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Abby Clutario: Fuseboxx - Pagbalik live extended version

Fuseboxx is a 4-piece Pinoy (Filipino) Progressive band formed in 2001. They received widespread acclaim for their musical-precision and -technical proficiency. This, especially so for their ability to meld and incorporate Filipino sentimentality with the different musical elements from a vast array of genres (rock, fusion, pop, classical, new age, metal, alternative, etc.) in order to create cohesive and thematic materials—indeed, arranging their music into movements that convey a compelling musical message.

Considered as one of the strongest local live acts, they leave any rock fan, musician or musical critic breathless with their ability to constantly amaze the audience—as much because of their complex arrangements and musical dexterity as the apparent passion each member puts into the creation and performance of their music.

Truly, watching Fuseboxx perform proves to be an unforgettable and visceral experience, proving that musicality and creativity at the level of all known fusion and progressive rock bands in the international music scene (such as Rush, Dream Theater, Yes, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Genesis, etc) isn’t reserved for bands of the First World alone... With Fuseboxx, the Third World, especially the Philippines, can continue to hold aloft the banners that show what kind of musicians “Filipinos” are made of.

Pagbalik (extended version) - Fuseboxx - Nokia N8 HD 720p Stereo

Fuseboxx is:
Abby Clutario – vocals, keyboards, Chapman Stick
Mico Ong – guitars
Eric Tubon – synthesizers
Lester Banzuelo – drums

Jack Thammarat: The Laney Session Frankfurt Musikmesse 2012

Jack Thammarat (born December 25, 1979) is a guitarist from Thailand. Best known as the winner of Guitar Idol 2009 competition. He has acknowledged the influence of many guitarists including Pop the Sun, Prart, Joe Satriani, John Petrucci, David Gilmour, Alex Lifeson, Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, Steve Lukather, Gary Moore, Scott Henderson, Robben Ford, Frank Gambale, Greg Howe and more.

From musikmesse 2012

He has taught himself to play the instrument since 13 years old. In 1996, Jack took guitar lessons from finger style guitarist, Ajarn Boonchop. He continuously took more advance lessons from famous guitar instructor in Thailand, Ajarn Prart Aroonrangsi and attended Chandrakasem Rajabhat University for studies in music at the same time.

From musikmesse 2012

In the university, He played in the band named Icon, the winner of Thailand Yamaha Band alert 1999 and subsequently changed their band name to ‘Bean’ released their own album in 2000. After leaving ‘Bean’ in 2003, he moved to perform with various Thai Popular artists. Moreover, he has worked as a studio guitarist, arranger and music composer since 2003 until present.

From musikmesse 2012
Besides being guitarist, Jack also work as a guitar instructor at Prart Music School and Chandrakasem Rajabhat University. He has his own instruction video, How to play Rock Guitar (distributed in Thailand) with Tone Project in 2004.

He is one of the best seller artist in the most popular jam tracks website among many great players such as Guthrie Govan, Alex Hutchings, Andy James etc. His Guitar Idol 2009 winner tune "On the way" is one of top download tracks. He also has more than 25,000 subscribers and 10 millions video views on hisYouTube channel. Now he is endorsed by Yamaha, Laney, BOSS and Rotosound.

Jack Thammarat: Laney Jam demo, Musikmesse 2012 #1

Jack Thammarat: Laney Andy Timmons demo, Musikmesse 2012 #2

Jack Thammarat: Laney On The Way demo, Musikmesse 2012 #3

Kumi Adachi: RikuTaira at Cairo Jazz Festival

Adachi Kumi club PANGAEA with RikuTaira at Cairo Jazz Festival【RISE】

Adachi Kumi club PANGAEA with RikuTaira at Cairo Jazz Festival【 PANGAEA】

Mike Orlando: Adrenaline Mob Graspop 2012

Tearing it up at the Graspop 2012 festival.

Adrenaline Mob - Undaunted Graspop 2012

Adrenaline Mob - All On The Line Graspop 2012

Jon Levin: Dokken's lead available for Skype lessons

For a limited time only, get an introductory 45 minute lesson with guitarist Jon Levin for only $60!

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Lita Ford: Acoustic Vintage Vinyl in Ford 2012

3 videos 15:48 duration Lita Ford playing during an in store signing and acoustic set at Vintage Vinyl in Fords, NJ 7-11-12
Living Like a Runaway, Close My Eyes, Kiss me deadly

Lita Ford: Acoustic Vintage Vinyl in Ford 2012

Jeff Loomis: Metal Titans interview

Interview with Guitarist Jeff Loomis by Char Tupper

Jeff Loomis Interview

Michael Landau: Renegade Creation MEZZ, The Netherlands

Excerpt from 'Nazarath', a song from the new Renegade Creation CD, 'Bullet', featuring fine, laid back guitar work from Michael Landau, when supergroup 'Renegade Creation' performed to a delighted audience, at the MEZZ music venue, Breda, The Netherlands, on Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012.

The band's amazing new CD, 'Bullet' (link below), available now.

Robben Ford - guitar, vocals
Michael Landau - guitar
Jimmy Haslip -- bass
Gary Novak -- drums

From the band website:
Renegade Creation is the new record by veteran musical giants, Michael Landau, Robben Ford, Jimmy Haslip and Gary Novak. Blending together to create a blues-driven sound that not only will satisfy their individual fans but is fresh enough to attract a legion of new fans as well. Delivering bothrootsy, blues/rock vocal tunes and fiery instrumentals, the band draws on the unique guitar interplay between guitar giants Robben Ford and Michael Landau who inspire each other to new personal bests.



Jason Becker: Live in Haarlem CD available from CD Baby

Jason Becker's Not Dead Yet! Live in Haarlem
by Various Artists
© Copyright - Various Artists / Primal Events (885767196322)
Buy MP3 $9.99

This live cd is a snapshot out of 6 hours of live music played on November 13, 2011. Contributing artists Guthrie Govan, Stuart Hamm, Marco Sfogli, Stephan Forte, Andy James and many others played for Jason Becker to get more awareness for the disease ALS
Genre: Metal/Punk: Guitar Virtuoso
Release Date: 2012


song title

1. Opus Pocus - Stephan Forte 6:32 album only
2. Still Hurts - Marco Sfogli 5:05 album only
3. What Lies Beneath - Andy James 6:11 album only
4. Sevens - Guthrie Govan 7:24 album only
5. Drowned - Joop Wolters 4:05 album only
6. Father - Mattias Ia Eklundh 3:43 album only
7. Abstract Impact - Marcel Coenen 4:43 album only
8. I Think There's Someone in the Kitchen - Stephan Forte 4:25 album only
9. Marrakesh Market - Daniele Gottardo 4:14 album only
10. Still With Me - Timo Somers 7:54 album only
11. Tea Time - Barend Courbois 5:40 album only

preview all songs

Album Notes
On November 13, 2011, a 6-hour guitar festival was held to honor Jason Becker, the incredible guitarist known for his extraordinary work with Cacophony, David Lee Roth and Marty Friedman, among others. Out of deep respect for Jason and love of his work, each guitarist featured at this tribute show waived their usual performance fees, playing that day simply to honor one of their contemporaries and source of great influence: Jason Becker, a modern day guitar great. All notes played that night were dedicated to the great Jason Becker in support of his struggle against the disease ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), which is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord.

Contributing artists who played for Jason include: Guthrie Govan, Stuart Hamm (Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Frank Gambale) , Michael Lee Firkins, Mattias Eklundh (Freak Kitchen), Marco Sfogli (James LaBrie Band), Kiko Loureiro (Angra), Daniele Gottardo, Stéphan Forté (Adagio), Andy James, Atma Anur, Joop Wolters, Marcel Coenen, Timo Somers and more…

Mixed by Jacek Glowacki and Atma Anur, produced by Atma Anur. Mastered by Maor Appelbaum Mastering California USA.

The proceeds of this CD go to Jason Becker's Care Fund. 

Giancarlo Zaffoni: Baba O'Riley stunning two handed tapping display

This is my arrangement for the intro of The Who's hit "The Baba O'Riley". I've transposed the synth part on the guitar, by using the tapping technique and a programmed delay. In the video I've show you the setting for both guitar and effects. I've tried to get as close as possible to the original synth part, and I think I pretty did that.
The video ends with a fading to black and the label that says "And so on...". This is because from that point you can simply build up the music by varying the last one pattern.
Hope you enjoy it!

Baba O'Riley (The Who) - Intro for Guitar Tapping

Mark Papagno: The Things you see

Mark Papagno  Canton custom guitar's Jazz model — with Canton Custom Guitars.

Mark Papagno The Things you see - Mark Papagno Trio at Bobby's Jazz Club in Baltimore
Frank Russo on Drums
Max Murray on Bass

Mark Papagno: The Things you see