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Lewis Cannon: Shred Fusion Lick Lesson

Here's a lick I've seen all the top dog fusion players using in there speedy pentatonics. Thought I would break it down. 3 note per string, but you can also add a tap 2 frets above the lick, on each string to add even more chaos.
Check out the site for the tab
"The Fusion Lick" shred guitar lesson

German Schauss: The Total Shred Guitarist - promo

The Total Shred Guitarist is an exciting journey through the world of heavy metal guitar playing. Author and master shredder German Schauss provides a step-by-step approach to shred guitar that makes it easy to understand, proving that it's not rocket science. You just need some basic tools, some basic theory, and a lot of practice! Through simple chromatic patterns and warm-up exercises, you'll develop finger independence, conditioning, and speed. Learn patterns and sequences in a variety of scales, while developing technical fluency in alternate picking, tapping, multi-finger tapping, sweep picking, string skipping, and more. This book is for guitarists of all genres who are ready to break through the limitations of their technique and start shredding like they have always imagined. The included CD features backing tracks so you can hone your soloing skills and develop your own unique sound and style. The DVD brings the book alive and features German Schauss demonstrating lessons and techniques.
The Total Shred Guitarist - German Schauss

Shredding Bach - German Schauss

Joe Satriani,Marco Minnemann,Bryan Beller: The Artistocrats join the king of guitar

"After returning home from the last of three incredible G3 tours, I got down to writing music for a new solo record. A very prolific and cathartic two months followed resulting in a bundle of new music I was very excited to get recorded.

"With 16 of the songs selected for the project, all heading in different directions and touching on a variety of musical influences, I realized I needed to assemble a new studio band. The idea was to crank up the energy level of the sessions, and allow for more individual expression of the material, from each player. I pulled into Skywalker Sound with Mike Keneally on keyboards, Chris Chaney on bass and Vinnie Colaiuta on drums. The chemistry between these awesome players was fantastic, and we blazed through all the tracks with everyone laying down amazing performances.

"The new record will be called 'Unstoppable Momentum' and should see a release date of May 7th. I'm not sure how many songs will make it to the final sequence as I still have a lot of work ahead of me in that department.

"As you can see from the tour page [on my official web site], we are gearing up to bring the new music on tour starting in mid-May and continuing through 2013. My touring band will consist of Mike Keneally on keys and guitar, Bryan Beller on bass, and Marco Minnemann on drums. I'm so excited about tearing it up on stage with this new band! See you out there on tour..."


Mike Kenea​lly: Jam Play Podcast

The JamPlay Podcast is back with the 16th episode, and this one is a doozy. "The Guys" sit down with Mike Keneally, legendary guitarist and pianist best known for his work with Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Frank Zappa. They talk about Mike's time with these particular artists, Dethklok, filming lessons and teaching, his solo career, elitism in music, why pop isn't "garbage" and more. This podcast is a must listen as Mike is the real deal; a true professional with decades of experience, a brilliant mind and a wonderful person.

Click here to listen:

JamPlay Podcast with Mike Keneally (AUDIO ONLY!)

Glen Drover: Jam Play interview and podcast

JamPlay.Com welcomes Glen Drover, former guitarist for Megadeth and Testament. Check out his Metal and Speed lessons here at
Glen Drover Interview

Let the trumpets sound, for the JamPlay Podcast has returned. In this episode "The Guys" sit down with Glen Drover, former guitarist for Megadeth and Testament. Glen talks about his time in Megadeth, how he learned the guitar, his inspiration, why he prefers CDs to vinyl and his astonishing solo career. Metalheads and guitar virtuosos, this podcast is for you!

If you would like to download the MP3, click below :

Lessons from Glen Drover will be appearing on soon!
JamPlay Podcast - Glen Drover (AUDIO ONLY)!

JamPlay Podcast - Glen Drover (AUDIO ONLY)!

Russ Parrish: Steel Panther - recording new album

Steel Panther have entered the studio to begin recording their third full-length album for a late 2013 release. Drummer Stix Zadinia has completed tracking his drums for the as-yet-untitled CD, and according to a series of tweets from Zadinia, rhythm guitars are also done, with bassist Lexxi Foxxx next in line to lay down his parts.

Wayne Krantz: Unconventional Blues - Jeff Beck

The following content is related to the March 2013 issue of Guitar World. For the full range of interviews, features, tabs and more, pick up the new issue on newsstands now, or in our online store:

I wrote the song "Jeff Beck" with the intention of submitting it to Jeff Beck for inclusion on an album of his. The song didn't make it onto the record, unfortunately, so I recorded it myself for the 2009 Krantz Carlock Lefebvre album.

I used Beck's name as the title because it was inspired by his style of blues playing. He has such a distinct way of expressing pure individualism within many different variants of the blues form, retaining the integrity of the idiom while, at times, going about as far out as anyone could imagine. Likewise, this tune is an abstraction of the blues, because I allow my ear to follow whatever it's attracted to.

If I hear one of those weird open-string chords that is undefined, harmonically speaking, it adds balance to the "muscle" of the tune, which is provided by the unison figures played together by guitar and bass. There are hard-edged groove elements that are blended with open-ended suspended chords, and that type of mix is really attractive to me. This also fits into my musical impression of Beck, who plays a lot of stuff that is outside the standard vocabulary but often does so within the context of straight-ahead blues and rock.

All that Jazz w/ Wayne Krantz - March 2013 - Unconventional Blues & How to Play "Jeff Beck"

Nikola Kolar: Live4guitar 8th Competition

Hi guys here's my new video :) This is my take on live 4 guitar competition backing track. I'm 19 years old and play guitar since I was born haha :) Love ya all !!!
If you wanna know, I play ZS guitars (Zoran Simić)

Nikola Kolar

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Nikola Kolar - Live4guitar 8th Competition

Live4Guitar 8 competition

Allan Holdsworth: talks Carvin HH series signature guitars

Allan Holdsworth talks about his HH series headless signature guitars.

Carvin Allan Holdsworth- talks about his HH series signature guitars

Ricardo Marins: Bogner Goldfinger90 - awesome tones

Steely Dan/Walter Becker-vibe, in-between positions, Gni Compressor, M9 Tape Echo...

Fender Tweed-amp tone??? Better...

Fender Custom Shop Strat, SM-57 on-axis, M-box mini, Pro-tools...

Bogner Goldfinger90-Ricardo Marins-Strat Alfa Channel-Take 1

Bogner Goldfinger90 - Ricardo Marins - OmegaChannel Jam - Part 1

William Stravato:Stravato-Anselmi - Burn

The Stravato-Anselmi combination with a cover of Burn

Stravato-Anselmi with Afterburner -BURN

Daniele Liverani: Meteor - tribute to Jason Becker

Daniele Liverani - Meteor (my tribute to JASON BECKER)

Daniele Liverani - Meteor (my tribute to JASON BECKER)

Kermheat: one double neck and one pony!

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Kermheat Plays on ibanez Guitars and Elixir Strings at N.A.S.A:
and my feet are on :

live At "festival de la guitare" Issoudun 3 nov 2012.

Mark Claytor: Songs from the new uprising album

Song from my soon to be released cd "Uprising" © 2012 Mark Claytor © 2012 Sumthinfierce videos. My thanks to Curtis Wray and Sumthinfierce Records for putting this together for me.

Distant And Deadly



Buy the album

Mark Claytor: Uprising

Jean Paul Agnesod: Blues Ballad with Ten Hands After Band

Jean Paul Agnesod - Blues Ballad , impro and shred guitar with Ten Hands After Band - Saint Vincent 2013
Chitarra Jean Paul Agnesod chitarra voce Alessandro De Santis Tastiera Roberto Mazzanti Basso Cisco Betteria Danilo Fedele

Setup : strato, DS1 boss come dist fuzz, . SD 1 clean boost, marshall amp

Jean Paul Agnesod - Blues Ballad with Ten Hands After Band - Saint Vincent 2013

Stéphan Forté: demos his Lâg SF1000 signature model NAMM

Check out some seriously face-melting guitar solos from Stéphan Forté's 2013 NAMM performance at the Lâg booth! In this video, he uses his Lâg SF1000 Stéphan Forté signature model 7-string guitar.

For more about Lâg, head over to

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Stéphan Forté demos his Lâg SF1000 signature model 7-string guitar at Winter NAMM 2013

Mark Holcomb: Periphery: Artist Riff

Mark Holcomb - Periphery: Artist Riff (Make Total Destroy) - TABS, TEXT, AUDIO, VIDEO. Mark Holcomb of Periphery breaks down the 2nd verse riff from 'Make Total Destroy,' the first single off Periphery II: This Time It's Personal. Head over to Guitar Messenger for the full feature!

Lee Wrathe: Boss TE-2 Tera Echo, MO-2 Multi Overtone and DA-2 Adaptive Distortion pedal

Boss TE-2 Tera Echo, MO-2 Multi Overtone and DA-2 Adaptive Distortion pedal demo
Guitarist Lee Wrathe demonstrates some of the lead sounds that you can achieve by using the MO-2 Multi Octave and DA-2 Adaptive Distortion together. Lee tweaks the balance on the MO-2 pedal whilst playing to increase and decrease the amount of effect the MO-2 has on the sound characteristics.

Learn more about the MO-2 Multi Octave pedal:

DA-2 Adaptive Distortion:

Check out Lee Wrathe's YouTube channel:

Yiannis Papadopoulos: 8th live4guitar Guitar Competition

For lessons with me visit: or drop me a

Hello guys!!
This is my take for the 8th Live 4 Guitar Competition!For this video I used a PRS custom 24, my signature preamp and poweramp models by Tsakalis (Obsession and Perfection respectively) TC Electronic G force and a Mesa Boogie 1x12 mini rectifier Cabinet.Please share rate and comment!!

I hope you like it!

Official site:
Facebook Page:

PRS Guitars:
Mesa Boogie Amplification:
Wampler Pedals:
Spectraflex Cables:
Picato strings:

Enjoy and thanks for watching!!

Live4Guitar 8 competition

Dean Murphy: Breaking Bones as the Creature Grows - progressive guitar original

Dean Murphy: This was intended to be an iodine sky song i wrote awhile back but in all honesty idk what going on with it but i LOVE this song so i did this video, hope you enjoy, don't forget to subscribe and like me on facebook. also i apologize but the name of the song is the title of the video not the title IN the video... but im not rendering this thing a 3rd time

Dean Murphy - Breaking Bones as the Creature Grows

Yoshimitsu Murayama: Green Dolphin Street

Monthly, LIVE by Yoshimitsu trio MURAYAMA Invitation Live g Murayama has been conducted by Namba [Music] raft. Notice next time. 
★ March 08, 2013 (Fri) 20:00 Namba - [Music] raft 
MURAYAMA Invitation Live Vol.11 
Yoshimitsu Murayama g Http://Murayaman.Blog72.Fc2.Com/ 
Jin Kei Miyagami b Http://Miyagamish.Exblog . jp / 
people Nakano d圭Http://Keito313.Exblog.Jp/ 

B, Takashi Hashimoto, Y. Wan Fai current ds g Yoshimitsu Murayama 10 On Green Dolphin Street

Dhalif Ali: tinkling the ivories

by dhalif
killing time with piano at work

Miroslav Mirosavljev: Coffee Break Groove

Daily Solo - Coffee Break Groove in E minor (No. 47, guitar)
One day - one solo!

Backing track by

Played by MICKYLEE.

Animation by Emanuela Bulatovic
official homepage:

Daily Solo - Funky Blues in E (No. 46, guitar)

Tom Quayle: Testing out 'Midi Guitar' Software

Testing out 'Midi Guitar' Software for HD Video lessons with me.

Hey guys,

I'm testing out this incredible piece of software that I'll be reviewing soon and wanted to show it to you guys. It's called 'Midi Guitar' and is made by Jam Origin.
The guitar is plugged directly into my soundcard (no midi pickup required) and is triggering synths in Logic via software alone. The tracking is fully Polyphonic and way better than any hardware solutions I've come across. I've done nothing to the midi data here - what you're hearing is exactly what I played with no quantizing at all. It even picks up my legato runs almost flawlessly, only missing a few notes here and there. INSANE!

Percy Jones,Neil Citron,Walter Garces: BangTower - Hair of the Dog

BangTower releases new music video featuring Percy Jones, Neil Citron and Walter Garces.

2/23/13 - Los Angeles - Declassified Records is pleased to announce the release of a new music video from the Progressive rock/fusion ensemble “BangTower” entitled “Hair of the Dog. Featuring legendary bassist Percy Jones, who is also known for his work with Brand X a band he formed along with Genesis legend Phil Collins. BangTower also features Grammy Award winning guitarist, engineer and producer Neil Citron and L.A. “Drum Guru” Walter Garces, who also performs with '60s psychedelic marvels “The Electric Prunes”.

The video “single” (unreleased) version of the track “Hair of the Dog” is from the internationally acclaimed BangTower debut, “Casting Shadows” and was filmed during rehearsals in Los Angeles with special guest, LA session musician Gary Crite on keyboards. Editing was completed at Declassified Records by Jon Pomplin, who together with Neil Citron produced the video. “Hair of the Dog” is now available in HD (up to 1080p) and smaller formats on the BangTower and Declassified Records web sites via YouTube.

In addition to ""Hair of the Dog"", the music video of the CD's opening track entitled “BBA” and several videos produced by Marc Rubinstein of “Pig Light Show” are also available for viewing on the “BangTower” YouTube channel.

For more information on BangTower and it’s members visit:
Homepage -
YouTube -
FaceBook –
Twitter –

For information on Declassified Records -

"Hair of the Dog" - BangTower (Single HD)

Vivien Lalu, Virgil Donati, Simone Mularoni: Epic Visions due in March

Vivien Lalu: Dear friends,
My "Epic Visions" CD (soundtracks I did for French Television),  with guests such as Virgil Donati, Martin LeMar, Simone Mularoni, and Mike LePond will be out on march, 7, thru Amazon MP3, iTunes, Google Play, Xbox Music etc.  And mastering for 'Atomic Ark' started! More info about a label when I'll sign something and can tell more. Thanks for your support, patience, have a great week-end =) 

Julia Kosterova,Derek Sherinian,Marco Minnemann: Julia's Springs Of Time EP preview

Preview of Julia's EP, featuring Derek Sherinian (ex-Dream Theater, Planet X, Black Country Communion, Billy Idol) as a special guest on keyboards, Marco Minnemann (The Aristocrats, Paul Gilbert, Steven Wilson) and Brian Tichy (ex-Whitesnake, Foreigner, S.U.N.) on drums and Chris Buck, Michael Devin (Whitesnake) and Rufus Philpot on bass.
Mixed and mastered by Derek Sherinian and Alex Todorov.
(c)(p)2013 Julia Kosterova

Chris Brooks: Selah Effects Featherdrive overdrive pedal

This is my favorite drive right now. A limited run hit the streets in 2012, and when I heard one I bought it on the spot because for me it nails that "blusion" aspect of my tone. The guys will be making them again soon so keep an eye out!

My signal chain is a Fender FSR strat into the Featherdrive into a humble Epiphone Valve Jr. head at bedroom volume, into a Port City OS212 cabinet with Eminence Cannabis Rex speakers, mic'd with a Shure SM57.

I deliberately kept the talk to a minimum because let's face it - it's an overdrive pedal, and most gear videos take too long to get to the playing! When the pedal is reissued soon I will do a longer run through with various guitars and amps for the completists out there.

If you're a manufacturer who'd like your product demonstrated, feel free to drop me a line.

Selah Effects Featherdrive overdrive pedal demo - Chris Brooks Guitar

Martin Miller: Music, BT's and TAB available now!

The Wait Is Over!
Since his introduction to the JTC roster in January 2012, Martin Miller has been one of JTC's most regular contributors. With his consistently inspirational solo examples as well as superbly produced and thought-through backing tracks, it was without a blink of an eye that we wanted to release 'The Other End'. This long-awaited debut album is now available through our JTC Records label and platform. This album shows just how versatile a player Martin is as you are captivated through a near on hour long masterclass of musical styles and hi-end production. Through JTC you can now become Martin as you learn to play his incredible lead parts over the official backing tracks of his album.

Just want the music? No problem, click here.
Just want the backings and TAB? Sure, click here.
Want the album, backings and TAB? Of course!! Click here.

This album is many years in the making and well worth the wait. It is sure to be one of the biggest instrumental releases of this year, so grab your copy right now!

Alex Hutchings: Roland GR-55 and Boss RC-300

Alex Hutchings demonstrates the potential of using the Roland GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer and Boss RC-300 Loop Station together. The GR-55 can act as the Audio and MIDI interface so apart from having a huge selection of built in sounds on the pedal, Alex also triggers soft synth patches straight from the computer. more

Alex Hutchings - Roland GR-55 guitar synth linked to a computer and Boss RC-300

Dan Mumm: You Rock midi Guitar

The YRG is to guitarists as the keyboard is to piano players;”

Finally a way for experienced and beginner guitarists to access all those awesome instrument sounds and synths at a very affordable price. This is the first mass produced digital/MIDI guitar on the market today.

Sound On Sound says that this "just might be the MIDI guitar controller you've always wanted",  and they road tested it extensively.  Mentioned in Guitar Player Magazine, New York Times Business section by David Pogue and other noted publications, the YRG continues to break new ground!

Mentioned at the MMA's 30th Anniversary of MIDI at NAMM 2013 by a very esteemed panel of guests as a MIDI controller solution for guitarists

The YRG is connected!   Mobile!   MAC, PC, iPad, iPod, MP3, Amplifier, Earphones

Versatile! Apps, Recording Software, Tablature, Notation!

Just google You Rock Guitar and see what you find!  Here are some links that may be of interest to you.

Dweezil Zappa: will be performing in a comedy show called UnCabaret

Dweezil Zappa:

Hello Everyone,
Just a quick note to let you know that I am performing in a comedy show called UnCabaret tomorrow night in Los Angeles. I will be narrating a true story comprised of recent events that have taken place. They are quite absurd and worth sharing.

Also on the show will be:
Moon Zappa
Diva Zappa
Greg Behrendt
Rebecca Corry
Drew Droege

Facebook Event

Mike Philippov: How To Make Faster Progress From Practicing Guitar Exercises

How To Make Faster Progress From Practicing Guitar Exercises
One of the things that most guitar players have in common is having access to a virtually infinite number of guitar playing exercises at their fingertips. Unfortunately as most soon find out, “guitar exercises” in and of themselves do not guarantee (or produce) massive progress in your musical skills. This is one of the reasons why it is so common for many people to spend a lot of time practicing guitar every day and yet only see minimal (if any) improvement in their guitar playing abilities.

Ironically, most people who share this problem try to deal with it by taking a totally wrong approach. By believing that their slow progress on guitar is due to poor exercise selection, they begin to search for even more new guitar learning materials. However, because little or no effort is put into learning the best way to actually practice these exercises, the practice time spent on them brings zero results.

The reality is that instead of constantly seeking to discover additional new exercises, you should learn how to get the most from the guitar materials you ALREADY have (which, if you have played guitar for any length of time, is “more than enough”). When you learn how to maximize the improvement in your guitar playing from working only on a single practice item, several things will happen:

1. You will progress more quickly due to not having to practice so many guitar exercises to get to the next level in your playing.
2. When you truly need to, you will know exactly how to create your own exercises to address the exact issues you need to solve in your guitar playing.

The Exercises You Work On Mean Nothing Unless You Understand HOW To Practice Them
When you practice guitar, you must be able to clearly explain (at least to yourself) the reasons why you are working on a particular practice item at any given time. Being able to give such an explanation helps to keep your practicing directed in a specific path, instead of letting it become a random and unfocused waste of time.

To explain more clearly what I mean, consider a very common example of practicing scales on guitar (something that all guitar players have done at one point or another). Although virtually everyone understands that scales are an important item to practice for musicians, few guitar players consciously know how to direct their practicing of scales to help them improve the following specific areas of their musicianship:

1. Learning to play guitar fast
2. Learning to improvise guitar solos (or improving their ability to do so)
3. Visualizing the guitar neck completely
4. Expanding their creativity in music

A specific list of actions is needed to help you achieve each of the above objectives. To make that happen, your mind needs to act as a compass to direct your hands to take the appropriate steps during each practice session dedicated to scales. When doing this, it is necessary to set specific miniature objectives for every individual practice session. To avoid any misunderstanding, these “miniature objectives” are NOT the same thing as the big, long-term vision you want to reach as a guitar player (several years from now). Instead (as described above), they are similar to a map and a compass that tells you exactly how to move (what actions to take) to reach a very small specific goal. When you become comfortable doing this, you will see that it is very possible to get better in many elements of your musicianship with only one guitar practice item.

However since most guitar players do not have this mindset while practicing, their practice sessions often turn into little more than a mindless list of items to play through, with no understanding of how each exercise is (or should be) bringing them closer to their goals. This alone accounts for a huge portion of the reason why most musicians never realize their guitar playing potential.

Most people struggle with naturally being able to create highly specific miniature objectives on their own each time they practice, and this is one of the reasons why a “good” guitar teacher is so helpful in helping you to make more progress faster. However, even if you are learning to play guitar by teaching yourself, you will still grow your musical skills more quickly simply by making the attempt to focus in this way when designing your guitar practice routines.

To help you do this, I am going to list a few specific ways in which practicing scales (continuing to use the same example) can help you to grow in many areas of guitar playing. As you have learned above, you can easily do this by directing your mind to concentrate on a very specific miniature objective each time you practice guitar.

How Practicing Scales On Guitar Improves Your Technique
When you work on scales with the goal of improving your guitar technique, it is important to focus on very specific elements that make such an improvement in your technique possible: economy of motion, tension control, 2 hand coordination and articulation of the pick. To see a live demonstration of this, study this free guitar picking technique lesson on video. Notice the important difference between practicing scales while concentrating on specific elements of your guitar technique vs. monotonous repetition of finger motions that most guitarists go through. It is this difference that allows the mind to tell your hands what to do in order to learn to play guitar at a higher level.

How Practicing Scales On Guitar Makes You Better At Improvising
When it comes to improvising, playing scales on guitar is obviously only one of many elements that needs to be practiced, however in order to improvise freely and creatively, you MUST go through the process of becoming accurate at playing the scales needed for your musical style. One practice method to achieve this goal requires you to work on mastering each shape of a particular scale individually by improvising ONLY in that scale shape over a backing track (while switching to a different shape of the same scale every few minutes). There are many more possible ways of using scales to grow as an improviser (I address them all in my video eCourse on the topic of scales for electric guitar), but the idea is to illustrate how your attention is being directed on a very precise goal (when practicing scales to improve as a soloist) versus working on scales to improve other aspects of your guitar playing.

How Practicing Scales On Guitar Helps You Learn The Guitar Neck Better
When you work on learning the guitar neck with scales, you need to pay more attention to how the scale shapes form visual patterns that occur all over the fretboard. In this case, less attention is needed to be paid to what your hands are doing and all efforts must be directed on memorizing how every scale pattern will look in your mind before your hands touch the guitar. When you focus in this way, it will be impossible for your fingers to mindlessly go through the motions of practicing and your fretboard visualization skills will have no choice but to improve. If you are unsure of how to do this in your practicing, check out this guitar fretboard memorization video tutorial to get help with this.

How Practicing Scales On Guitar Will Make You A More Creative Musician
One effective way to become a more creative guitar player when practicing scales is to work on coming up with new sequences and phrases from scale shapes that you are practicing. Instead of merely playing the notes of the scale up and down in a boring way, this will require your mind to think in innovative ways that you don’t normally do when doing regular guitar practicing. This is yet another way of how scales can be used to grow a certain element of your musical skills by directing your attention to a very specific mini goal.
Now that you understand more about how to use a single guitar practice exercise to expand your musical skills, it is important to mention 2 other critical points:

1. Of course, in addition to scales you can easily take any guitar exercise in existence and by using some creative thinking you can practice it to improve EVERY aspect of your musicianship.
2. With all of this being said, I do not want you to think that having lots of exercises to practice on guitar is a bad thing. On the contrary, having a variety of guitar practice items can be quite helpful, BUT it is critical to know how to use any single exercise you practice in order to improve MANY different elements of musicianship.

To help you apply the advice from this article, I recommend to break up working on each mini goal in your guitar playing during a different day of the week. As an illustration, you can focus on improving your guitar playing creativity with scales on Wednesday, followed by practicing scales to learn the guitar fretboard on Thursday and so on. This will help you to focus better on each specific objective and improve your guitar playing faster as a result.

Begin applying this method of practicing guitar for each and every exercise you practice and you will shock yourself by how much faster your guitar playing will start to improve. The more you apply this philosophy to your practice sessions, the faster you will achieve the level of guitar playing that you have always dreamed about.

If you haven’t yet checked out the resources mentioned throughout this article, I recommend to do so now:
Video on guitar fretboard memorization
Video eCourse - Scales For Electric Guitar
About the author:
Mike Philippov is a guitar instructional author, professional guitar player and composer. He writes articles about the best ways to practice guitar that are studied by many musicians worldwide. To get more help with becoming a better guitar player, visit his website:

Paul Clark: set for Great British Guitar Show in Birmingham

Paul Clark
I'm going at the Great British Guitar Show in Birmingham on Sunday with Matrix Amplification.
Should be a total blast.
and of course I'll be looking forward to meeting with fellow Axe-FX II / Matrix users

Patrick Rondat,Richard Daudé: Master Class in Nîmes

Richard Daudé:  March 18, 2013 *** 11am - Master Class - Patrick RONDAT *** - ATTENTIONIMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR LAST MINUTE:
The Monday, March 18, 2013 at 11am, we will have the honor and pleasure to welcome PATRICK RONDAT for MASTER CLASS.

Price: 50 € / person or 40 € for students of Guitar Academy!
Take this opportunity inatendue!

Corrado Sgandurra: Geometry of hidden Corners The

The Album Cover

Corrado Sgandurra of Ziua Chitarelor fame has been working hard on his new album. I've heard that this album will be packed full of great guitar and guest players... So what are you waiting for? Have you alredy pre order a copy of Geometry of hidden Corners ? 

Guthrie Govan, Bryan Beller, Marco Minnemann: Aristocrats album and tour details

Hello again - Bryan Beller here as always with the latest Aristocrats news. There's LOTS to tell you about 2013, so let's not waste any time.
First of all, you may (or may not!) have heard that Marco Minnemann and I have been invited to join Joe Satriani's touring band (along with the amazing Mike Keneally on keys), and we'll be touring the U.K. and Europe in May, June and July. We are both extremely honored and excited for the opportunity to tour with one of the true legends of the guitar world. Marco and I are both looking forward to playing with Joe, and for Joe's legions of fans across Europe and the U.K. And let's not forget about Guthrie Govan touring with Steven Wilson this spring and summer as well. So we're all fortunate to be busy doing some very cool projects.

But while we're excited about this new news, we want you, our Aristocratic fans, to know one thing: The Aristocrats are not slowing down at all. In fact, here's the big news in two parts:

* Our second studio album, tentatively titled Culture Clash, is targeted for a July 16 release;

* We will be touring the U.S. for 6 weeks, from mid-July to late August, to support the new album.

Usually we wouldn't announce a tour until it was 100% booked, but given the unique circumstances, we thought it would be cooler to let you know right away about our plans for 2013: New record, new tour, full steam ahead.

Here are the dates as of right now, including cities we're working on booking this very second (obviously subject to change and addition):

7/17 - Nashville TN - Douglas Corner
7/19 - Tampa FL - Brass Mug
7/20 - Orlando FL - TBA
7/21 - Jacksonville FL - 1904 Music Hall
7/23 - Atlanta GA - Atlanta Institute of Music (clinic/performance)
7/24 - Atlanta GA - (venue) TBA
7/25 - Charlotte NC - Tremont Music Hall
7/26 - Norfolk VA - TBA
7/27 - Washington DC - TBA
7/29 - Boston MA - Berklee College of Music (clinic)
7/30 - Boston MA - Berklee Performance Center (concert)
7/31 - Wilkes-Barre PA - TBA
8/1 - New York City NY - TBA
8/2 - Philadelphia PA - North Star Bar
8/3 - Dunellen NJ - New Jersey Proghouse
8/6 - Pittsburgh PA - TBA
8/7 - Cleveland OH - Beachland Tavern
8/8 - Columbus OH - Southgate House Revival
8/9 - Cincinnati OH - Rumba Café
8/10 - Charleston WV - Empty Glass
8/12 - Indianapolis IN - TBA (clinic)
8/13 - Indianapolis IN - Birdy's
8/14 - Chicago IL - Reggie's
8/15 - Madison WI - Brink Lounge
8/16 - Minneapolis MN - TBA
8/17 - Omaha NE - TBA
8/19 - St. Louis MO - 2720 Cherokee
8/20 - Lawrence KS - TBA
8/21 - Tulsa OK - TBA
8/23 - Denton TX - Dan's Silverleaf
8/24 - San Antonio TX - TBA
8/25 - Houston TX - TBA

We're updating the website right now with info as it comes in. Keep checking it and you'll see the latest dates as they confirm.

Guthrie, Marco and I are extremely excited to get this new record out and play the new material across the U.S., especially in some places we've never been as a band before (Florida, Texas, the prairie midwest).

There you have it, the big news. Be sure to Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for more frequent updates. In the meantime, we'll get back to finishing up this new record. :-)

On behalf of Marco and Guthrie, thanks so much from all of us for being on this list and wanting to know what we're up to. Hope to see you out there this year!

Best wishes to all,
The Aristocrats

Jimmy Herring, Michael Landau, Wayne Krantz: The Ringers: Neighborhood Theatre Charlotte 2013


The Ringers: Neighborhood Theatre Charlotte NC 2/20/13 - Jimmy Herring, Michael Landau, Wayne Krantz, Etienne Mbappe, Keith Carlock

Joey Tafolla: Jag Panzer limited edition boxset

Joey Tafolla
Jag Panzer limited edition boxset coming out in April. 4 picture discs and a booklet! I am VERY proud of this. High Roller is doing an AMAZING job with it. — with Harry Conklin, Rick Hilyard, Joey Tafolla, Christian Lasegue, Bob Parduba and Rikard Stjernquist.

Jeff Loomis: North American Infinity Tour dates

Jeff Loomis .
The 'North American Infinity Tour' is coming up very soon on March 12th - You can get tix @ this link:

PJ d'Atri: Well tempered Clavier - BWV 848 and BWV 1053

PJ d'Atri plays J.S.Bach - Prelude from the "Well tempered Clavier" BWV 848

Excerpt from the first movement of the harpsichord concerto BWV 1053.
Just a little warm up, therefore the mistakes... ;-) Enjoy!

Pj d'Atri plays J.S.Bach's harpsichord concerto BWV 1053

Andrew Jay: Perpetual Burn and End of the Beginning in tribute

Andrew Jay: This is an early version of myself playing "Perpetual Burn" by a good friend JASON BECKER..... Jason this is for you

perpetual burn

This is Andrew Jay playing a Jason Becker TRIBUTE for Jason"s song "End of the Beginning"

Andrew Jay: Jason Becker Tribute "End of the Beginning"


Eric Sous: pickin' some country fried chicken

Guitar: Seizi Mosh | Effects: Zoom G3 ( FD VIBRO ) | Camera: Zoom Q3 (HD)

Performance Country by Eric Sous