Danny Gill: earn to Play ZZ Top Vol. 2

Hot on the heels of the first ZZ Top album in nine years, La Futura, LickLibrary brings you Learn to Play ZZ Top Vol. 2 (RRP £24.99). This new double DVD set contains over two hours of guitar lessons featuring five classic ZZ Top tracks.

Walking you through each track, note for note, is sought after guitar teacher Danny Gill. He will show you how to get that offbeat shuffle in Jesus Just Left Chicago, explain the synth-lined glide and catchy riff of Legs and demonstrate why Billy Gibbons is the guitar tone master with Waitin For The Bus. Also featured in this guitar lesson DVD are Cheap Sunglasses, which captures many of the sounds and beats that ZZ Top are famous for and the explosive Beer Drinkers And Hell Raisers.

With the help of Danny and this double DVD set you will soon learn not only the secrets about playing the unmistakable ZZ Top sound, but you’ll also learn the guitar techniques to play these songs including minor & major pentatonic scales, double stops, hybrid and alternate picking styles, unison bends, pull off and pinch harmonics. By following the guitar lessons, and with practice, you will soon be rocking the blues like Jimi Hendrix’s favourite guitarist!

Commenting on the DVD Danny says ‘Billy Gibbons seem to always play the right note at the right time and never seems to hurry, he just finds the groove and sits the guitar parts of any song in with the rest of the band.’ This DVD of guitar lesson is a must for those who want to nail vital roadhouse blues in the style of Billy Gibbons and ZZ Top. Get it, and other ZZ Top tuition material from