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Kenny Serane: exotic wood noodling

Kenny Serane - Noodling 4

Guthrie Govan: demos his new Charvel prototype

In this age of production-line rock stars, there's something really great about meeting a guitarist who defies easy classification. One thing Guthrie Govan isn't, though, for all his frankly astonishing fretboard skills, is a shredder.

Watching Guthrie idly noodle on the guitar is the musical equivalent of watching someone channel-surfing on TV. One moment he's playing face-melting metal; a heartbeat later he's playing warped country licks - then rounding things off with a bar or two of straight jazz - all played with great feel and not a little wry humour.

It's no surprise then that his new Charvel prototype (it's not currently a production model, sadly) is a deceptively versatile design that departs from his first koa Charvel in some important respects. Firstly, it's got a maple-capped basswood body -- moving the game on even further from mahogany guitars Guthrie has favoured in the past.

"Mahogany is great for the barking rock, but it doesn't clean up quite as well as you want it to sometimes," he says.

Meanwhile, the new prototype has custom pickups in an H/S/H configuration made by Michael Frank-Braun, who designed the pickups on the Eric Johnson signature Stratocaster. They're designed for flexibility not out-and-out mayhem, Guthrie explains.

"I just told him I want a certain kind of honesty in the pickups. I want them to reflect all the different ways you can hit a note, which is the opposite of the flattering pickup. I want the pickup to hear every subtlety, even if it's a mistake, and also transmit the natural sound of the wood. They're not ultra-high output."

For the complete lowdown on Guthrie's latest Charvel prototype and an in-depth look at the rest of the gear he relies on - plus insider insights into his forthcoming Aristocrats album - check out our interview in issue 367 of Guitarist on sale 5 April.

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Guthrie Govan demos his new Charvel prototype for Guitarist magazine

Rusty Cooley: new Dean 7 and 8-string NAMM

Only Dean Guitars gives the global guitar community, an all-access ticket to NAMM with a multi-camera, real-time HD webcast. Highlights included a first-hand look at Dean's new 35th anniversary USA custom guitars, footage from the Dean NAMM JAM with performances by Testament, Jackyl, Vinnie Moore and Wayne Static, rock stars, dean girls, live contests, and much more. DEAN TV produced over 20 hours of live NAMM action and so in case you missed it......we are posting it here. Please share it and spread the word that Dean Guitars is THE guitar brand for 2012 and beyond. Thanks!

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RUSTY COOLEY intros his new Dean 7 and 8-string guitars!

News: Happy Birthday to Shreddelicous

Truth In Shredding wishes Shreddelicous a very Happy First Birthday!  Shreddelicious, is one year old today!

155945 Total Pageviews
Yes one year on from the birthday of the web site dedicated to bringing the best of the female guitar planet to you the fans and players of guitar. Thank you for visiting and making this web site popular. The future of female guitar playing and the livelihoods of theses talented individuals depends on the fans of guitar, so your support by the purchasing of albums or attending of concerts is always appreciated. Keep up the good work!

These are the first birthday popular posts!

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Miroslav Mirosavljev: Fusion Jam in Em

One day - one solo!
Backing track by
Played by MICKYLEE.
Animation by Emanuela Bulatovic
official homepage:
Daily Solo - Fusion Jam in Em (No. 52, guitar)

Kiko Loureiro: Modern Music School - Niterói

Event held in Niteroi - RJ on 16/06/2012 by Modern Music School in its auditorium. For more information about the school and numerous other events that have promoted or will promote in future access

Workshop with Kiko Loureiro - Highlights - Modern Music School (Niterói / RJ)

Jake Bowen: Artist Lick - TABS, VIDEO, TEXT, AUDIO. Periphery's Jake Bowen demonstrates and breaks down the second solo of 'Luck As A Constant' off of Periphery II: This Time It's Personal.

Greg Koch: talks PRS Guitars New Models at NAMM

NAMM 2013 • Preview of PRS Guitars' New Models • Wildwood Guitars
Hey music friends! We were able to sneak in early to the PRS room at this year's NAMM 2013 convention in order to bring you a beautiful taste of what's to come! Enjoy!

Greg Koch:

~ Greg Koch ~
Hailing from the frigid wasteland of northern Wisconsin comes a beast the likes of which the world has never known. Greg Koch, a beast of both persona and guitar-mastery, couples his sickeningly magnetic personality with the guitar to create a style of playing that is both completely unique and deplorable at the same time. As a huge fan of the legendary Big Jim Hendricks Greg has taken all that is good and righteous about blues guitar and warped it into a ridiculously fantastic amalgamation of melodic defilement and mind-blowing creativity. Over the years Greg has shared the stage with everyone from Joe Bonamassa to Les Paul himself, never relenting, never ceasing to bring the ruckus.

Rick Graham: Sweep Tapping Arpeggios

7) Rick's Quick but Slick Licks - The Sweep Tapping Arpeggios one
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News: Seymour Duncan TV at Halo Custom Guitars NAMM

Halo Custom Guitars
Seymour Duncan TV stops by the Halo Custom Guitars booth to see what they have been up to.

Steeves Hostin: New album - Khepri

(ENG) We're happy and proud to announce that our very first album "KHEPRI" is recorded. The album is currently being mixed at Sonic Assault Studios par Charles J Wall (BETRAYING THE MARTYRS King Conqueretc...) You'll find the tracklist below, and also the artwork by Laura Gaugler. It will be released later this year, and for now here is the first studio report video !


1 - RISE
6 - ZERO
8 - THE EDGE OF EARTH AND SEA PART 1 - The tears of departures
9 - THE EDGE OF EARTH AND SEA PART 2 - The fear of the journey
10 - THE EDGE OF EARTH AND SEA PART 3 - The bliss of the gathering

Alex Milella,Allen Hinds,Luca Mantovanelli: The Trio of Stridence - Auditur Periculosum new CD

Alex Milella,Allen Hinds,Luca Mantovanelli: The Trio of Stridence

A fresh, aggressive interpretation of instrumental jazz rock music featuring Paul Marangoni, Peter Bakaja, Allen Hinds, Luca Mantovanelli, and Alex Milella. In the summer of 2010 I realized that it had been over five years since our debut, so I figured we were long overdue to start a new Trio project. From that summer up until the record was completed in December of 2012, I moved three times and recorded in five different locations. There were many obstacles along the way, but somehow it all came together. Tracks were recorded in California, USA, and also in Hungary, the United Kingdom, and Italy.

This time around we have a fantastic new bass player named Peter Bakaja, as well as three new guitarists: Allen Hinds, Luca Mantovanelli, and Alex Milella, who each played on several tracks and will surely delight fans of jazz and fusion with their inspired performances.

The record creates a cohesive mood and atmosphere and will sound great blasting in your car, through your monitors, or in your earphones.

The album details
Fusion at it's best
The new trio of stridence cd is all i hoped for! A fine selection of tunes and great performance of all the participating musicians who are giving each tune their own great sound. It makes you want to listen to the music over and over again. Fusion at it's best , what are you waiting won't be disappointed buying this cd.

Auditur Periculosum by The Trio of Stridence

1. Jailbait
2. Havona / Reza
3. Dr. Slump
4. Watermelon in Easter Hay
5. King Kong
6. Unquity Road
7. Topeka
8. Temporary Fault
9. Hell's Bells
10. As Falls Wichita, so Falls Wichita Falls

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Leonardo Guzman: Jakarta Guitar Festival Video Contest 2013

Improvised Take :P

Leonardo Guzman - Jakarta Guitar Festival Video Contest 2013

A love to pieces the simplicity of this pedals, straight to the point, no useless knobs, u got all u need on this hand built pedals, this time am reviewing their first delay pedal, clear delayed signal, sensitive knobs and a whole range of options within.
If you are interested:

Moriae Pedals Spinel Distortion
25wtz Cheap amp, dont even know the brand :P
MXL 990 Mic straight to MBOX 2
a little bit of Camera Mic.. about -19db

Breaks Song: Dub Incorporation - Crazy Island

Moriae Pedals - Lapiz Lazuly Delay Review

Eric Calderone: Sherlock BBC Meets Metal

Sherlock BBC Meets Metal
Hey guys,

So I've been getting hit with this one ever since Dr. Who haha. I love this show and it has a FANTASTIC score. So, as usual, figured I'd give it a try. Thank you guys so much for everything. It means so much. Big ups for all the messages, suggestions, comments, subs, fan art, donations, and support. You ALWAYS rock my casbah!

Best to ya


George Puleo: killing it on 'upstream' gamalon 2012

Guitarist George Puleo, killing it on 'upstream' gamalon 2012 show!!
Feat. Guitarist George Puleo, killing it on 'upstream' at the sole gamalon show of 2012!! 'upstream' written by Tom Reinhardt performed by gamalon 12-29-2012 Featuring George Puleo, guitar. Ted Reinhardt, drums. Tom Reinhardt, Bass. Bruce Brucato,guitar.
Filmed by Douglas Caskey, Bene Torres & Dawn Mullen.
Post audio and video production by Bene @ JamGardenStudio 2013

Panos Arvanitis: ΝxK Handmade Custom Guitars

Here is my test for NxK Handmade Custom Guitars.One piece Honduras mahogany,scalloped 4A maple fretboard ,stainless steel frets,Seymour Duncan pickups,6 way pickups selector(3 for hum selection,3 for single coil selection,Kahler tremolo system,brass nut,3 truss rods,new design straps.A piece of art and craftmentship . For more info please visit