News: Knaggs Black Friday Giveaway 2013

Guitar Connoisseur

KNAGGS BLACK FRIDAY GIVEAWAY 2013 - Here is your task for the week PICKUPS!

The people have spoken and we will be giving away the Kenai in Hickory burst. So what kind of pickups would you like?

Lindy Fralin Pafs or Seymour Duncan Seth lovers?

Please email your answers to enter.

Here is how to enter:

1. Must "Like" Knaggs and Guitar connoisseur pages

2. Must send an email to "" with the answer to our task

3. Refer a friend and increase your chances to win. Simply give us your friends name, upon verification they have "liked" both pages, you will be entered for once for each person you refer.

4. Entering the giveaway will automatically enter you into our newsletter.

5. One entry per week unless (multiple entries are only applicable with the "refer a friend"). Multiple emails by the same person will be disqualified. — with Seymour Duncan.