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Alex McCarthy: T-Rex Back On Track Competition

I worked pretty hard on this, and I think it turned out alright. :)
Thanks to Milan Polak and T Rex pedals for the awesome competition

Back On Track Competition Entry Alex McCarthy

T-Rex Back On Track

Patrick Demichiel: T-Rex "Back On Track" Contest

T-Rex "Back On Track" Contest - Patrick Demichiel

T-Rex Back On Track

Anthimos Manti: T-Rex "Back On Track" Contest

T-Rex "Back On Track" Contest - Anthimos Manti Entry

T-Rex Back On Track

Anthimos Manti: Guitaronsky Shredding Contest

Anthimos Manti: playing with custom drive pedal -SOUNDCHECK ORGONITE

Guitaronsky Shredding Contest - Anthimos Manti Entry

Guitar On Sky Competition

News: Orange Amplification announces support for Rock The House

Mike Weatherley MP is proud to announce Orange Amplification has come on board as the latest supporter of Rock the House, the parliamentary live music competition which supports the UK live music industry and promotes the importance of intellectual property rights.

The competition sees MPs nominate the best live musicians and music venue from their constituencies. Now in it’s second year it has become the single most participated-in Parliamentary competition with a massive 165 MPs submitting nominations – including the Prime Minister David Cameron and the Secretary of State for Culture, Media & Sport, Jeremy Hunt.
The finalists will be announced on 23rd May, with the live finals competition being held on 30th May in last years’ joint winner in the live music venue category, the Bedford in Balham. Winners will be invited to play a live set on the terrace of the House of Commons in the evening, which will see a full backline of Orange amps.

Commenting on the involvement of Orange Amplification Mike Weatherley MP said "We’re delighted to have Orange on board, particularly with their strong British heritage dating back to the 60s with their products being used by international music legends"

Cliff Cooper, CEO of Orange Amplification said “We are very proud to be working with Mike in supporting the Rock The House competition which is both raising the awareness of the live music industry and also providing a superb platform to showcase the best of upcoming British talent.” Orange Amplification has just been awarded for the third time in six years the Queens award for Award for Enterprise: International Trade 2012.
With no shortage of Patronage from rock stars, a vast array of priceless prizes and a finalists’ judging panel that reads as the who’s who of the music industry, it is no surprise that Rock the House has captured the imagination of MPs and musicians alike.

Why we need Rock The House

What is Rock The House?

Rock the House is a Parliamentary live music and venue competition founded byMike Weatherley MP. This year the prizes are much bigger and the competition even counts rock legends Alice Cooper, Mark Hoppus, (both seen on the right), Ian Gillan and more as its Patrons.

The competition celebrates the very best of up-and-coming unsigned British artists and the live music venues that support them. The aim of the competition is to raise the political profile of the importance of intellectual property rights, and live music, among parliamentarians. The UK Music industry is hugely important in terms of employment and overseas earnings. Thismust be encouraged and protection of Copyright is essential to the ongoing ability to pay artists for the work they create. See how thecompetition went last year here.

How does it work?

Every single MP is invited to nominate a solo-artist, a band, an under-18s act and the best small live music venue from theirconstituency. A panel of international music industryexperts and musicians will determine the finalists who will compete in a live battle of the bands on Wednesday 30th May with the winners in each artist'scategoryplaying a live set on the Terrace of the House of Commons in the evening at the finalereception and winningall those once in a life time prizes!

Seen to the upper left is Charlie Simpson and to the right is Steel Panther - both patrons of Rock The House.

Bullet For My Valentine's Matt Tuck quotes. "I am totally in support of the Rock The House campaign and had an amazing time at Parliament. I'm extremely happy to be involved".
See a full list of Patrons and Sponsors here.

Theodore Ziras: Axe FX 2 - Neo Sweep and Alternate ideas ------
To download the Axe Fx2 preset I did for this video click here: the Drums sound I am using Toontracks Superior Drums 2 (Metal Machine expansion) I did no further processing (no effects added).
Signal chain: Ibanez RG870 -- Axe FX2
Strings D Addario EXL 120 (9-42)
Pick: Small Stubby 3mm
Video Produced and Directed by Theodore Ziras for ©2012
Thanks to Makis Tzouganatos for borrowing me his Guitar (Ibanez Premium RG870)
to book a lesson with me via skype visit
to buy great backing tracks please visit
for guitar session work, mix and mastering services
to buy my music visit


Axe FX 2 + Ibanez Premium RG870 (Neoclassical Shredding | Sweep+Alternate Picking)

Tomasz Andrzejewski: 80- Fragment

Tomasz Andrzejewski: 80- Fragment

Christian Muenzner: heads up the top ten Favourite Shred Instrumental Album of 2011

Metal Harem Favourite Shred Instrumental Album of 2011

Here a list of awesome shredding guitar and keyboard instrumental albums of year 2011. There are hundreds of instrumental music created by less known musician (but they are awesome too), but I will not able to covered all of them. So, basically this is a major releases by major musicians.

1. Christian Muenzner - Timewarp - buy from Amazon
Obscura guitarist put in a berserk progressive metal guitar shredding albums!

Leonardo Guzman: demos Gruvgear's Fretwrap in his own inimitable style

A really quick and improvised R&B take with my loop station!! testing some cam settings and fretwrap uses :), hope you like it!! thanks for passing by!!

Gruvgear's Fretwrap + New Cam Test :)

Nathan Doyle: avail for lessons on Bandhappy

Nathan Doyle Guitar Tuition has just gone Global, lessons not only in your own home but anywhere in the world- can't be bad!

Dark Majesty pivot preview

About Nathan Doyle

Twenty years of experience as a guitar teacher in the UK Taught at over thirty schools in the district of Northamptonshire, England Ten years employed as peripatetic musician with Northamptonshire Music and Performing Arts Service Fully CRB checked Highly successful adult education evening classes Highly successful adult education residential course tutor at Knuston Hall,Northamptonshire Graded Syllabus Beginner to advanced, all Rockschool Syllabus and RGT tution offered, solo construction lessons and transcription lessons offered, tests monitored and full handouts given of rhythm charts and sight-reading. Transcribing Full transcription service available, can transcribe solos or compositions, arrange and write parts. Advanced Lessons Alternate picking Understanding of Constructivism in teaching Three note per string scales Legato Tapping Sweeping Tone Improvisation Modes Pivoting String Skipping Picking tone Posture Encouraging students to find their own voice and develop their own sound "I really want to help guitar players to develop their own voice and tonal identity and to steer away from other people’s songs or solos. Most students think they have to be amazing to develop an identity and have a myriad of speed-licks and repetoire, but these are not critical factors in my opinion; you can have very little technique yet remain original in sound and style. Singers develop a voice that is instantly recognizeable – for instance Ronnie Dio compared to Joe Lynn Turner or Graham Bonnet compared to David Coverdale – you would never confuse their instantly recognisable and distinct voices. I am striving to help my students achieve a ‘thumbprint’ that separates them from anyone else- in the real world this could make all the difference at auditions where being different is critical". Teaching Mission Reliability and continuity To progress and move with technology To tailor each lesson individually Competitive prices in accordance with current MU requirements To provide regular written termly reports. About me: During the early 90’s Nathan had joined several bands and played in numerous studio sessions with bands, TV, advertising. Nathan had already gained critical acclaim from a local journalist for the Chronicle and Echo, a local Northamptonshire newspaper, he wrote: “He’s disturbingly good and that’s no journalistic hyperbole.” ( Mark Fielden) Nathan’s earliest demo recordings were featured on Radio One on the Friday Rock Show ‘Rockwar’ with host Tommy Vance, following this he gained interest from further magazines and gained auditions for major management companies, bands and artistes. Compiling all of his most successful compositions Nathan sent a collection of instrumentals to Guitarist magazine: “A virtuoso of near mythical proportions. Deadly accurate playing with machine gun rapidity, making him one of the very fastest guitarists we’ve ever heard.” ‘Fast, Slow, Light, Dark, Nathan has the balance just right – Gentle ballads and all the licks n Trick of Malsmsteen, Lynch or Vai’ This was followed by Sound on Sound reviewing the same album: ‘Speed-picking galore and really vocal sounding melodies’ SoS In a recent live performance Nathan received the following acclaim in a music magazine: ‘Nathan Doyle was very talented indeed, from the first few notes of his solo, he blew me and the others around him completely away, he managed to effortlessly get the best out of his guitar and managed to use just enough overdrive to give the solo the kick it needed but it was subtle enough to blend in with the song, and this is something that carried over into the other songs’.

Band: Band project with Neil Austin, various sessions.

Jozsef Kasadacz: Wonderful Reality

You may want to go on holiday to this location :)

Music by Jozsef Kasadacz (Kasi)
Video by Planet Records,
Directed by Tamas Hirth,

KASI - Wonderful Reality (Official Video HD)

Sam Bell: three way pre amp distortion pedal - Cerberus Custom Pedal

A demo/talk-through about this awesome custom pedal I have been lent from Jim Leffingwell/Mark Thompson. Awesome pedal, check out the video for more info!

Cerberus Custom Pedal Talkthrough

Vincenzo Avallone: The Tide - performance play through
Watch in HD for better video and audio quality
here is another song ive just finished :)
original instrumental track by John A. Johansen aka onQel
Lead guitar,mixing and mastering by Vincenzo Avallone at deep water recordings studios
marshall jcm 2000 DSL 100
lecab2.0 with mesa impulses
ernie ball musicman jp6
superior drummer 2.0
vandal amp for bass
ozone 5 and tracks3 for mastering

hosted in reaper 4.15

Hope you like it

Vincenzo Avallone - The Tide

News: Bogner Pedals - Ecstasy Blue, Red and Uberschall demos

Bogner Pedals - Ecstasy Blue, Red and Uberschall - Part 1 Overview

Alex Park: classy classical - Pepperdine University 2012

Performed in Raitt Recital Hall in Pepperdine University. March 13, 2012
Alex Park - Koyunbaba - Carlo Domeniconi

Alex Park - Pavan No 2 & 4 - Luis Milan

Jason Becker: thanks to all those who donated for new computer!

Jason Becker's "Not Dead Yet" Festival Amsterdam (November 2011)
For the people that did donate for Jason Becker's new computer. he just got his new computer and says thanks you! He can get back to making new music!

Jason also has a number of other goodies for sale

Jason Becker Movie: Perpetual BurnI'd love to see you guys try to play 'Altitudes' on one of these bad boys! Online Guitar Oriented Cds, Dvds, Tshirts and Miniatures Storewww.guitareuroshop.comIMPORTANT: $5.00 of each sale will go directly to Jason who is suffering from ALS (commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease).

Pedro Santos: Guitar Playback and Palmer Melodic competition

Pedro Santos - Guitar Playback and Palmer Melodic Backing Track Challenge 2012

Roberto Restuccia: Guitar Playback and Melodic Backing competition

Guitar Playback and Melodic Backing Track Challenge by Roberto Restuccia

Bub Zulu: Guitar Playback and Palmer Melodic competition

Guitar Playback and Palmer Melodic Backing Track

John J Prieto: Guitar Playback and Palmer Melodic competition - Bogotà Colombia

Guitar Playback and Palmer Melodic Backing Track Challenge Entry

Guitar Playback and Palmer Melodic Backing Track Challenge

Chris Feener: The Second Surface - performance video - plus free download

A new video! The tune is "The Second Surface", an original instrumental that I wrote as an entry to Arts And Letters NL - fortunately enough, I won a $1000 award. I got a few requests for this one, so... enjoy!

Hey everyone! I apologize for the length of time between my last video and this one. I've been hard at work putting together instrumental material for a solo record release so I promise to be more active in the near future! This tune was something I wrote a few months back as an entry to a competition (Newfoundland Arts And Letters Awards) and fortunately enough, I won a $1000 award in the division of Senior Composition.
A quick note: I apologize in advance for the slight intonation issues here and there, my guitar seems to be reacting very strangely to the weather changes. Also, the outro solo is completely different, it's all improv.
Click here to download the track from the NL government website:
Enjoy! And expect much more shred in the near future! ;)

Chris Feener - The Second Surface (Original Composition)

Jason Becker: miniature guitars collectibles

Jason Becker
These are really cool!

Jason Becker Paradise Signature Model Mini Guitar Replica Collectible :

Jason Becker Blue Hurricane "Perpetual Burn" Mini Guitar Replica Collectible :

GuitarEuroShop Online Guitar Oriented Cds, Dvds, Tshirts and Miniatures
IMPORTANT: $5.00 of each sale will go directly to Jason who is suffering from ALS (commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease).

Christophe Godin: UK clincs and Mörglbl live shows... be there!!!

Christophe Godin  and Mörglbl visit the UK in May

Details as follow :

- May 21 Kartoon Guitar Clinic for Vigier at Mann's Music in Colchester
- May 22 Kartoon Guitar Clinic for Vigier at Mid Air Music in Chatham
- May 23 Kartoon Guitar Clinic for Vigier at Guitar Guitar in Epsom
- May 24 Mörglbl CLinics at Canterbury College, band clinic and show at Christ Church University in Canterbury
- May 25 Kartoon Guitar Clinic for Vigier at Tone World in Manchester
- May 26 Mörglbl band clinic and concert at EGO Performance in Coventry

Be there !!!


Dan Andersen,Alan Pasqua: The Spark CD

Dan Andersen (guitar); Alan Pasqua (piano); Ryan McGillicuddy (bass); James Alsanders (drums)

The Spark is the exciting debut CD from jazz guitarist and composer Dan Andersen. This highly interactive quartet features the artistry of pianist Alan Pasqua, bassist Ryan McGillicuddy, and drummer James Alsanders. Together they explore striking original compositions as well the works of Billy Stayhorn and Bill Evans.

SKU SKU24898
Track 1 Flying Around (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 2 Behind the Front (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 3 The Spark (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 4 Show-Type Tune (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 5 Where the Path Ends (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 6 Hidden Joy (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 7 Blood Count (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 8 Live On (LISTEN TO AUDIO)

Oz Noy, Eric Johnson: Twisted Blues Volume 1

Oz Noy (Guitar); Eric Johnson (Guitar); Will Lee (Bass); Roscoe Beck (Bass); Anton Fig (Drums); Vinnie Colaiuta (Drums), Chris Layton (Drums); Jerry Z (Organ); John Medeski (Organ);Reese Wynans (Organ); Allen Toussaint (Piano);Ralph McDonald (Percussion);

New York based plectorist extraordinaire Oz Noy makes his Abstract Logix debut with “Twisted Blues”, his most eclectic album to date that displays his signature guitar sounds as well as for the first time showcases his profound love of blues, featuring Chris Layton and Reese Wynans of the legendary Steve Ray Vaughn Band.

Oz is a chopsmeister of the highest order with a wealth of weapons in his trick bag. A master manipulator of tones and effects, he can deftly switch from lacerating single note work to Leslie-imbued organ stylings (a la Charlie Hunter) to jaw-dropping wah-wah-inflected lines…sometimes within the same song (as he does so nonchalantly on the scintillating title track). And while he emigrated to New York City in 1996 from his native israel, you’d swear he had a lengthy stopover in New Orleans by the sound of his authentic second line groover “Oh Really” featuring Allen Toussaint and his interpretation of The Meters’ funk anthem, “Cissy Strut.”There’s a touch of Stevie Ray Vaughan in his shuffling “Whole Tone Blues” and the tough “Steroids,” and he brings a Hendrix-meets-Ry Cooder sensibility to his luminous ballad “You Are The State” with the help of Eric Johnson on second guitar. A fan of Thelonious Monk, Oz turns in highly impressionistic versions of the floating “Light Blue” and the chops-busting “Trinkle Tinkle,” the latter performed with unrelenting aggression as an uptempo Texas shuffle. And he strikes a calming accord on the soulful, “Two Centers,” which may remind SRV fans of Stevie’s “Riviera Paradise.” Like the title of a great Wes Montgomery album on Riverside from 1961, this stellar outing features So Much Guitar!Twisted Blues which was recorded in one part in Austin featured the legendary Eric Johnson on guitar, Chris Layton on drums, Roscoe Beck on bass, Reese Wynans on the organ. The New York Sessions featured the amazing Vinnie Colaiuta and Anton Fig on drums, Will Lee on Bass, John Medeski and Jerry Z on organ, Allen Toussaint on the piano and Ralph McDonald on percussion. A stellar line up!

SKU SKU25295
Track 1 Twisted Blues (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 2 Oh Really ? (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 3 You are the State (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 4 Whole Tone Blues (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 5 Cissy Strut (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 6 Light Blue (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 7 Steroids (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 8 Two Centers (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 9 Trinkle Tinkle (LISTEN TO AUDIO)

"Cissy Strut" from Oz Noy's "Twisted Blues Volume 1" Album. Originally by The Meters!

Wayne Krantz: Keith Carlock and Tim Lefebvre - Iridium Club performance

Wayne Krantz Group: Keith Carlock and Tim Lefebvre

A 79 minute scintillating performance of the classic Wayne Krantz group from the Iridium Club performance on April 15. Featuring Keith Carlock and Tim Lefebvre.

As promosed only $5.00 for fans who bought HOWIE 61

Download link will be Delivered Upon Purchase via Email

Brian May: God Save the Queen - Buckingham Palace 2002

Could we see a reprise:

Brian May, (Guitar God,) playing on the roof of Buckingham Palace for Queen Elizabeth's golden jubilee -- 2002.

Brian May God Save the Queen - Buckingham Palace 2002

Dhalif Ali: Guitar Playback and Palmer Melodic competition

Thanks to David Wallimann and Palmer Germany for making this competition for all of us.
Guitar Playback and Palmer Melodic Backing Track Challenge Entry Dhalif Ali

Guitar Playback and Palmer Melodic Backing Track Challenge

News: Lookinside PRS amplifiers

Paul Reed Smith and Doug Sewell describe how the idea for the PRS Amplifier line came into existence and the early designing of the amps.

Paul Smith and Doug Sewell met at the Dallas Vintage Guitar Show in 2006. Paul’s band was scheduled to play, and he needed an amp. He was introduced to Doug, a well-known Texas amp builder, and after barely saying hello, they were working together to rewire an amp for Paul to use.

Paul and Doug spent the next couple of years shipping amps back and forth, working over cell phones and brief visits to design amplifiers for PRS. Each part in the amp changes the tone, so many components were tested in every possible combination to get the sound they were after. They did not simply choose the most expensive components...There are $30 parts next to $3 parts. This meticulous component selection helps ensure that the amps sound good no matter where the knobs are, an essential quality for both Paul and Doug.

The pair often comments how easily they work together, each building on the other’s thoughts to create amplifiers that are themselves musical instruments. Doug moved to Maryland in 2009, officially accepting the position of PRS Amplifier Designer. And so the pair continues to peer into amplifiers, striving to learn and improve them as much as they can. It’s all about passion, excellence, and building quality amps.

Michael Schenker: Tilburg, Holland will be filmed for DVD release.

Michael Schenker concert at O13 in Tilburg, Holland will be filmed for DVD release.

Schenker's "Temple Of Rock" European tour marks the first timeSchenker's band features two fellow ex-SCORPIONS members —Herman Rarebell (drums) and Francis Buchholz (bass). Vocalist Doogie White  and keyboardist Wayne Findlay complete the lineup.

Joshua George: Guitar Playback and Palmer Melodic competition

hey David, this is the first time I'm participating in any of your competitions. Hope you enjoy it!
Gear used:
Guitar- Gibson Les Paul Studio
Guitar FX processor- Boss GT-8

Guitar Playback and Palmer Melodic Backing Track Challenge Entry-Joshua George

Guitar Playback and Palmer Melodic Backing Track Challenge

Nili Brosh: available for Skype lessons

Learn for a master technician, recently return from a European tour with the legendary Tony MacAlpine, Nili can deliver the results you are looking for:

Nili Brosh is now offering exclusive one-on-one Skype lessons at affordable rates. Students of all levels and ages are welcome! Lessons tailored to accommodate each student's playing level, learning interests, and schedule. Email for scheduling and more information!
Jason Becker: : “Nili has an incredible feel in her playing. She is a phenomenal musician of great maturity, and such a cool person.” -Jason Becker (Solo artist, Cacophony, David Lee Roth)

Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart: RUSH UK tour dates

1. Caravan
2. BU2B
3. Clockwork Angels
4. The Anarchist
5. Carnies
6. Halo Effect
7. Seven Cities Of Gold
8. The Wreckers
9. Headlong Flight
10. BU2B2
11. Wish Them Well
12. The Garden

Click here to pick up your copy of the album on vinyl!
RUSH ANNOUNCE UK ARENA TOUR – MAY 2013...RUSH have announced details of a UK Arena tour in May 2013. Full dates are as follows

Wed May 22nd Manchester Arena
Fri May 24th London, O2 Arena
Sun May 26th Birmingham, LG Arena
Tues May 28th Sheffield, Motorpoint Arena
Thurs May 30th Glasgow, SECC

Tickets go on sale at 9am GMT Friday 18th May 2012 priced at £60/£75 (subject to booking fee) and will be available from, or

These are the first UK dates since the band brought their 3 ½ hour Time Machine Tour in May 2011 – the tour was met to widespread critical acclaim and included a sold out date at London’s O2 Arena. “Rush are one of the last great bands standing” – Metal Hammer, “Canadian legends confirm their status as the world’s biggest and best cult band” – Kerrang, “It’s a blend of power, subtlety, soaring choruses and some of the most intelligent lyrics ever written.” – The Sun 5/5 live review.

This follows the band unveiling details of its highly anticipated, new album, “CLOCKWORK ANGELS”. This is the renowned trio’s first new collection of original material in over five years and their first studio release via Anthem/Roadrunner Records. “CLOCKWORK ANGELS”, the band’s 20th studio album, will be released in the UK on June 11th.