Sunday, 17 February 2013

Sarah Longfield: Randall Amplifiers NAMM 2013

Sarah Longfield in one of her killer performances at NAMM 2013 with her Strandberg Boden8.

Randall Amplifiers Winter NAMM 2013 - Sarah Longfield

Richie Kotzen: Telecaster Signature Guitar interview NAMM 2013

Hi guys,

I was very lucky to see Richie Kotzen's interview about Fender telecaster Richie Kotzen's signature model at Fender booth. It was about to close for the day, I went to Fender booth and found him unexpectedly. After the interview, I asked him to take a picture and he did it for me. I went to his concert many times and know how great guitar player and singer he is. I think I can't sleep tonight due to excitement about talking to Mr.Richie Kotzen and taking a picture with him. He's going to publish new album soon. I've got to buy his album and go to concert to see him playing in person. He's so so amazing guitar player and singer. If you guys have a chance to see him playing and singing in person. you must go to see him.
Please enjoy the video about his explanation of his Fender Telecaster signature model.

Fender - Richie Kotzen's Telecaster Signature Guitar interview at Namm Show 2013!!!

Sarah Longfield: Strandberg guitars NAMM 2013
Sarah Longfield writes/records/produces all of her own music in her basement! and

Sarah Longfield is one of the best of the new and upcoming female guitar players on the planet right now.

My apologies to Sarah for the sound quality, it was much better to my ears than it was to the camera microphone.

Sarah Longfield: Strandberg guitars NAMM 2013 part 1

I was so stoked watching Sarah Longfield play, she really kicked ass. I was filming the show with my left hand and taking DSLR photos with the other.

Sarah Longfield: Strandberg guitars NAMM 2013 part 2

Buy Sarahs albums

Sarah Longfield: Myriad by The Fine Constant

Mike Campese: demos from NAMM 2013

Here is a performance demo of Mike Campese playing his tune "Shred Machine" at NAMM 2013 at the Sonoma Wire Works booth. For more info visit

Mike Campese Performance Demo for Sonoma Wire Works@Namm 2013

NAMM 2013 - Mike Campese Shredding

German Schauss: Beethoven's Symphony No 5

German Schauss performs an original arrangement of L. v. Beethoven's Symphony #5 specifically arranged for Shred/ Rock Guitar.

Find out more about this and many other shred guitar arrangements under:

Please visit for more info.

Thanks for watching and keep on shredding!

German Schauss performs Beethoven's Symphony No 5

Xander Demos: Guitarcadia interviews Xander Demos!

Xander Demos' guitar stylings remind me of the 1980s.

In that era, I was a newspaper rock critic, listening to hour upon hour of heavy metal guitar solos and hair nation bands. And I liked it!

So hearing his work took me back to what was, for me, a simpler time of cueing up a record album or cassette and sitting back with nothing better to do than listen to some wango tango grooves and blazing hot licks.

And yes, we actually talked like that.

Those were fun days when I didn't need to multitask or always use my time wisely. So I appreciate a good turn down memory lane.

But this young man, Xander Demos, is not a nostalgia act; he's a working musician, straight out of Pittsburgh, playing in not one but three different bands: the Xander Demos Band, Into The Arena, and Sabbath Judas Sabbath.

Okay, the last is a Black Sabbath/Judas Priest cover band, so maybe there is a little nostalgia at work here, but you get the idea.

I invited Xander to join us tonight to play a few tunes and talk about life as a working musician at the start of the twenty-first century.

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Shred this! It's the Guitarcadia show with Xander Demos! (Interview)

pARTyzant: the incredible two handed tapping and slide create Whistling guitar
It's my guitar version of the theme "Colonel Bogey March" ( from the movie : " Bridge on the River Kwai " ) composed by Mitch Miller. You can hear combination of two guitar techniques : tapping and slide. Enjoy it ;)

Whistling guitar by pARTyzant ( Bridge on the River Kwai - Colonel Bogey March )

Drums: my son - Miki Toczko ;)
I love Jimi Hendrix . He's my great inspiration."Little Wing" is one of my favourities songs...
Special thanx to :
Jerzy Szymański, Mariusz Ziemba , Marek Kolasa, Tomek Wrona , Sławek Kowalik

Little Wing by pARTyzant

Stefan Joubert: Ode to Yngwie Malmsteen - piano guitar

2 Tapping guitars... One clean - one distorted. ONLINE GUITAR LESSONS WITH ME:

Ode to Yngwie Malmsteen - Stefan Joubert

Chris Brooks: a little mood music - the reason why you'd want Skype lessons

** Skype lessons: ** Spending some more time with the coil-tapping on the Emerson pickups of my new TMG axe is just bliss! It's so easy to dial in the CB tone and the notes really sing out and I just have to stay out of the way! I'm going to want to put Mitch's pickups in everything I own - aMaZeD. Sorry no HD on this vid. I grabbed my old camera between students to capture the vibe. Selah Featherdrive switched ON - as it should be, just through my 25w solid state teaching amp. for personal or skype lessons.

Chris Brooks - a little mood music, new guitar vid

Chris Brooks - Skype Guitar Lessons