Saturday, 3 November 2012

Joe Pinnavaia: B Minor improvs

A little Jam in B Minor - trying some new things and it's been well - hard to say the least. Trying to change some bad habits and my phrasing isn't where it needs to be but this is the best way to get out those ideas and make them part of my everyday playing.

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Guitar Practice in B Minor - Joe Pinnavaia -

Just a little noodling in B Minor and getting in a quick video - this is fun and I'll do it more often for sure. The Behringer V Amp 3 sounds nice in the practice room.

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Guitar Jam B Minor - Joe Pinnavaia -

Floyd Fernandes: Pentatonics, string bending and slides

Some more pentatonic ideas in a bluesy context.A few slide like bends and repeats on the lines so you can see,hear and digest the small nuances that I try.So assuming you play the pentatonic scale a lot,try these ideas and maybe incorporate them if you like em :)

bending strings...a bit

Extracting some motifs out of the pentatonics,with a few intervals thrown in.Will forward you a scale chart if you need it,do message me at This is not meant to be a jazz primer just ideas that may stem from some stuff I hear,so just an idea video :)

Pentatonic lines...more or less

Sava Jović,Aleksandar Djordjić: great progressive metal from Serbia

Sava Jović - guitars and vocals
Željko Stanisavljević - drums
Aleksandar Djordjić - guitars
Danko Radulović - bass

Facebook -
Twitter -
Bandcamp - -
Reverbnation -

Recorded in June 2011 at "Stretch Studios" in Belgrade, Serbia
Produced by Aleksandar Djordjić "aka Alek Darson" and Equinox
Mixed and mastered by Alek Darson at "Stretch Studios" in Boston, MA, USA

Music by Equinox
Lyrics by Sava Jović
Equinox - Table Round

Equinox - Juris

Danilo Ciamprone: Fabrizio "Bicio" Leo Sweeps

Sweep picking exercises drawn from the teaching of Fabrizio "Bicio" Leo

Danilo Ciamprone plays Fabrizio "Bicio" Leo Sweeps

Danilo Ciamprone plays Fabrizio "Bicio" Leo sweeps

Lea Gutman,Pascal Gutman: Stick tappers Greensleeves - Crescendo 2012

Father and daughter together in the same passion: the mastery of Chapman stick.

LEA et PASCAL GUTMAN " Greensleeves - Crescendo 2012

Guthrie Govan: Air Berlin stop Aristocrats shows in Gran Canaria

No amount of praying or paying could stop this unfortunate event.

We are very sorry to announce that we are unable to perform our show tonight in Gran Canaria due to an unforeseeable circumstance with Air Berlin, whose airline we were due to fly today. We were informed upon arrival at the airport that, regardless of how much money we were prepared to pay - even the full cost of another ticket - that Guthrie's prototype, currently-one-of-a-kind Charvel guitar would need to be checked as regular baggage, even though it was in a soft case that would easily fit into any overhead compartment or airplane coat closet. This has never happened to us before, and while we very much wanted to play in Gran Canaria, we simply could not risk Guthrie's guitar being damaged and affecting the remainder of the tour.

We look forward to rescheduling this date on our next European tour, and again we apologize to our fans and everyone who worked hard to put on this show in Gran Canaria.

Aside from this unfortunate turn of events, we're having a stellar time touring Europe. Our Benelux shows were all great, and we're very much looking forward to playing in Germany, Poland and Greece. Thanks so much to all the fans who've come out so far, and stay tuned for news on the release date of the live CD/DVD **very** soon.
-The Aristocrats
We look forward to rescheduling this date on our next European tour, and again we apologize to our fans and everyone who worked hard to put on this show in Gran Canaria.
Aside from this unfortunate turn of events, we're having a stellar time touring Europe. Our Benelux shows were all great, and we're very much looking forward to playing in Germany, Poland and Greece. Thanks so much to all the fans who've come out so far, and stay tuned for news on the release date of the live CD/DVD **very** soon.
-The Aristocrats

Martin Miller: new album moves and laid back grooves!

Martin Miller
Screw it - I just officially decided that my solo album is FINISHED. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! Delivering to the label guys to listen to now...

To check out the full track previews and download this superb set of jam tracks, with solo examples by Martin Miller, by clicking here:

When it is has been one of those days, the best remedy for guitar players to chill out is to jam. Now, we have the perfect set of jam tracks to make all the bad stuff go away. Laid Back Grooves features 11 original chilled out jam tracks written by Paul Harvey (who you may know is one of our backing track experts and has written many of our packages jam tracks, including Guthrie Govan's Late Night Sessions 1 and his own Vintage Blues) and the solo examples were created by Martin Miller (fusion guitarist extraordinaire and regular JTC contributor) so you are in very trusted hands.
These tracks match exactly what the title suggests...laid back, chilled out grooves. Combined with Martin's solos you get the perfect tonic to learn some tasty licks and crystal clear technique. Once you have nailed these you can move onto the extended jam tracks to create your own improvisations. Where will the tracks take you? That is for you and your chosen axe to find out!
Laid Back Grooves is available for £14.99 and comes with 11 solo example tracks, solo backing tracks, extended jam tracks, complete TAB and notation of all solos plus bonus theory sheets which include suggested scales and solo fragments.


11 solo example tracks in MP3
11 solo backing tracks in MP3
11 extended jam tracks in MP3
Complete TAB and notation in PDF and Powertab formats
Bonus theory on suggested scales and solo fragments

*NEW* Laid Back Grooves Featuring Martin Miller at

Nick Kellie: New Project 14

Improvised solo over pop progression done in 1 take

Joe Bonamassa: Blues Guitar Scholarship at MI

The Joe Bonamassa Blues Guitar Scholarship at Musicians Institute was created thru the generous support of the award-winning guitarist through his Keeping the Blues Alive Foundation to provide opportunities for talented, emerging musicians to further their education, realize their own creative vision and support the vital legacy of the blues.
The $3,000 scholarship (tuition credit) will be awarded in Spring 2013 to a newly enrolling intermediate or advanced student (US or non-US citizens) in the Associate of Arts in Performance (Guitar) Program at MI who demonstrates overall outstanding musicianship, and the potential for developing their own individual sound or unique voice on the instrument in the blues genre. Two tickets and VIP backstage “meet and greet” to a future Joe Bonamassa concert (date/time TBD) are also included in the award package.
The deadline to apply for the scholarship is March 1, 2013.

News: Roland Windows 8 USB drivers

For those of you crazy enough to go windows 8... nice to see they changed the USB interface too.


Los Angeles, CA, November 2, 2012 — Roland Corporation U.S. is pleased to announce that new Windows® 8 USB drivers are available for a whole range of Roland products including audio interfaces, MIDI interfaces, MIDI keyboard controllers and more. Drivers for Roland’s extensive range of gear are released in concert with operating system updates. This gives musicians the immediate access they need to keep their creative visions flowing through Roland’s leading electronic musical products.

Roland understands the importance of keeping pace with technology, and by forging strong links with Microsoft and Apple, engineering teams are able to build and test new drivers alongside beta OS releases. Starting with the original MPU-40 in 1984, Roland has nearly thirty years of experience creating interfaces for computer music applications and continues to elevate the musical possibilities for musicians all over the world.

New 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows 8 drivers are available for these Roland products.

Audio Interface: 

MIDI Interface: 
MIDI Keyboard Controller: 
A-PRO series

MIDI Sound Module: 

Please visit to download all available Windows 8 USB drivers.

Michael Schenker: Temple of Rock and UK tour dates

inakustik is pleased to announce the December 3rd release of Michael Schenker’s “Temple of Rock: Live in Europe” that will be released on CD, DVD, Blu-ray and as a Limited Deluxe Edition containing all 3 formats. This essential live rock’n’roll release includes songs performed live in Tilburg, The Netherlands in May 2012, and at London’s High Voltage Festival in 2011.

Read about Schenker’s April 2013 UK Tour.

Schenker sees his music as a building block in the construction of the Temple Of Rock. "The Temple is almost finished," explains Michael. “The foundation was laid in the 60s by Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath. The walls were then built by UFO and others in the 70s. By the 80s it was further reinforced by the likes of the Scorpions, and many more influential rock bands.”

The Tilburg gig,  recorded May 2012, features Schenker (lead guitar), Doogie White (vocals), Herman Rarebell (drums), Francis Buchholz (bass) and Wayne Findley (rhythm guitar, keyboards). London's 2011 High Voltage Festival features Michael Voss (vocals), Rudolf Schenker (The Scorpions) who plays rhythm guitar on “Rock You Like a Hurricane”, “Hanging On” and “Doctor Doctor”, UFO’s Pete Way who plays bass guitar on “Doctor Doctor”, and vocalists Jeff Scott Soto (ex-Journey) and Doogie White, who both sing on “Doctor Doctor”.

Live In Tilburg – Track Listing
1.      Into The Arena
2.      Armed And Ready
3.      Lovedrive
4.      Another Piece Of Meat
5.      Hanging On
6.      Cry For The Nations
7.      Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
8.      Coast To Coast
9.      Assault Attack
10.  Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead
11.  Lights Out
12.  On And On
13.  Let It Roll
14.  Shoot Shoot
15.  Rock You Like A Hurricane
16.  Rock Bottom
17.  Holiday
18.  Blackout
19.  Doctor Doctor

Live At High Voltage - Track Listing
1.      Armed And Ready
2.      Another Piece Of Meat
3.      Rock You Like A Hurricane (ft. Rudolph Schenker)
4.      Hanging On (ft. Rudolph Schenker)
5.      Doctor Doctor (ft. Rudolph Schenker)

Richard Lainegard: Strandberg Guitars Varberg Playthrough

Ola Strandberg, maker and genius behind the Strandberg guitars, Boden (by Strictly 7) and now the Varberg, visited me today in Umeå. We took the opportunity to shoot a short demo/playthrough of the Varberg model.

Crazy good guitar, that sounds and plays great. This particular one was setup with 0.09's, so a bit slinky for me, being a heavy handed 11's kinda guy =) But here it is anyways =)

Strandberg Guitars Varberg Demo Playthrough