Martin Miller: An End in Itself - super classy fusion!

Martin Miller - "An End in Itself" (Album: "The Other End")
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Since his introduction to the JTC roster in January 2012, Martin Miller has been one of JTC's most regular contributors. With his consistently inspirational solo examples as well as superbly produced and thought through backing tracks, it was without a blink of an eye that we wanted to put his long awaited debut album 'The Other End' through our JTC Records label and platform.

This superb album shows just how versatile a player Martin is as you are captivated through a near on hour long masterclass of musical styles and hi-end production.

Martin says:

"I'm so excited, that after all these years, this album finally sees the light of the day. Looking back, I can't believe how many hours of work and dedication the contributing members and I have put into this product. It's like half my life so far has been captured on a CD. I genuinely hope you guys like the album and you can feel the passion and emotion that went into it."

The package comes in three options. The album on its own, the official backings with TAB on their own and the deluxe edition that contains the full album and the complete official album backing tracks plus TAB for 5 of the tracks, including Nervous Opus, An End In Itself (Live In The Studio Version), Plush Door, Fresh Ducks and Forever Eternal. Also included is a bonus video performance of An End In Itself, which is the version that we transcribed.

This album stretches the boundaries of what instrumental guitar music is about and there is a whole load of learning to do here. Master the incredible solos and become Martin while you jam over the official album backings.