Andee Blacksugar: Venus - Bananarama :)

Andee Blacksugar: I used both the Modfactor and Pitchfactor pedals (Eventide), plus various Axe-FX2 (Fractal Audio) presets on this ridiculous cover.

"Venus" (Shocking Blue/Bananarama cover) by Andee Blacksugar

Andee Blacksugar: since i've been doing so many videos with the ultra-high-end Axe-FX2, i thought it'd be fun to go in the opposite direction and record a track solely with a tiny 4 watt, 4-inch-speaker Ibanez micro amp. all effects were added in the computer (except for a compressor pedal i used on the clean bits)

"Sublime 2 Ridiculous In Em" (Ibanez GA1G micro amp) by Andee Blacksugar