Jan Laurenz: Ortega baritone ukulele

Jan Laurenz impro on baritone ukulele
As total uke addict i found this cheap Ortega baritone wich sounds cool and looks cute:)
I use a high string as lowest string,wich may not be the usual choice for the baritone...
i use just a simple classical guitar string.
with a regular "low" D string to me the "magic" of the ukulele would get lost and at that point i could just play a regular guitar without the last two low strings..."just my opinion"
This uke has a passive built in pickup wich is good enough for me....
i sent it trough a line6 Pod live XT wich i used to use for metal/trash metal,but on that particular preset the uke feelt good...with a little delay added.........
the annoying hum in the recording is done to my house wich is very old and has "ground" problems....well always better than "roof" problems
Hope you enjoy anyways...cheers:)