Friday, 22 February 2013

Tom Quayle: new web site + free content

Tom Quayle:  My new website is finally up and running - lots of new content and changes to be uploaded over the coming months. This has been a TON of work and is the first website I've ever made myself completely from scratch so please be kind! ;-) Hope you all enjoy it. You may need to refresh your browsers or reboot on a mac if it still shows the old site.

Just added some backing tracks to the new site. Lots more to come.

Marc Guillermont: OK Now 1 and 2

Marc Guillermont band playing live

OK Now

OK Now 2

Mattias Ia Eklundh: Fronts up the Fuzz

Mattias Ia Eklundh

Tra-la-lalalala :)
Friday ego boost grande. (Brand new issue of Fuzz magazine, the leading guitar publication in Scandinavia).

Chris Brooks: Arpeggio Alchemy #3 Rock / Fusion

Chris Brooks - Arpeggio Alchemy #3 Rock / Fusion lick
Arpeggio Alchemy #3 is here! I used this one myself recently to work out some knots when combining arps and legato lines. The like/share target has now been reached so you can get the transcription at

The chords underneath are Bm and E, and I used fragments of Bm, D major, and Bm9 arpeggios interlaced with some E mixolydian and some chromatic passing tones, all of which you'll see on the transcription.

Thanks to Taylor McGrath Guitars for my brand new signature guitar, and to Selah Effects for the mighty Featherdrive pedal!

Keith Whalen: Extended Arpeggios

Hey guys,
Some more arpeggios for you! What else is new?

I'm usually looking for a theme when I play guitar and decide to upload licks. This time it is once again wide ranging arpeggios, but the twist is that they involve very independent fingerings. I played these for a Facebook video I once uploaded and I had to go back and explore the tab... what a challenge playing your own creations can be sometimes. These gave me a good workout and they can be pretty painful to fret. Always warm up before doing any crazy stretching! I will blog the tabs!
Keith Whalen - Extended Arpeggios

Keith Whalen - Legato Economy

Roma Ivakov: Chamber of Solace - sizzling super solo!

This is Chamber of Solace
The colours really bring out the softness of the music.  Roma Ivakov has been playing guitar since the age of 8, delving into artists such as Status Quo, Deep Purple, Ritchie Blackmore, and eventually Metallica. 
Once he turned 14, he moved onto Dream Theater, Liquid Tension, Nevermore. Towards the end of his teens, he began to submerge deeper into super heavy music, such as Dimmu Borgir, Adagio, Lamb of God, and eventually Meshuggah. He has released 2 full length albums

This album was inspired by the cosmic balance of forces that act upon the universe, and humanity's involvement in it. Musically, influences range from Meshuggah to Dream Theater, along with funk / jazz / groove / ambient elements.

Roma Ivakov: Alpha & Omega

Brice Delage: percussive guitar

Leonardo Guzman: 8 live4guitar Guitar Contest

Nice soloing again from the talented Leonardo Guzman

Leonardo Guzman 8 live4guitar Guitar Contest

Live4Guitar 8 competition

Francisco Castro: The Rapture - shred guitar!

Shred is the term used for the style of playing guitar with emphasis on speed and technique. Consists mainly in constant use techniques of fast picking, slurs (hammer on / pull off), sweep picking and tapping. The techniques are used in order to increase the speed limit and to tap fast times, from 150 to over 240bpm.

The Rapture - Chic√£o Shred Guitar

Gretchen Menn: New Interview on Pure Guitar

Gretchen Menn - photo Max Crace
Max Crace
The second issue of Pure Guitar magazine is out. Featuring the amazing Gretchen Menn on the cover and with some great feature stories and interviews including a Stevie Ray Vaughan gallery by Tracy Anne Hart. Check it out at — with Gretchen Menn.

So what are you working on at the moment?At the moment I’ve been actually doing quite a bit of writing. I’m working on my next album and very excited about that. So a lot of my music time has been devoted to writing. And I’m also working on some new techniques, trying to constantly push my technical abilities as well. It involves a bit of maintenance and also not just maintenance, but I don’t see myself as, “Okay, here I am, that’s all I need to know.” I feel like I’m a musical infant and a constant student of the instrument, so I always like to learn new things.
When do you see the new album coming out?The goal is next year, 2013. Quite a bit of it is written, and it seems the more I write, the quicker things come together. So the goal is to have in out in 2013.

Fading by Gretchen Menn

Allan Holdsworth: MoonJune will be releasing Flat Tire

Allan Holdsworth

(from Nardini) ==> While Allan is working on his new album, MoonJune will be releasing in late March "FLAT TIRE".

Hassan Hajdi: new album Gilded Cage - the teaser

Teaser album "Gilded Cage"...

Teaser Hassan Hajdi...