Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Michael Abdow: announces second album release details

pre order
Shredguy Records will release the follow up to the best selling guitar instrumental cd Native Alien from Michael Abdow, on July 16th. Entitled Life Symbolic full

Michael Abdow - LIFE SYMBOLIC 2013 Shredguy Records album sampler

Vivien Lalu,Jordan Rudess,Simone Mularoni,Marco Sfogli: Atomic Ark - Slaughtered set for a fall release!

"Slaughtered" by LALU feat. Marco Sfogli & Jordan Rudess. Album: Atomic Ark. Release date: September 6th in Europe and September 10th in USA, through Sensory Records.
Full preview here:
Band [A-Z]
Martin LeMar (Mekong Delta) - Vocals
Mike LePond (SymphonyX) - Bass
Simone Mularoni (DGM) - Guitars
Virgil Donati (PlanetX)- Drums
Vivien Lalu (Shadrane) - Keyboards
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LALU - Slaughtered feat. Marco Sfogli & Jordan Rudess

LALU - Atomic Ark (medley)

Tino Troy: Praying Mantis reconstitute and prepare for live shows

Praying Mantis have revealed their new lineup after firing vocalist Mike Freeland and drummer Gary Mackenzie.

Dutch singer John ‘Jaycee’ Cuijpers will front the band from now on, with countryman Hans in’t Zandt behind the drumkit.The lineup is rounded out with guitarist Tino Troy, bassist Chris Troy and guitarist Andy Burgess.

Jul 27: Headbangers Open Air, Germany
Aug 2: Colchester The Bull
Aug 3: Ipswich The Railway
Aug 4: Cambridge Rock Festival

Alex Machacek: guitar clinic - fusion ideas just don't get better than this!

Impressions (Part I) from the School of Music guitar workshop itself Šalamon - Stroke Ars that the ECOC Maribor 2012 September 2012 invited one of the best jazz / rock / fusion guitarists in the world - ALEX MACHACEK (USA). More information about the School of Music Stroke Ars at: More information about Sam Šalamonu to:

Alex Machacek - kitarska delavnica glasbene šole Takt Ars - 1. del

Impressions (Part Two) from the School of Music guitar workshop itself Šalamon - Stroke Ars that the ECOC Maribor 2012 September 2012 invited one of the best jazz / rock / fusion guitarists in the world - ALEX MACHACEK (USA). More information about the School of Music Stroke Ars at: More information about Sam Šalamonu to:

Alex Machacek - kitarska delavnica glasbene šole Takt Ars - 2. del

Angelo Comincini: Peril Premonition in search of Holdsworth

Angelo Comincini: Allan Holdsworth from "Secrets" (Peril Premonition)

Gus Drax: Melodic Shredding Improvisation #2 (HD)

Here is another Melodic Shredding Improvisation video for you guys.
This time i play over a backing track from the great Andy James!
The backing track is from his DVD "Andy James - Epic Rock - Vol. 1" and its called "Still my Heart".
I hope you guys enjoy it.
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Video Taken and Edited by Steve Drax.
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Elmo Karjalainen: playing to Joe Satriani style backing track

Elmo Karjalainen's YouTube channel
Elmo Karjalainen playing to Joe Satriani style backing track.
For two free tunes, visit
Recorded using Fractal Audio's Axe-FX Ultra.
Recorded at
This is my tip of the hat to Joe Satriani. Well, the proverbial hat at any rate, since I don't wear a hat. An excellent guitarist and musician.
Hope you enjoy this. And if you do, please share with your friends.
For official website, visit
For backing tracks visit

Elmo Karjalainen: Unintelligent Designs

Greg Boland: Dublin Guitar Night 2013

Greg Boland on guitar, and Tommy Moore on bass and vocals, 'saluting' Peter Green, when Dublin band Badge performed 'Man of the World' during the 'Dublin Guitar Night' gig at J.J. Smyth's music venue in Dublin on Tuesday, June 25th, 2013, along with sets from other guitarists, including Eamonn Moran, Damien Kelly and Shane Latimer.

About Greg Boland (extract from 'all about jazz'):
Greg Boland (b.1955) is one of Ireland's most experienced touring and recording guitarists. Best known as a collaborative and session musician, he has worked with many critically acclaimed bands and artists. Greg's career began in the 1970's as a member of Jazz / Rock band 'Supply Demand & Curve' following which he played with the legendary 'Stagalee', Ireland's most successful 'Soul / Funk' band. During this period he also established himself as a very busy studio session guitarist, playing on scores of Albums, Singles, Demos, Jingles, TV / Film Themes and Soundtracks.

Daniele Gregolin: Belleville - Django's Roots project

Daniele Gregolin & Gabriele Boggio Ferraris Django's Roots project
with Massimo Manzi on drums Giacomo Tagliavia on double bass.
Sheet This is a song from the first album from Dodici Lune Records

Belleville - DJANGO's ROOTs free full song!

News: Boutique Guitar Pedal Makers Seek Submissions for Compilation LP

Spaceman to press vinyl album of users’ original music

PORTLAND ORE., July 10, 2013 - Boutique guitar pedal creators, Spaceman, have announced plans for a compilation album of music inspired by the company’s unique tone crafting devices.  Spaceman is now accepting submissions from musicians utilizing their products in recordings of original music.

“This is something I’ve really wanted to do for a long time.  I’m excited about giving back to the musicians that have supported Spaceman,” says Zak, Spaceman President.

The album will be sold only in vinyl LP format, packaged with a digital download code.  As to why vinyl only, Zak responds, “In addition to our focus on unique tone details, our pedals have a vintage aesthetic inside and out, so going analog fits with Spaceman.”

Net proceeds from sales of the album will go to a highly rated non-profit, providing music classes to students in US public schools that have been stripped of their music programs.  “Music class was extremely important to me growing up,” says Zak.  “Learning to create music with a large group of classmates was powerful, and I needed that creative break from the weight of school.  It was an absolute necessity for me.”

Musicians should visit the Spaceman website where they can find submission details.  Up to five tracks may be submitted per artist.  Music must be received by October 11th deadline for consideration.

About Spaceman
Spaceman is a boutique guitar pedal manufacturer in Portland, Oregon, hand crafting sound effects devices for the world’s most discerning musicians.  With a retro-industrial design motif, Spaceman creates sonically and visually unique art pieces to inspire musicians with a new palette of tonal colors.  They are fully hand made with artisan precision in Portland, using as many local and US parts and suppliers as possible.  In a statement against today’s throwaway society, Spaceman pedals are designed to last a century, utilizing the highest quality parts, in addition to being easily repairable.

With a growing list of designs yet to be released, Spaceman builds models as limited editions to keep creativity alive.  Founded in 2009, Spaceman has released seven effects pedals and is nearing its five year anniversary.

Jason Sadites: Summer sale prices on downlaod CD's

For the month of July all full album download purchases from the download store are only $5.99.

Jason is currently writing and recording his fifth studio album and is raising funds to help cover the costs of having world class musicians perform this new music. Jason has worked with the likes of Tony Levin, Marco Minnemann, Kenny Aronoff, Gregg Bissonette, Bryan Beller etc. in the past. If you would like to support Jason with this project you can either make a purchase at his online download store or make a donation through the links below. All those donating to the project will get a free download of the new album when it is released. Thanks so much in advance for your support!


Jason proudly endorses the following equipment:

East Amplification
Michael Tuttle Guitars
S.I.T Strings
G7th Capos

Justin Derrico: Marooned

Download the jam track here:

This is the full length version of the track Marooned from Justin's Classic Rock Sessions Jamtrack package.

When we heard that Justin was going to be in town we just had to get him in the studio to seriously let rip. So we asked JTC backing track writer extraordinaire Paul Harvey to create some brand new Classic Rock style jam tracks and the magic started!

Justin most definately brought his A game with him to the studio and does not disappoint with solo improvisations that are full of pure adrenalin, emotion and drive. From the slow and sultry Waves and Marooned, through to the upbeat Parasite and Hunter this set of 5 jam tracks takes you through an adventure of classic rock soloing and jam tracks to learn and explore.

This Harvey/Derrico combination works so well and there is no question that you will enjoy all the different elements of this superb jam track package.

Complete with solo tracks, solo backings, extended jam tracks, videos and compete TAB and notation it has all the ingredients to get your Classic Rock soloing to the next level!

*NEW* Justin Derrico 'Marooned' at

Diego Budicin: How to play This Dying Soul

Hi there, thanks for watching!
Special thanks Ibanez Guitars, Laney Amplifiers and Mogar Music for the support!
I recorded this video using the Ironheart Studio! Check it out at:
Check out the whole cover of this song than I recorded with my band "The Flare Intention":
I'm playing with the amazing Ibanez RG 2627:

Diego Budicin | This Dying Soul - Dream Theater | Final Unison Tutorial

Marco Minnemann: Normalizer 2 with a host of players hits the ground running!

What is Normalizer 2?
It’s actually a 51 min drum solo I did (tried to do it as musical as possible) and I’m inviting artists to write and record music to it! ……Mike Keneally, Trey Gunn, Alex Machacek, John Czajkowski, Jason Sadites, Mario Brinkmann, Phi Yaan-Zek and myself teamed up to deliver our “pizza-toppings” to the solo drums. Everyone of us works separately on our own version, nobody is allowed to listen to each others separate approach during the writing process! It’s a huge challenge and I’m overexcited to hear how different each artist’s composition will sound in the end, based and written to that same drum solo. … was quiet exciting to play a 51 min drum solo I must say. I played it non-stop and the challenge was to keep it interesting and to see how far I can take it musically and technically. I always record and rehearse solos as part of my practice routine. But this one was somehow special and in no time I found myself surrounded with all these great players wanting to contribute music to it.

Lyle Watt: Space Ship One Solo (Paul Gilbert)

I've been trying to get my chops back up to scratch lately, after not really practicing for a while. You need to keep on top of these things, because it's amazing how quickly you can become rusty. I've been learning solos that I like and that are a bit of a challenge for me, to try and push myself a bit more, and the first one I've picked is "Space Ship One" by Paul Gilbert. It's a great solo, and it's great fun to play. Expect a few more videos like this soon...

I'm using my Chapman ML-1 reissue into Amplitube 3.

Lyle Watt - Space Ship One Solo (Paul Gilbert)

Lyle Watt - "Now Or Never"

Lyle Watt - New Chapman ML-1

Sarah Longfield: Oneiric - the new EP extending possibilities - great stuff!

Sarah Longfield: Oneiric
Sarah Longfield Hey guys! So I finished the first EP, here is the completed version of the song you heard in the "Life Update" video Hope you like it!

1. One 03:34
2. Cognitive Dissonance 03:36
3. The Great illusion 03:27
4. Parallels 03:28
5. Afterthought 01:41