes his exclusive iGuitar series

Jamie Humphries- The Rhythm Method Part 9

Rick Graham - extending your chord vocabulary

Tom Quayle - Using Modes to Expand our Chord Voicings - pt. 4

Michael Casswell - Pro Concepts: how to be a Pro guitarist Part 9 - The Feel Factor.

Andy James - How to play fast.

Stuart Bull - Hybrid picking continued

Larry Mitchell: warm up arpeggio exercises click NOW for a FREE Video guitar lesson that is not on YouTube & a FREE Ebook from Next Level

Rock guitar lesson Larry Mitchell teaches warm up arpeggio exercises and connecting scale licks

Rock guitar lesson Larry Mitchell teaches warm up arpeggio exercises and connecting scale licks

Chris Poland: The Guitar Channel interview

CP: You know, all music is good. Some of it is better than others but... what we [OHMPhrey] did in there was the same thing [as Polcat] - no baffles, no anything; just played live. And there’s a certain energy that you can’t capture when you’re doing overdubs, or if you sit down and really like... you know some guys will work on a song for two months. When you do that man you’re going to wind up with one of those songs that kind of sounds contrived, you know? So I’m glad that we don’t have really anything on the record like that. That’s why I like doing that. I’m thinking about doing the next OHM record totally live. Then if it needs to be filled here or there, I’ll use pads here and there on guitar, backing chords, but the core of the record is going to be live.

RM: Cool. When do you think that will happen?

CP: Pretty soon. As soon as I get a break here, because I know the OHMPhrey stuff is going to kick into gear. The reason it would be great to do it live is because it’s my studio, and I can leave everything there with all the mics set up. We can do songs as we go along - I can record a song tomorrow, then do one in another three weeks. Just go on like that until we have 15 songs... more

News: Hey Joe with 7,273 guitar players

May 1, 2012, 7,273 guitar players joined together at the"Thanks Jimi Festival" in Poland to play the JIMI HENDRIX classic "Hey Joe", breaking the record for "Largest Guitar Ensemble" set at the 2009 edition of the annual event.

Guitar Guinness record manager 2012 part 14 Leon Hendrix Hey Joe Guitar Guinness in 2012

Rob Balducci: gets delivery of Ibanez Prestige RGA

Rob Balducci
My new Ibanez Axe unveiled! Isn't she pretty... Ibanez Prestige RGA - Alder body edge zero bridge of course!! Curly Maple board and maple neck! Dimarzio chopper in neck, Dimarzio crusier in middle and BC-1 in Bridge!! More on lick of the week coming soon. Thx to Ibanez the best guitars in the world. Thx to Kevan Geier and Darren Wilson for helping me with design concepts and mock ups!!

Ronnie Montrose: Guitar Player, October 1983

Ronnie Montrose: Guitar Player, October 1983
Ronnie Montrose admits that he's no great shakes as a businessman. In 1974, with one gold record under his belt and a second album moving up the charts, the guitarist fired Sammy Hagar—the popular lead vocalist of his namesake heavy-metal band, Montrose—and made a deliberate move into broader musical territory. When that was met with gradually diminishing returns from his audience, record company, and management, he reacted not by moving backward, but by plunging ahead. He disbanded Montrose and subsequently released an all-instrumental album featuring acoustic guitar, mandolin, synthesizer, and a 30-piece orchestra. Relenting somewhat to the shocked reaction of his metal fans, Ronnie formed a new band, Gamma, and set out to regain lost ground. Now, nearly four years and three albums later, he has once again disbanded and ventured off toward commercially risky frontiers, despite indications that Gamma was growing in popularity.

Ronnie's new "band" consists solely of himself, keyboardist Mitchell Froom, and three tons of electronic equipment. The drummer and bass player have been replaced by machines. Their repertoire is constructed of all-instrumental hard rock that incorporates elements of jazz and progressive rock. It is hardly the kind of music that will bring back all of the headbangers who once boogied to the sound of Montrose, but performances indicate there is still enough power left to get fists pumping and people jumping. Right now that's good enough for Ronnie, who insists that making money is second to making music that stimulates him.

"Obviously," he notes, "if I had cared about making a tremendous amount of money, I would have stuck with the first Montrose album." Read More

Feodor Dosumov: 'Moscow' at



We have been fans of Feodor's band Impact Fuze for a while now and their title track Moscow is one of the stand out tracks on the album. Feodor's second release at Jam Track Central is this spectacular track...and believe is most definitely spectacular!
We have no idea how he manages to pull off such tight riffs in alternative 4/4 and 7/8 and then throw in a cheeky little 16th-note syncopation over the end of the 7/8. What makes it even more incredible is that the whole band keep it all so perfectly in time. This track will absolutely test you to the max, teaching you riffs and techniques that will take your playing to another level.
The package comes with the full length track, backing track, video, TAB and notation in PDF and powertab format as well as a slower 135bpm version of the backing track, to kick start you on your way.

There is also a special Impact Fuze album edition too where you can get the full album complete with official Moscow video and Feodor Jam Track Package. Click the links above for more info!

Feodor Dosumov - 'Moscow' at