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Remy Hansen: Recording Guitars in the studio

Stay tuned for some original songs folks!
Here's a short preview....

Morgan Pettersson: Guitaronsky Shredding Contest II - great ripping!

This is my entry in this cool contest!
Signal chain: Ibanez RG Premium with Tesla VR-Extreme pickups - Xotic BB Preamp in to a Blackstar HT5. Celestion V30 speaker. EQ on HT5 Bass 10 mid 5 treble 5 ISF 12 aclock.

Guitaronsky Shredding Contest II close May 12th 2013

Sergio Paganini: cultural contest Santo Angelo

My participation in cultural contest Santo Angelo healing his improvisation, sorry the video is not the best, recorded with equipment at hand. Video: SAMSUNG ES90 Digital Camera 14 mpxl Audio: Captured by USB M-Audio Fast Track, Platform Steinberg Nuendo 3 Equipment: Guitar Kramer Beretta 404, Zoom G2 1u effects, amp, orange crush Listen to my songs: Thanks!

Martin Miller: An End in Itself - super classy fusion!

Martin Miller - "An End in Itself" (Album: "The Other End")
Download the album, official backings and TAB now from:

Buy the CD here:

Since his introduction to the JTC roster in January 2012, Martin Miller has been one of JTC's most regular contributors. With his consistently inspirational solo examples as well as superbly produced and thought through backing tracks, it was without a blink of an eye that we wanted to put his long awaited debut album 'The Other End' through our JTC Records label and platform.

This superb album shows just how versatile a player Martin is as you are captivated through a near on hour long masterclass of musical styles and hi-end production.

Martin says:

"I'm so excited, that after all these years, this album finally sees the light of the day. Looking back, I can't believe how many hours of work and dedication the contributing members and I have put into this product. It's like half my life so far has been captured on a CD. I genuinely hope you guys like the album and you can feel the passion and emotion that went into it."

The package comes in three options. The album on its own, the official backings with TAB on their own and the deluxe edition that contains the full album and the complete official album backing tracks plus TAB for 5 of the tracks, including Nervous Opus, An End In Itself (Live In The Studio Version), Plush Door, Fresh Ducks and Forever Eternal. Also included is a bonus video performance of An End In Itself, which is the version that we transcribed.

This album stretches the boundaries of what instrumental guitar music is about and there is a whole load of learning to do here. Master the incredible solos and become Martin while you jam over the official album backings.

Barrett Tagliarino: live improvised solo

Shot with hand-held Kodak Zi-8 camera.

3/1/2013 at Kulak's Woodshed

Scott Mosher,Vivien Lalu,Chris Rifkin: new Oceans of Night release update

Scott Mosher

Vivien Lalu
Recorded a keyboard solo for Scott Mosher's new "Oceans of Night" album. Scott asked me LOOONG time ago, he's been very patient with me so THANK YOU - Scott! Can't wait to hear the results... I know it will be killer ;))

Chris Rifkin I'm on this album too....

Jess Lewis: Pig - This Town Needs Guns

Jess Lewis - Pig - This Town Needs Guns Cover
Hi all, Here's my attempt to play this awesome TTNG song, it's not perfect but yeah. The guitar I'm using is - Gretsch Chet Atkins Nashville 7660, 1972 - it's for sale & is on here is anyone wants to have a look -
Anyway, thanks for watching
Kind Regards
Jess :-)

Eric Calderone: 100 videos and 61,733,299 video views

Questions Meet Answering
Hey guys,

So.........100 videos haha! Thanks so much for sticking with me through all of them, it means the world and you guys have rocked the casbah in every single one of them.

Big ups,


video views

Milan Polak: Tracking Guitars Song #7
Documenting the making of my new album
Milan Polak - bass
Dennis Leeflang - drums

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Copyright © Milan Polak 2013 All Rights Reserved

Tom Geldschläger: The Conservation Of Angular Momentum - awesome performance

Tom Geldschläger a.k.a. Fountainhead recording fretless guitar for a song called "The Conservation Of Angular Momentum" by Ray Riendeau (Halford, James LaBrie, Star Monarchy). The song is available from and features Ray on bass, Danny Handler on drums and Fountainhead on guitar. For more session work and of course my own music, visit or . Subrscribe to this channel for more playthroughs, instructional videos and album-streams!
The Conservation Of Angular Momentum - Guitar Playthrough

Buy the amazing album online, Tom Geldschläger delivers an aamazing perfromance through out, pretty much unlike anything I've heard before.

Fountainhead: Fear Is The Enemy

Nicolò Vedele: Late Night by Frank Gambale

Little tribute to one of the guitarists that most influenced my playing. Thanks Frank for your Music

Nicolò Vedele - Late Night by Frank Gambale (Speed Picking)

Francesco Artusato: Howard Jones Ex-Killswitch Engage starts a new project

Howard Jones is an American heavy metal singer. He is the former lead singer of the band Killswitch Engage and the current lead singer of reformed mathcore band Blood Has Been Shed.

 Howard is about to return with a new band also featuring members of technical death metallers Devolved and All Shall Perish guitarist Francesco Artusato

Laura Klinkert: Super cover of The Reaction

Laura Klinkert - a Marco Sfogli fan!

From the "reMarcoble" Album
Parker PDF100
Beheringer Vamp2
Gruvgear Fretwrapt
Feel free to add my on fb :) :

The Reaction - Marco Sfogli - Cover by Laura Klinkert

Russell Allen,Simone Mularoni,Jorn Viggo Lofstad: DGM momentum - new album release date

Widely regarded as one of the best European Progressive Metal bands, DGM are about to release their eight studio album, following the critically acclaimed ‘Synthesis’ (2010) and hundreds of shows that brought their music to audiences all around the world, including a successful tour with American progressive giants Symphony X in 2011. ‘Momentum’ represents the full stylistic maturity of a band now on top of its game, collecting 11 new songs made of beautiful melodies, classy arrangements and top notch musicianship. To add an extra value to an already astonishing album, DGM have tapped legendary singer Russell Allen (Symphony X, Adrenaline Mob) to guest on the opening track ‘Reason’, and Norwegian guitar virtuoso Jorn Viggo Lofstad (Pagan’s Mind) to contribute with a solo on the track ‘Chaos’. ‘Momentum’ was recorded, mixed and mastered by the band’s own guitarist and celebrated producer Simone Mularoni at Domination Studios in San Marino, Italy. The beautiful album artwork has been handled by Simone Bertozzi (Mnemic). 'Momentum' will be released March 26th, 2013. for all the updates.

1.Reason (feat. Russell Allen)
7.Chaos (feat. Jorn Viggo Lofstad)

DGM's new video and single 'Reason' from their latest album Momentum.


Adrian Galysh: Tone Poet - the new project

Adrian Galysh's TONE POET is possible with your support!

Adrian Galysh here! 

I’ve spent the last 25 years practicing my passion of creating and performing melodic rock guitar music. And, while navigating the music business can have its share of ups and downs, I am happy to let you know, its mostly been ups!

My friends and family who know me can tell you how independent, focused, and entrepreneurial I am. I have independently released three solo albums, and an instructional guitar book. I have been featured in guitar magazines and advertisements for SIT Strings, Morley Wah-Wah pedals, and even have my own signature guitar through Brian Moore Guitars - all achieved as an independent artist. 

I am currently working on my fourth solo release, Tone Poet, which is already 60% complete! Like previous albums, this one is mostly being recorded at my small home studio, where I am able to get professional sounding results. 

I am excited to let you know that Tone Poet features the award winning drumming and percussion of Todd Sucherman (STYX), as well as something new for me: vocals! I have four songs that feature the powerful vocals of Mark Boals (Yngwie Malmsteen, Royal Hunt, Uli Jon Roth). 
I feel this album is a strong effort, containing very melodic instrumental compositions, with classical and world music influences, as well as strong vocal songs with catchy choruses that have great cross-over appeal. While the album covers a lot of ground, it has a very cohesive feel to it, and I believe it appeals to fans of guitar music, as well as listeners who enjoy classic rock, new age, prog-rock, and hard rock. 

However the album isn’t finished yet, and I need your support to do it. I still need to:
  • Record drums for four more songs
  • Record bass tracks
  • Mix the album
  • Master the album
  • Create artwork
  • Press CDs
  • Market and promote it after its done
If you haven’t already, please check out the above video, as well as the accompanying audio samples (coming soon!), as well as all the great goods on the right.

Thanks to all of you who have supported my music in the past, I truly appreciate it. Please share this link with your friends and family! 

Please note:
  • RocketHub is not an investment or charity. It is an exchange: funds from supporters forgoods from me.
  • It's a "keep what I raise" funding mechanism: if I don't reach my financial goal I get to keep what I raise.

Yoshimitsu Murayama: Sentimental Journey - more great jazz!

Monthly, LIVE by Yoshimitsu trio MURAYAMA Invitation Live g Murayama has been conducted by Namba [Music] raft. Notice next time.
★ March 08, 2013 (Fri) 20:00 Namba - [Music] raft
MURAYAMA Invitation Live Vol.11
Yoshimitsu Murayama g Http://Murayaman.Blog72.Fc2.Com/
Jin Kei Miyagami b Http://Miyagamish.Exblog . jp /
people Nakano d圭Http://Keito313.Exblog.Jp/

Yasushi Saito b on the right g ds Yohei Yoshimitsu Murayama 07 Sentimental Journey

Marty Young: Gift and Star With You

Another Rock ballad from Taiwan's guitar player Marty Young
Hope you like it~~
Written,Arranged,and Guitars by Marty Young
Bass by 黎致宇
Drums by 王世豪
Mixed by Marty Young&Mori
Mastered by MoriMagic Studio

Marty Young - Gift

Network virtual girl [Hatsune future hits rock version produced
by Horseshoe Yang Tong tone Hannah populate Chinese word
(half of the movie after the background music specially prepared for the guitarist, welcome to leave the mail to obtain a copy of Guitar GP spectrum to 2 / 1 7 deadline) [Star With You] original singers / Hatsune - Hatsuneミkuのdisappear (DEAD END) original songwriter / arranger / cosMo _AT_ runaway P Chinese word / vocalist / Tong tone Hannah guitar / strings / bass / drums / recording mixer / horseshoe Yang audio / video Wengyu De (Simon) makeup hair / Kevin Liu / Ming Hung Ken Marty Young FB:

Marty Young&彤音漢娜 - Star With You (改編自初音ミクの消失)

John Browne,Olly Steele: Monuments - The Paris show

Exclusive complete Monuments show recorded in Paris at le Batofar.
Special guest for the last track: Mister Chris Baretto.

Monuments - (Paris complete show 2013)

Tom Richardson: Djunkology TQ105 jam

Tom Quayle - Djunkology JTC Cover by Tom Richardson
Here's my cover of Djunkology by Tom Quayle from his Jam Track Central Package.

Check out my Fusion EP here -
I also offer Skype Lessons, send me a message if you'd like more information.

Marty Young: guitar mad crowd go to the Jason Becker movie!

Jason,thank you for all that you've given to guitar players in the world, we will keeping follow your spirits and never give up to play music!

We go to Jason Becker movie

Milan Polak: Tracking Guitars Song #6
Documenting the making of my new album (Camera: Katerina Polak)
Milan Polak - bass
Dennis Leeflang - drums

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Miroslav Mirosavljev: E Minor Rock Jam

Daily Solo - E Minor Rock Jam (No. 60, guitar)
One day - one solo!
Backing track taken from
Played by MICKYLEE.
Animation by Emanuela Bulatovic
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Played on Suhr Modern.

Rob Chappers: Chappers Buys A Flying V

I had a day off in Leeds whilst on tour... one thing led to another...

Chappers Buys A Flying V

Joe Bonamassa: Athens to Athens LIVE

Joe Bonamassa - Athens to Athens LIVE at Vienna Opera House
Get FREE song download here:

Hailed worldwide as one of the greatest guitar players of his generation, Joe Bonamassa has almost single-handedly redefined the blues-rock genre and brought it into the mainstream. He continues this role with his first-ever entirely acoustic concert, recorded at the venerable Vienna Opera House with a global ensemble put together by longtime creative partner Kevin Shirley. The 2CD/2DVD/Blu-ray, An Acoustic Evening at the Vienna Opera House, comes out March 26, 2013 on Bonamassa's label J&R Adventures.

Bonamassa -- a predominantly electric guitar player -- was ready for a complete departure from his usual projects. For years, he had been wowing audiences with his flagship acoustic song "Woke Up Dreaming," which has become an iconic staple of his world tour and a fan favorite. Building on the popularity of this song, Bonamassa and producer Shirley set out to design an entirely new and intimate "unplugged" concert experience

Marcel Scherpenzeel: Oosterhout Blues 2012

High energy guitar solo from Marcel Scherpenzeel with Wolfpin, when the band played 'What's Goin' On'at the Oosterhout Blues festival on Friday September 7th, 2012. The show was the 'farewell' Wolfpin gig, as Marcel has meantime joined international group 'Band of Friends', performing together with Gerry McEvoy and Ted Mc Kenna, musicians from the original Rory Gallagher band line up.

Marcel Scherpenzeel - guitar, vocals
Maarten Witsel - drums
Henk Schutten - bass

From the Wolfpin website:
Marcel Scherpenzeel was born in Amsterdam. He started to play drums when he was 10 years old. When he was 12, Marcel got a guitar from his older brother, and from that point Marcel takes off. He listened to a lot of great records his Dad had, like John Lee Hooker, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Rory Gallagher, Jimi Hendrix and many others. When he was 21 years old he started singing and messing around with rock, texas-blues, pop, soul and rock and roll. 

Georgi Stanchev: BasementRockstar & RiffStation Guitar Solo Contest

Solo Guitar Georgi Stanchev

BasementRockstar & RiffStation Guitar Solo Contest - Georgi Stanchev

Chris Poland: Live at The Grove NAMM 2013

The Polcat is back

* new - Chris Poland Live at The Grove NAMM 2013

News: Schecter Guitars - Harlem Shake - Metal Version

Ok so we jumped on the Harlem Shake bandwagon, but at least we spiced it up and did it Schecter style!! METAL!! And it was a good excuse for a pizza and ice cream truck lunch. Thanks Big Mamas and Papas and Archies!


Harlem Shake - Metal Version

Neal Schon: 9 String Ibanez!

Neal Schon

9 string guitar I wrote a new tune on last night. It's a skateboard with strings lol pretty bad ass...;) ...

It was there first proto type so had to give it back but they are building me one now. I messed with all kinds of interesting tunings Very orchestrated sounding . Wicked beast

Guys. Of course you don't need more strings than six but this is not my main axe. Why be so close minded ? it's always great to play different instruments to write I retuned the whole instrument much higher and actually sounds very very cool

Scott Tarulli: Talent, Mental Clutter and Meditation

FaceBook Music page -

New CD-

Interested in Skype Lessons? email
Aside from spending time as a busy sideman, clinician, touring artist, and teacher at Berklee College of Music, Scott is working with some incredible musicians on this next album. With successful funding in place from supporters on, the project has taken off! The incredible Tony Levin, Jerry Marotta and Mindi Abair, are also be involved with Scott's third album.

Scott's History:
Scott has performed with legendary musicians such as Steve Gadd, Jerry Moratta, Tony Levin, Abe Laboriel, Peter Eldridge, Meatloaf, and many more. He is also an in demand private instructor and professional lab teacher at Berklee College of Music in Boston. Scott has released three albums: "Transitions" and "September in Boston: Live" and now "Anytime, Anywhere

Talent, Mental Clutter and Meditation - Scott Tarulli

Allan Marcus,Mark Witherspoon: New Drake Equation

Demo recording and gag reel video of new THE DRAKE EQUATION song, Lost in Consciousness. Album release, fall 2013.

Noah Buchanon - Vocals, Lyrics, Programming
Allan Marcus - Guitar, Programming
Mark Witherspoon - Guitar, Lyrics

New Drake Equation!!! Lost in Consciousness DEMO... studio update

Lick of the week #6 hybrid picking symmetrical diminished exercise

Paul Masvidal: DEATH on their Death To All tour

Strandberg GuitarworksStrongly recommend to our friends in the US (and Mexico City) to go see Paul Masvidal and DEATH on their Death To All tour. Paul will have a couple of very cool Strandbergs with him....:)
DEATH TO ALL Tour 2013 - celebrating the life and music of DEATH mastermind Chuck Schuldiner. Featuring the original lineup of DEATH from Human — guitarist Paul Masvidal, bassist Steve Di Giorgio, and drummer Sean Reinert, with special guest vocalist/guitarist Max Phelps of Cynic / Exist. The band will be playing a selection of songs from the first four DEATH albums including the cream of the Human album. Once again, the spirit of the tour is to spread the word and raise money for the charity Sweet Relief, while keeping the music and legacy of Chuck Schuldiner alive.


April 13 W. Hollywood, CA House Of Blues
April 15 Denver, CO Gothic Theater
April 18 Detroit, MI St Andrew's Hall
April 19 Cleveland, OH House Of Blues
April 20 Cincinnati, OH Bogart's
April 21 Chicago, IL House Of Blues
April 23 Montreal, QC Club Soda
April 24 New York, NY Irving Plaza
April 25 Philadelphia, PA Theatre of Living Arts
April 26 Silver Spring, MD The Fillmore
April 27 Worcester, MA Palladium
April 28 Toronto, ON Phoenix Concert Theatre
April 29 Mexico City, MX Circo Volador
DEATH TO ALL Tour 2013

Sam Bell,Pete Pachio,Francesco Filigoi,Malcolm Pugh,Alan Sacha Laskow: Robots Pulling Levers: Zong!

 Robots Pulling Levers: Zong!

Zong! by Robots Pulling Levers
released 08 March 2013
Mark Hawkins : Rhythm guitars, Bass, Shred

Vishal J. Singh : Drums, Arrangement, Synth, Shred

Andrey Sazonov (Storm) : Keyboards, Shred

Guests (In order of appearance):
Alan Sacha Laskow (March of Nazi Robots)
Malcolm Pugh (Jihad)
Pete Pachio (Jihad)
George Richman (Sumati)
Sam Bell (Central Powers)
Francesco Filigoi (Central Powers)
(click info by the song to see more details)

Artwork: Cover design and banner by Mike C. Bauer

Guthrie Govan: Steven Wilson 2013 European Tour - Rehearsal Footage

Here's a short video filmed during the rehearsal sessions for Steven Wilson's 2013 European tour, which begins tonight in Paris.

The Raven That Refused To Sing (and other stories) is OUT NOW
For more info visit or

For more info on Steven Wilson's albums on Kscope, visit:
For Steven Wilson videos:

Steven and his band hit the road touring in support of the new record from March 1, kicking off in the UK and moving into Europe. The tour will continue throughout the rest of 2013, visiting many other countries for which the dates are yet to be revealed. Shows are currently announced in the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

08/03/13 -- Paris Le Trianon
10/03/13 -- Cologne Live Music Hall
11/03/13 -- Amsterdam Rabizaal
12/03/13 -- Antwerp Arenbergshouwburg
14/03/13 -- Hamburg CCH (Saal 2)
16/03/13 -- Stockholm Filadelfiakyrkan
18/03/13 -- Oslo Sentrum Scene
19/03/13 -- Copenhagen VEGA (main hall)
21/03/13 -- Berlin Huxley's
22/03/13 -- Essen Colosseum
23/03/13 -- Frankfurt Hugenotthalle
25/03/13 -- Stuttgart Theatrehaus
26/03/13 -- Munich Alte Kongresshalle
27/03/13 -- Zurich Volkhaus
28/03/13 -- Milan Teatro Della Luna
16/04/13 -- Tampa, Florida - The State Theater
17/04/13 -- Atlanta, Georgia - The Variety Playhouse
19/04/13 -- Glenside, Philadelphia - Keswick Theatre
20/04/13 -- Washington, Washington D.C. - Howard Theatre
21/04/13 -- Buffalo, New York - Town Ballroom
23/04/13 -- Toronto, Ontario - Phoenix Concert Theatre
25/04/13 -- Montreal, Quebec - Club-Soda
26/04/13 -- New York City, New York - Best Buy Theater
27/04/13 -- Boston, Massachusetts - Berklee Performance Center
28/04/13 -- New York, Albany, Upstate Concert Hall *with OPETH and KATATONIA
30/04/13 -- Pittsburgh, Philadelphia - Mr Small's
02/05/13 -- Cleveland, Ohio - House of Blues Cleveland
03/05/13 -- Chicago, Illinois - Park West
04/05/13 -- Minneapolis, Minnesota - The Fine Line
06/05/13 -- Boulder, Colorado - Boulder Theater
09/05/13 -- San Francisco, California - The Fillmore
10/05/13 -- Los Angeles, California - Club Nokia
14/05/13 -- Mexico City - Teatro Metropolitan

To buy tickets, visit:
The album was written between January-July and recorded in Los Angeles in September with Steven's current band line up of Guthrie Govan - lead guitar, Nick Beggs - bass guitar, Marco Minnemann - drums, Adam Holzman - keyboards, Theo Travis - saxophone / flute, and engineered by legendary producer/engineer Alan Parsons. The 6 tracks on the album are all based on stories of the supernatural, and the deluxe 4 disc edition comes in the form of a 128 page hardback book containing lyrics and ghost stories illustrated by Hajo Mueller. In addition to the deluxe edition there will be regular CD, CD/DVDV media book, Blu-Ray and 2LP vinyl editions, with the DVDV and Blu-ray editions featuring a 5.1 mix of the album and other bonus material.

Please note the deluxe book editions are now SOLD OUT.
Track listing for the album:

1. Luminol (12.10)
2. Drive Home (7.37)
3. The Holy Drinker (10.13)
4. The Pin Drop (5.03)
5. The Watchmaker (11.43)
6. The Raven that Refused to Sing (7.57)

Steven Wilson 2013 European Tour - Rehearsal Footage

Gretchen Menn,Angeline Saris: Mystic Theater live date this weekend

Gretchen Menn 
My original trio, Gretchen Menn Band (featuringThomas Perry and Angeline Saris), Stars Turn Me On(fronted by Zepparella's drummer, Clementine), and zepparella will be at The Mystic Theater in Petaluma tomorrow, March 9! — with Noelle Doughty, Clementine Drum and Angeline Saris at McNears's Mystic Theatre.

Jeff Loomis: Plains of Oblivion - new tour package available

Jeff Loomis
Want a Jeff Loomis guitar pick? Possibly an autographed postcard?

Pick up the new edition of 'Plains of Oblivion' now!

Artist: Jeff Loomis
Title: "Plains Of Oblivion" Tour Edition CD + Guitar Pick + Postcard (PRE-ORDER)
Format: CD
Label: Century Media (manufacturer)
Released: 4/16/2013

Leonardo Guzman: now a Jellybeard artist!

Super talented player Leonardo Guzman gets signed to  jellybeard management, the management dedicated to guitar playing and featuring Daniele Gottardo in its' roster.

Official News: jellybeard music & management and talented musician Leonardo Guzman recently started working together and are currently into pre-production for Leo's debut album scheduled for a release October 2013.
Here is a little preview of one of the originals written.
For more info and representation :

Sneak Peek of some original, for announcing am working now with Jellybeard for the release of my solo debut album! stay tune! :D..
Leonardo Guzman and Jellybeard

Lee Wrathe: D'Addario Balanced tension Vs Regular tension strings

Lee Wrathe: Subscribe for more demos review of D'Addario's excellent new balanced tension sets.
For info on the new strings go here

For info on the two lovely Stratocasters go here

D'Addario Balanced tension Vs Regular tension string Demo -Lee Wrathe

Andee Blacksugar: Venus - Bananarama :)

Andee Blacksugar: I used both the Modfactor and Pitchfactor pedals (Eventide), plus various Axe-FX2 (Fractal Audio) presets on this ridiculous cover.

"Venus" (Shocking Blue/Bananarama cover) by Andee Blacksugar

Andee Blacksugar: since i've been doing so many videos with the ultra-high-end Axe-FX2, i thought it'd be fun to go in the opposite direction and record a track solely with a tiny 4 watt, 4-inch-speaker Ibanez micro amp. all effects were added in the computer (except for a compressor pedal i used on the clean bits)

"Sublime 2 Ridiculous In Em" (Ibanez GA1G micro amp) by Andee Blacksugar