Friday, 19 July 2013

Chris Bieniek: Everyones a Winner - Guitar Solo Session

'Everyones a Winner' Guitar Solo Session: Theme song for channel 7's Special Olympics
A video of my recording the guitar solo on the theme song for channel 7's Special Olympics.  Guitar Ibanez Artist. No real amp used, just a guitar plugged into a FoxRox Zim Drive straight into protools into a virtual amp called 'guitar amp'.

The track is obviously not mixed or mastered yet ( yes the guitar is too loud at this stage).

Brennan Dylan: Summer's here and Surf is up... time for Surf Rage

Brennan Dylan:  When I was in high school I used to play improv guitar at The Rainbow Bistro in Ottawa. It was a blues club but I got away with slammin' down hard rock and metal as long as I mostly did the blues/jazz thing when I hit the stage with local and touring bands. I'd go 2-3 times a week and did so for 3 years. One summer a drummer friend of mine who played there and another guitar player friend formed a surf band. That's all we played all summer long. Surf has such a killer vibe. That summer blues and jazz got drowned in the surf. The reason I did a surf thing today is I was watching a program on the tube last night on surfing which hit me like a blast of salt air. It showed surfers both male and female surfing big surf and Mavericks. Surf guitar pounds through my vein. I hope you like it.

Thanks for watching!

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Surf Rage -Brennan Dylan Solo

Eric Calderone: Duke Nukem Meets Metal - ooh that's gotta hurt!

Duke Nukem Meets Metal
Hey guys, of my favorite games OF ALL TIME! haha! This theme was already pretty metal and I know Megadeth did a kick ass version of it as well but I definitely had to give it a try. Now I know I'm not as buff as Duke but I'm working out (yeah right). Thank you guys so much for everything, it means the world. Especially some big ups for the contributions to the campaign. You guys are the absolute greatest and Rock My Casbah EVERY time.

Best to ya

Eric Gales: announces Iridium date

Eric Gales
Returning to the Iridium August 2nd!

Eric Gales grew up in a musical family with four brothers, two of them who learned to play the guitar upside down and left handed in the same fashion that Eric does. Eric’s brother Eugene Gales played bass in the Eric Gales Band and his brother Little Jimmy King had a thriving career as a blues artist before his untimely passing. Eric released his first record at Age 16 for Elektra records to an amazing response from the media and music fans around the globe. Guitar World Magazine’s Reader’s Poll named Eric as “Best New Talent,” in 1991.

After recording a second record for Elektra, all three brothers teamed up for The Gales Bros. “Left Hand Brand” which was recorded for the House of Blues label in 1996. Through the years, it would not be unusual to look out in the audience and see artists like Carlos Santana, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, B. B. King, and Eric Clapton, looking on with interest as Eric took his God-given talent and worked crowd after crowd into a frenzy.

As both an African-American left-handed guitarist of extraordinary ability and an expressive vocalist, it is natural for people to compare Eric to Hendrix but Eric has developed a unique hybrid blues/rock sound that also draws upon influences as diverse as Albert King and Eric Johnson. A unique amalgam of styles, Eric Gales stands head and shoulders among other guitarists in his genre.”

Morten Faerestrand: Chromatic Flow - Secret Jazz Guitar Trick

Here's your summer holiday treats.

1. Chromatic Flow - Secret Jazz Guitar Trick - Brand new lesson on how to create nice, jazzy, flowing phrases using a super simple trick. (this one's a goodie)

2. Flashy m7(b5) licks - Tackling those m7(b5) chords can be a challenge, here's one approach.3. Cause We've Ended As Lovers - This is just a humble cover of a song I like.
Chromatic Flow - Secret Jazz Guitar Trick

Ignazio Di Salvo: The Rule Of Serendipity - full length epic track - with jam track package!


Ignazio di Salvo returns with another full length epic track full of twists and turns that get your mouth watering!

The 6 minute track is a tale of two halves....and plays like a story. The first three minutes circle around a melodic pattern that players of any level will be able to master with practise, whilst the second half of the track is where Ignazio takes the track into a completely different level with some wonderful tapping and an incredible solo section. All in all, a superb composition with a lot of notes to learn!

The great thing about this track is that even though it is a full length 'song', the backing track is also great for creating your own epic solo ideas over.

The package comes with the solo and backing track, 15 pages of TAB and notation and a video performance from Ignazio showing you just how he plays it!

Check out the previews below.

Solo track
Backing track
Video performance
TAB and Notation in PDF and Powertab

*NEW* Ignazio Di Salvo 'The Rules of Serendipity' at

News: Giant, guitar-shaped deck - saving up for one right now!

GUITAR-SHAPED DECK ROCKS MoistureShield® Composite Decking

Larger-than-life dock gets resurfaced in moisture-resistant decking for a lifetime of beauty

Dixon Springs, Ill., June 12, 2013 – Nashville, Detroit, Austin, and now Dixon Springs. What makes this rural community nestled in the hills of southern Illinois worthy of inclusion with these famous music cities? Simple: Guitar Deck. Music lovers Stephanie Brown and Rick Street have completed restoration of their locally popular guitar-shaped deck using MoistureShield® composite decking.

Gallery of construction

John 5: Rockstar Mayhem Fest with WUMF

Before his gig at Rockstar Mayhem in Maine WUMF interviewed former Marilyn Manson and current Rob Zombie guitarist John 5. He was quite the chill dude and was is one of the best technical guitarists I (Tyler) have ever personally seen. The interview area was small/busy so pardon the noise and stuff happening around during this

John 5 Rockstar Mayhem Fest with WUMF

Ritchie Blackmore: interview on Russia Today... talks about his cat Romper :)

Blackmore's Night gave a concert in Moscow's Crocus City Hall. The group performed some of their hits -- as well as a new composition "Troika"-- specially dedicated to Russia. Prime Time's Alexandra Obmanets set down with guitarist Ritchie Blackmore and his spouse and colleague Candice Night ahead of the gig -- to talk about music, romance, and importance of gazing out the window.

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Blackmore's Night: 'Yin and Yang' of folk rock

Mike Portnoy,Billy Sheehan,Richie Kotzen: The Winery Dogs - track by track for

Mike Portnoy is a lot of people's favorite drummer, Billy Sheehan is a lot of people's favorite bassist, and Richie Kotzen is a lot of people's favorite guitarist. But as The Winery Dogs, they very well could be a lot of people's favorite new band. Yes, their self-titled debut album is that kind of winner.

“People are saying some pretty nice things," Sheehan says, chuckling. "You gotta love that. I think what's good about what we're doing is, we're not trying to do a supergroup kind of thing. I was already friends with Mike, and I was already friends with Richie. We had an idea of what we were getting into with this thing, and that chemistry came out in the songs."

Guthrie Govan: interview Guthrie about the Aristocrats in this podcast

John Huldt: Carl Martin FX Competition Entry + tab!

Here's my take for the Carl Martin Competition. Thanks for watching and to Rick Graham and Carl Martin for putting this out there. Great track too :)

I'm playing through the Kemper Profiler and a profile I made of my trusty Elmwood Stinger. I've uploaded it on the Kemper forum as Stinger Crunch 2.

Tab can be found on the link above under photos/gallery/Carl Martin competition.

Pardon the shitty sound. It's the mic on the camera. One of these days I'll upgrade. I promise!

Carl Martin FX Competition Entry - John Huldt + Free TAB!

Rick Graham: The Carl Martin FX Guitar Competition close on 12th September 2013

Keith Merrow,Jeff Loomis: Conquering Dystopia - Collaboration Album Fundraiser


Jeff Loomis and Keith Merrow have teamed up to write an album together. Alex Webster (Cannibal Corpse) will be on bass guitar, and Alex Rudinger (The Faceless) will be on drums. This fundraiser is intended to help ease the financial difficulty of creating an album, DIY style (no label support). We want this album to sound as good as possible, so most of this funding will go towards professional audio mixing and mastering. In addition, travel fees, merch, and even legal fees are all wrapped up in this fundraiser. Basicaly, every penny of this fundraiser will go into the creation of this album/project.

We feel that we have a very cool and unique band lineup, which will make for a memorable album for the listener. We encourage you to be a part of this album's history by contributing to our cause!

What You Get

We have lots of cool perks for you guys!

$5- Simple Donation. Everything helps! For $5 you will have helped our cause, and in return, you have our gratitude, and a virtual high five. We appreciate your "bronation!"
$10- Digital download of the album (high quality format)
$15- Digital download and signature guitar picks from Jeff and Keith (does not include shipping)
$30- Making of DVD, plus digital download (does not include shipping)
$40- T-shirt and digital download (does not include shipping)
$50- Deluxe Pack- DVD, shirt, album download, picks (does not include shipping)
$75- Limited press vinyl (signed copy), plus Deluxe Pack (does not include shipping)
$100- 1 hour Skype lesson with Keith, download (5 available)
$150- 1 Hour Skype lesson with Jeff, download (5 available)
$250- An set of guitar pickups that were used to record the album (does not include shipping)
$300- Autographed KM Overdrive pedal, plus Deluxe Pack (does not include shipping) (3 available)
$500- Dinner with Jeff and Keith at the Hard Rock Cafe in Seattle (we'll pay for dinner, travel costs not included) (2 available)
$1000- Jeff Loomis guest solo on your song (two available?)
$1500- Keith and Jeff will write a song just for you (or a friend), Titled: For "your name here" and do a video performance of said song.
$2500- (each) Autographed Schecter 7-string guitar used on the album, plus Deluxe Pack, two available (one from Jeff, one from Keith)
Your contribution will help us make this album possible. We're very excited and passionate about the music we're creating, and we encourage you to be a part of it's creation by picking up one of our super-awesome fundraiser perks. We'll love you forever!

Other Ways You Can Help

If you're unable to contribute financially, here are other ways you can help:

Share our campaign on social networks (Forums, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter)
Send coffee
Also, you can use the Indiegogo share tools!
Thank you so much for your support!

-Conquering Dystopia

Funds raised: $17,181
Raised of $15,000 Goal

44 days left
Keith Merrow and Jeff Loomis- Collaboration Album Fundraiser (Conquering Dystopia)

Neal Schon: Pedal Board Overview - Guitar Interactive Magazine Neal Schon Pedal Board Overview with guitar tech Adam Day. Guitar Interactive was kindly shown around all of Neil Schons gear onstage and backstage on the recent Journey tour.
After being shown what Neal Schon uses onstage, Stuart Bull meets the Neal Schon backstage to show us what amps his plugging into! Watch the FULL overview only in Issue 19 of Guitar interactive magazine ;

This gear overview video is part of our Neal Schon feature - Guitar Interactives Stuart Bull interviews Neal Schon talking about his career & climb to becoming one of Rocks greatest guitarists.

Guitar Interactive is a free online magazine for guitarists packed each month with gear reviews, guitar lessons and the guitar worlds leading guitarists. Subscribe for FREE online today and receive your free copy each month!

Neal Schon Pedal Board Overview - Guitar Interactive Magazine Issue 19

Richard Hallebeek,Gary Willis,Sebastiaan Cornelissen: sounds awesome... so let's help get the record out!!

Recording the track 'Snippets' for the upcoming cd from Sebastiaan Cornelissen called 'Not This Time'.. With: Richard Hallebeek - guitars, Gary Willis - bass and Sebastiaan Cornelissen - drums. Guitars were recorded at Richie's homestudio 'Richie's Lab' and drums recorded at Sebastiaan's Mankini studios. Look for Sebastiaan's website on how to support this release:

Richard Hallebeek/Gary Willis/Sebastiaan Cornelissen - Snippets

Lorenzo Venza: adding progressive tapping to your style

Total Shred Guitar present guitar courses for all the people around the world. We offer live lessons by skype we have instructors specialized in all genres of music as jazz, rock, blues, fusion, metal, shred.

- Guitar course: Total Shred
- Guitar course: Technique and style of music

You can book a guitar course, based by 4 lessons of 1 hour, or a single lesson to test us.

For more details:

Summer Shred - Tapping con Lorenzo Venza

Rebecca Scammon: wins guitar performance at the Mayhem Fest 2013

Becca Scammon

Went to Mayhem Fest yesterday in Bangor and was talked into entering a guitar contest last second. Play the guitar to win the guitar. I didn't realize what it entailed though. Next thing I knew I was getting dragged backstage and stuck up on the giant festival stage to solo for 30 seconds in front of about 1,000 people. It was nuts! On top of it, I ended up being the one to come away with a brand new Schecter Tempest with the Jagermeister logo plastered across the front... I ended up missing out on seeing Children of Bodom, but it was definitely worth it!

Jordan Nicouleaud: Fusion monkey - a tribute to Truth In Shredding CEO?

My last component with the intervention of Mosieur Thierry Lamoure or TitiOfLove TAUPLESS the group! ( ) I took a great pleasure to do this component, whether the research plans, solos and video editing. I hope you enjoy it! Mount the and made ​​his fart HD ;) Shred'on, Jordan

Fusion monkey

David T Chastain: Chastain with Leather Leone ready rock and wail endlessly in 2013!

Guitarist David T. Chastain and vocalist Leather Leone have reformed the original CHASTAIN. David and Leather have been writing material since January and have solidified the tracks for the new Cd. Also back in the saddle is original bassist Mike Skimmerhorn. The drum tracks were recently recorded in Norway by Stian Kristoffersen (Pagan's Mind/Firewind) as original drummer Fred Coury is still touring and a full time member with the band Cinderella.

The Leather fronted CHASTAIN recorded 5 critically acclaimed Cds in the mid to late 80s and 1990:
85- Mystery of Illusion
86- Ruler of the Wasteland
87- The 7th of Never
88- The Voice of the Cult
90- For Those Who Dare.

After the For Those Who Dare tour, David and Leather amicably went their separate ways but kept in touch over the years. Leather decided to reenter the 'metal wars' and released the Sledge Leather Project "Imagine Me Alive" Cd in 2012.

Of the newly reformed CHASTAIN David states: "We are trying to write and record music that is expected of us but with some modern twists and turns. We demoed up 20 tracks and it was difficult to leave any of the them off the new Cd. Stian did an amazing job with the drum tracks and his performance is probably the best drumming on any CHASTAIN release to date. Unlike the old days, this time in the studio we have been in no rush. However at this point we are in the home stretch. We just wanted to make sure the music would live up to our past releases."

For more info go to

Back to 1985 and the first release Mystery of Illusion.

Chastain - Endlessly