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JJ Cale: heart attack claims 74 year old guitar player RIP

JJ Cale, whose best-known songs became hits for Eric Clapton with "After Midnight" and Lynyrd Skynyrd with "Call Me the Breeze," has died. He was 74.

Cale's manager Mike Kappus has told The Associated Press that the architect of the Tulsa Sound died Friday of a heart attack at Scripps Hospital in La Jolla, Calif.

J J CALE After midnight 1971

Alex Hutchings: Shot at the Future Inn Bristol - but still alive :)

Not sure why... but I keep missing Bristol shows!

Rob Brian (Drums) - Bill Banwell (Bass) - James Moreton (Alto Sax) - Alex Hutchings (Guitar) Shot at the Future Inn Bristol.

Inspired by his new AH6 Guitar (as well as "A year and a half in the life of Documentary" ) Alex came up with this track to Jam over. "Devil Beat"

For more info on the AH6 guitar please visit or email

Direct Info Link.

DEVIL BEAT. By Alex Hutchings - Rockin' out with his NEW Signature AH6 Guitar.

**Raw file** Alex Hutchings - Rockin' out with his NEW Signature AH6 Guitar.

Paul Gilbert, Tosin Abasi, Javier Reyes, Wojciech Hoffmann, Jan Zehrfeld: Ibanez Guitar Festival 2013 - Performance: BIG JAM SESSION

Jam Session from the Ibanez Guitar Festival, June 22nd, 2013.

Featuring on guitar:
Paul Gilbert, Tosin Abasi, Javier Reyes, Wojciech Hoffmann, Jan Zehrfeld

On bass:
Gary Willis, Andrew "The Bullet" Lauer

On drums:
Felix Lehrmann, Matt Garstka |

Ibanez Guitar Festival 2013 - Performance: BIG JAM SESSION

George Marios: Metal Zivory Jam - T21 hitting the rippage pedal

Metal Zivory Jam
Hey guys,

I had a fun day recording some jams for Zivory Custom Guitars in the fantastic Box studios in London.

This is one of the jams that i did over a Metal/Rock track.

Guitar Specs:

Goncalva alves neck
6100 frets
American Black Walnut body
Gotoh/Wilkinson VS100 bridge
Koa Knobs
Sperzel Tuners

This particular axe also features some fantastic Joce Dominger pickups (

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Thanks for watching, spread the gospel:-)

George Marios

T42/2 aka one half of T42

Jamming with my Zivory Prototype

Andreas Oberg,Martin Taylor: NAMM jam

BFMN Catches Andreas Oberg and Martin Taylor jamminu0027 at NAMM

Anouck André: Culture Clash, Jazzy lick... lent by Guthrie Govan

This is a quick I stole from Guthrie Govan in the tune called Culture Clash.
I really dig this lick, very interesting to improve displacements over the fretboard.
You'll find the tab here :

The guitar is a Lâg Imperator (Bédarieux, France) straight in the Axe FX II.
Guthrie Govan : Culture Clash, Jazzy lick

Jonas Tamas: Ernie Ball MusicMan Luke III - Melodic rock

Jonas Tamas - signed to Steve Vai's label! Full songs:
The second album 'Timeless Hour' is available through Steve Vai's Favored Nations/Digital Nations label. The album features Brett Garsed (Planet X), Troy Stetina, Andy James, Mats Haugen (Circus Maximus), Marcel Coenen (Sun Caged), Mattias IA Eklundh (Freak Kitchen), Thorsten Koehne (Eden's Curse), Sergey Boykov and Mischa Mang (Ivanhoe, ex-Dreamscape). iTunes link:
More info and full songs:

Sharp Guitars From A Flat Planet (2009) -
Timeless Hour (2011) -

CD purchase:

Follow the others on the official Facebook: - Lots of info, free exercises, full song streams... explore it for yourself!
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Ernie Ball MusicMan Luke III Guitar - Melodic rock guitar solo - played by Jonas Tamas

Shawn Lane: Talking about music and guitar

Shawn Lane talking about Powers of Ten
I found this clip on my old computer and couldn't find it on YouTube so I decided to upload it. I don't know where it was recorded or who recorded it.

Part 2
About film scores, films, Shakespeare and Henry Kaiser
I found this clip on my old computer and couldn't find it on YouTube so I decided to upload it. I don't know where it was recorded or who recorded it.

Part 3
About orchestration, Ravel and Bartók.
I found this clip on my old computer and couldn't find it on YouTube so I decided to upload it. I don't know where it was recorded or who recorded it.

Part 4
The Master has spoken!
I found this clip on my old computer and couldn't find it on YouTube so I decided to upload it. I don't know where it was recorded or who recorded it.

Shawn Lane: Talking about music and guitar

Ana Popovic: Can You Stand The Heat

Ana Popovic: Can You Stand The Heat

Ana Popovic: Can You Stand The Heat
Memphis, Tennessee based Ana Popovic returns with a daring studio record. An album full of "Old School" funk and bluesy grooves, in the vein of Albert King, Albert Collins and War. "Can You Stand The Heat" was produced by Tony Coleman (drummer - B.B. King), co-produced by Ana and Grammy Award winner Tommy Sims. With "Can You Stand The Heat", Ana Popovic follows up her 2011 two time Music Blues Award nominated album "Unconditional", which reached #4 on the Billboard Blues Chart, the top 10 of Amazon's Best Blues Albums and the top 15 of Guitar World's top Blues and Roots Rock albums.

Ana Popovic was born in Belgrade, formerly Yugoslavia. She quickly picked up her father's impressive blues and soul record collection, grabbed his guitar and went to work at a young age of 15. Since then, Ana has developed into a phenomenal guitarist / vocalist who tirelessly tours around the world playing major blues, jazz and rock festivals. Ana blends smoking electric funk slide guitar, jazzy instrumentals and tight blues groove with soulful feminine vocals. Her incredible stage presence makes her an irresistible force in the music world.


1. Can You Stand The Heat
2. Can't You See What You're Doing To Me
3. Mo' Better Love
4. Object Of Obsession
5. Boys' Night Out
6. Hot Southern Night
7. Every Kind Of People
8. Ana's Shuffle
9. Blues For Mrs. Pauline / Leave My Boy Alone
10. Leave Well Enough Alone aka: High Maintenance You
11. Tribe
12. Rain Fall Down

1. Growing Up Too Soon
2. Mo' Better Love (w/ Tommy Sims)

Chick Corea,Charles Altura,Stanley Clarke: Chick Corea and the Vigil album pre order

Chick Corea,Charles Altura,Stanley Clarke: Chick Corea
Chick Corea and the Vigil/ with Hadrien Feraud, Marcus Gilmore, Tom Garland, Charles Altura and guests Stanley Clarke and Ravi Coltrane: The Vigil*****Releasing 8/6/2013

Chick Corea (piano); Hadrien Feraud (bass); Stanley Clarke (bass); Marcus Gilmore (drums); Tim Garland (saxes, flute, bass clarinet); Ravi Coltrane (sax); Charles Altura (guitar)

Music master and 20-Time Grammy winner Chick Corea returns with his highly anticipated new band and reinvents himself again. With all new music and an all new band. Plus, fresh arrangements of Corea Classics. From sublime acoustic to brilliant electric. Featuring the bass phenom, Christian McBride. Creative force Marcus Gilmore on drums (carrying on the lineage of jazz from his grandfather, Roy Haynes). Saxes, flute, bass clarinet and innovation from Tim Garland. And a rising-sun (although from the west coast), guitarist Charles Altura. The Vigil also features guest appearances by Stanley Clarke and Ravi Coltrane.

Track 1 Galaxy 32 Star 4
Track 2 Planet Chia
Track 3 Portals to Forever
Track 4 Royalty
Track 5 Outside of Space
Track 6 Pledge for Peace
Track 7 Legacy

Chick Corea & the Vigil from Chick Corea on Vimeo.

Vinai Trinateepakdee: Emotive Rock new jam track package

Hitting All The Right Notes
Vinai T returns to JTC with a blindingly good new series, deep rooted with emotion! These 3 tracks are Vinai showing exactly what he does best...creating heart warming, inspirational melodic solos that hit all of the right notes.

One of Vinai's heroes is Neal Schon, so we gave Dave Lockwood the brief to create 3 backing tracks in this style for Vinai to play over....and what a dream combination it has turned out to be. The backings are sublime to jam over, with a slower ballad, medium paced rock and a funkier track in the mix. And Vinai rose to the challenge and blitzed it with these incredible solos.

We have set this package to intermediate as the large % of the solos fall into this category. 'Summer Haze' and some sections of 'The Time Is Now' and 'Cry From The Heart' have some tougher licks to master, but as they say 'practise makes perfect'...and we all love a challenge!

The package comes with trusty JTC tab and notation, the solo, backing and extended jam tracks, and videos for you to analyse exactly how to play these solos.

Come check out the previews and prepare to get seriously emotive!


3 solo tracks
3 backing tracks
3 extended jam tracks
3 video performances
Tab and notation in PDF and Powertab

*NEW* Vinai Trinateepakdee 'Emotive Rock' at

Chris Gordon: Giant Steps Stream Of Conciousness

Giant Steps Stream Of Conciousness
by Chris Gordon

A stream of consciousness improv over the Giant Steps changes

A Jam for my Dad! Miss you Pops! Love you!

Greg Koch: Viktorian Guitars "Ruth" Overview with Josh Jacobson

Viktorian Guitars "Ruth" Overview With Greg Koch & Josh Jacobson
Here's something a little different for you, ladies and gentlemen! We were graced by the one and only Josh Jacobson of Viktorian Guitars to discuss their up-and-coming line of unique and delicious guitars! Made from carbon fiber, and with an almost unmatched ease of play, Greg Koch sits down and takes the "Ruth" model out on the town! Check it out!

Viktorian Guitars:
Greg Koch:

Ron Thal,Julien Bitoun: Jamming in France

Ron Thal and Julien Bitoun Jamming in France

Ron Thal and ' Beurks' 1/2

Ron Thal and ' Beurks' 2/2

Rebecca Scammon,Ray Suhy: Chaotic Negation's Indiegogo Campaign

What up?! We're Chaotic Negation, an instrumental metal band from Portland, Maine. We've been working our asses off on our debut album and we are super psyched about it. It's taken us on a remarkable journey that we hope you will be able to hear in our music. We want to make it as killer as possible, which is why we need your help. Currently, we don't have the funds to support the quality of production that we are looking to achieve.

The idea for this campaign originally started with us wanting to work with one of our favorite drummers, Hannes Grossmann. We had him record a couple of songs and his contribution was incredible. Once we heard his work on our tracks, we decided we wanted him on the whole album. After discussing what we wanted and needed in terms of mixing, mastering and duplication we came up with the bare minimum of what we will need in order to produce a quality album.

$3,200 for Hannes' kickass drumming skills/other studio musicians
$900 for mixing
$400 for mastering
$615 to make some physical copies with
Indigogo will take $385 in fees.

Chaotic Negation's Indiegogo Campaign

Kamuzi Watanabe,Virgil Donati: interview Virgil Donati

Virgil Donati is an artist pioneer, a technical genius on the drum, his destination was to be musician. When he was little, in Melbourne (city where was born) he observed the band that his father held in his house. It cannot be in other way, the child has to be musician.

He has worked with legendary band, but also with new artists, and with jazz fusion legends like Jeff Berlin and Kamuzi Watanabe. Could you tell us your experience with Jeff Berlin and Kazumi Watanabe?

Chris Brooks: Legato Timing Drills

Sick as a friggin dog, but I wanted to get out of bed and bring you this anyway. Timing in legato is a tough thing - at least it is if you're honest about it! Here are 3 drills using 3,5,& 7 notes on each string that can really help you strategize against timing issues with your legato. I suggest slow (like 70bpm) to begin with to really highlight any issues, then speed them up to taste.
Thanks to

From The Woodshed #6: Legato Timing Drills - Chris Brooks Guitar

Chris Brooks - Melodic Improv over Martin Miller's You Too track