Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Arron Sealmoy: Jakarta Guitar Festival Video Contest 2013

Jakarta Guitar Festival Video Contest 2013
This is my entry for Jakarta Guitar Festival 2013 Video Contest.
From Philippines :) PLEASE SHARE
Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/arron.sealmoy
Jakarta Guitar Festival Video Contest 2013 - Arron Sealmoy

Dannyjoe Carter: The Collection

Dannyjoe Carter has been a very busy guy of late. He's just started his own record label called "Aletrist Records". Dannyjoe is working on an instructional DVD due later in 2013.

Dannyjoe Carter aslo has a new guitar that he's VERY proud of, DeJayce Guitars https://www.facebook.com/dejayce.guitars

Dannyjoe Carter: The Collection is a collection of tunes that feature a number of different styles and approaches, it will be available from amazon and is available from itunes.

Dannyjoe Carter - The Collection

David Maxim Micic: Destiny Potato peeled and ready

Jolie Swannack Photography 

David Maxim Micic
Well... Destiny Potato album is at Century Media Records hands now. Still waiting to hear their comments!!
Keep your fingers crossed for some tour dates!! :)

Couldn't wait to say this! I'm back to my solo work!!!
"Bilo 3.0" is up next! :D
... live choir, live violins, some mind-blowing names on this release and much more!!

love! ♥

Marco Ferro: awesome version of Jason Becker - Serrana Arpeggios

SP Custom Seven String
Here is a real masterpiece by a great man: Jason Becker. He's a big inspiration for life and music.

Jason Becker - Serrana Arpeggios

Here's a quick arrangement i made to remember my dear Ibanez MTM-2, that now belongs to a friend of mine. I have sold it just because now i needed a 7 string.. anyway... enjoy

Ibanez MTM-2 - Djenty riffs

This my entry for the Mayones Seymour Duncan Competition. Thanks to Keith Merrow for the cool backing track, i hope you enjoy

Marco Ferro - The Mayones Regius Seymour Duncan Competition #MayonesDuncan

Sergio Paganini: Modern Guitar Jam Tracks

Modern Guitar Jam Tracks - Sergio Paganini

Maycown Reichembach,Fernando Pareta,Felipe Staiti: Guitar Experience Fall 2013 Argentina

Guitar Experience Fall 2013 Felipe Staiti is one of the most famous guitarists in South America, guitarist of "The Green Dwarfs". Classics like "Murralla green" and "Lamento Boliviano" are part of their success. With his trio Felipe shows the mix of Frank Zappa, Steve Vai and Richie Blackmore. Maycown Reichembach: Your new album "Awakening the Spirit" had excellent reviews in revistas specialist in 2012. Steve Vai, regarding the rock guitar world said: "Maycown is impressive." Fernando Pareta: is a fine and versatile guitarist, also an original composer, takes elements of rock and blues and merges current through a brilliant imagination and a powerful technique.


Dallton Santos: Led Zeppelin Impossible Jazz Guitar

Dallton Santos
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dallton...
profile http://www.facebook.com/dallton.gtr
Twitter: http://twitter.com/DalltonSantos
Buy music: http://www.dallton.com
Blog :http://www.creativeguitarvideos.com

Stairway to Heaven Solo Cover in Jazz Style - bass by Fernando Molinari
Led Zeppelin (Official Website) http://www.ledzeppelin.com

Davide Montorsi: Floyd Blues!!

Floyd Blues!!
Tryin' to approach this beautiful style...the fake slide style!!! :D

George Marios: in conversation with Andy Mclaughlan

George was kind enough to do this interview when he visited Wishaw Guitar Lessons on Saturday 23rd of February to conduct a masterclass. An outstanding player and a top bloke! Enjoy!



In conversation with....George Marios www.georgemarios.co.uk

Georgi Stanchev: 8th Live4guitar Contest

8th Live4guitar Contest - Georgi Stanchev
Solo Guitar Georgi Stanchev 

Live4Guitar 8 competition

Milan Polak: Tracking Guitars Song

Milan Polak - Tracking Guitars Song #1
Documenting the making of my new album (Camera: Katerina Polak)
Milan Polak - bass
Dennis Leeflang - drums

Please support me by purchasing my music: http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/milan-polak/id23227961?uo=6

Milan Polak's albums are available on iTunes, CDBaby, amazon and guitar9.
For further order links please visit http://www.milanpolak.com/sites/disco.html

Copyright © Milan Polak 2013 All Rights Reserved

Timotheedle: Bach Partita 3 Prelude

it's like 95% percent there. some counting issues and pick slipping here mainly... but still!

Marshall Harrison's transcription btw.

dedicated to my teacher Antonio Malatesta, fucking badass

Nenad Kukic: The Legacy

© 2013. Nenad Kukic

Composed, recorded and produced by Nenad Kukic.

Michel Top: Fuhrmann Punch Box + Analog Echo

Demo Video of Punch Fuhrmann pedals and Analog Echo Box (combined). Log www.fuhrmann.com.br and meet the entire line of pedals. Also visit the site and learn more about www.micheltop.com Michel Top.

Michel Top - Fuhrmann Punch Box + Analog Echo

Carl Roa: Fortin Meathead and Musicman Axis

Guitar Solo Demo to the "G Minor Funk Rock Blues Backing Track" available on my YouTube channel. Great for working on your improv. Gear used - Fortin Meathead, Musicman Axis, Toontrack EX Drummer

Fusion Rock Guitar Solo to Jam Track - Fortin Meathead and Musicman Axis

Rune Berre: Jakarta Guitar Festival Video Contest 2013

Another original style solo from the very interesting Rune Berre

Jakarta Guitar Festival Video Contest 2013-Rune Berre.

Ethan Brosh: ISP New THETA Pedal NAMM

This is a demo for the soon to be released ISP Technologies Theta preamp pedal. Video was taken during winter NAMM 2013 in Anaheim California.

ISP New THETA Pedal Demo by ETHAN BROSH at NAMM 2013 (Guitar Preamp)

Charlie Parra: coming to Jam Track Central

This Friday we introduce another new artist to the JTC exclusive club. Charlie Parra is an internet guitar superstar with a global following. His YouTube channel has had over 33 Million views and it is all down to his infectious good time metal tracks. Come Friday we officially release 3 of these tracks in true JTC way, with the official backings, complete TAB and notation and exclusively filmed live versions of the tracks by Charlie. This is something his fans have been waiting for for a long time!
Kramer 84 + EMG 57 guitar solo! Thanks 190K subs!

Gianluca Ferro: Parallels at Jam track Central

Gianluca Ferro: Parallels at Jam track Central

Introducing Gianluca Ferro and his debut track 'Parallels' at JTC. As soon as we were introduced to Gian by our friends at Truth In Shredding we knew we had to get him onboard our exclusive roster of JTC artists. Gian offers a unique approach to the heavier side of metal with lots of exotic tapping and the use of 7 and 8 string guitars. He adds a great alternative flavour to our metal style jam tracks that will seriously test your playing to the max.

Parallels is a great track that will help teach you a whole host of controlled rhythm sections as well as lots of superbly written tapping solo sections. There are also two nicely constructed solo pieces to work out by using the included video and 11 pages of TAB (which Gianluca created himself )! Plus you also get the official backing track to come up with your own ideas as well. All for just £4.99....another bargain!

*NEW ARTIST* Gianluca Ferro 'Parallels' at Jamtrackcentral.com

Dan Toler: Allman Brothers guitarist passes at 65

Dan Toler, best known for his work with the Allman Brothers, died today in Manatee County, Florida, according to Ticket Sarasota. Toler had been battling ALS – also known as Lou Gehrig's disease – and was unable to play guitar or speak for his last few months. He was 65.

Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/dan-toler-former-allman-brothers-guitarist-dead-at-65-20130225

Ethan Brosh: instrumental playthrough NAMM 2013

From NAMM 2013

http://ethanbrosh.com/  Ethan Brosh is a young guitar player fairly new in the rock scene, yet, already achieved many accomplishments in the industry. Ethan is a graduate of the respected Berklee College of Music and now an occasional faculty member.

Mike Varney's "Magna Carta Records" label had released Ethan's debut instrumental album Out of Oblivion and distributed it to music stores worldwide in 2009. The album also features Mike Mangini (Dream Theater, Extreme, Steve Vai) on drums and guest appearances by George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob), Greg Howe (Michael Jackson), Joe Stump (Holy Hell) and the artwork of Derek Riggs (Iron Maiden). Out of Oblivion was mixed and mastered by Chris Tsangarites (Ozzy, Judas Priest, Yngwie Malmsteen). http://www.ethanbrosh.com/buy.php

Ethan is also the guitar player of the new band ANGELS OF BABYLON along with David Ellefson (Megadeth) and Rhino (Man O' War, Holy Hell). Their debut album, Kingdom of Evil, was released January 29th 2010 on Metal Heaven Records in Europe, May 2010 on Hydrant Records in Japan and on July 29th on BurnHill Union Records in America and the rest of the world.

At the moment Ethan has finished recording both his second solo instrumental record and Angel's of Babylon's second album. The release dates are being figured out at the moment.

Ethan Brosh: instrumental playthrough NAMM 2013

Ben Wilshire: 3 A Minor Rock Licks

www.facebook.com/OfficialBenniWilshire - My Facebook and free tab!

Hi guys, A quick lesson for you here on some licks. Only short but some great licks that you can use in your own playing in any key. Hope you enjoy and more on the way :)


3 A Minor Rock Licks - Lesson With Tab By Ben Wilshire

Max Gorelick: Bernie Rico Jr demo

I just bought this guitar very spontaneously last month from a guitar center in Hollywood, it was the only BRJ there and it had some cosmetic damage but nothing major. I posted it to Facebook, only to find out from Keith Merrow that it used to belong to Wes Hauch from the Faceless! He has good taste.

Hope you enjoy the video as much as I am enjoying this guitar, and can I get a like for artsy bird shots?

Also, I am currently selling my Paul Gilbert Ibanez PGM301 with bareknuckle pickups that I have used in other videos to make room for this piece of perfection in my arsenal, so if anyone is interested, PM me. Thanks!

Bernie Rico Jr. Demo Song! - Max Gorelick

Ewan Dobson: Acoustic Metal - Perfect Eternal

CD, Guitar & Drum Tabs available at http://www.candyrat.com
Visit Ewan Dobson at http://ewandobson.com/
Visit Zach B. at http://www.youtube.com/user/DrumsZack...

The YouTube audio quality is very low compared to the CD audio.

Ewan Dobson feat. Zach B. - "Perfect Eternal" - Acoustic Metal

Sarah Michelle: Stevie Ray Vaughan 'Pride and Joy'

Stevie Ray Vaughan 'Pride and Joy' cover

and a little jam session

Jamming with Positive Grid's JamUp Pro XT Guitar/Bass Multi-FX Processing App and interface. Thanks for watching!:)

Oz Fox: Stryper back with second coming

Frontiers Records recently signed Stryper to a multi-album deal. The first release due out will be a new re-recorded collection; Second Coming will hit streets on March 22nd in Europe and March 26th in North America.

The album features sixteen tracks, including new recordings of fourteen songs from the band’s early years as well as two brand new songs recorded especially for Second Coming, and is produced by Stryper frontman Michael Sweet.

Second Coming tracklisting:

'Loud N’ Clear'
'Loving You'
'Soldiers Under Command'
'Makes Me Wanna Sing'
'First Love'
'The Rock That Makes Me Roll'
'Reach Out'
'To Hell With The Devil'
'Calling On You'
'The Way'
'Sing Along Song'
'More Than A Man'
Bleeding From Inside Out' (new song)
'Blackened' (new song)