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Byron Fry: Foxey Lady with Elvis Schoenberg's Orchestra Surreal


Playing Ross Wright's arrangement of Foxey Lady with Elvis Schoenberg's Orchestra Surreal. Much FUN!

Joop Wolters: Lydian Jam Test

Lydian Jam Test
Short Sound test recorded with I-pad

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Joop Wolters: the eg interview

Lorenzo Venza: Marvit 7 string demonstration

Marvit 7 string demo - Lorenzo Venza
First and quick Demo with this new Marvit excellent product!

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Lorenzo Venza: the eg interview

John Petrucci, Jordan Rudess: Planet Rock post Along For The Ride - a welcome return to melodic days!

John Petrucci, Jordan Rudess: Listen to our exclusive stream of the new track here!

On September 23, Dream Theater will unleash their new self-titled album, and we've got an exclusive preview of the track "Along For The Ride".

The song follows previous single "The Enemy Inside" and you can listen to it right now below!

Pre Order
Dream Theater Limited Edition Collector’s Box Set

Further Details

Dream Theater have hit 2013 with a bang as their self-titled collection drops onto our airwaves. Offering the perfect balance of digital and physical music, the metal stalwarts present the crown jewel in their eponymous collection: the Limited Edition Collector’s Box Set.
The nine-track disc, produced by John Petrucci, was recorded at Cove City Studio in Glen Cove, Long Island and the first time anyone will experience Mike Mangini completely unleashed on record.

A  welcome return to melodic days! Time for me to Pre-order...

Nita Strauss, Courtney Cox: Femme Fatale August 24th at the Roxy, Jack Lue Series

Femme Fatale August 24th at the Roxy, Jack Lue Series. Jack is a pro photographer and can be found on Facebook All rights to images remain with Jack Lue and any posting requires appropriate attribution

Courtney Cox, Nikki Stringfield,Wanda Ortiz: Iron Maidens at the House of Blues August 23rd Jack Lue Series

Iron Maidens at the House of Blues (Anaheim, CA) August 23rd, 2013 - Jack Lue Series. Jack is a pro photographer and can be found on Facebook All rights to images remain with Jack Lue and any posting requires appropriate attribution

Neil Zaza: Interview with the Definitely Loud Podcast

Interview with Neil Zaza on the Definitely Loud Podcast in promotion of the Sept. 14, 2013 performance @ The Empty Glass in Charleston, WV. (

Not only has guitarist Neil Zaza helped to define the genre of melodic instrumental guitar, he has become a worldwide ambassador for the instrument itself. His melodic compositions have changed the way musicians play, and what audiences worldwide demand out of their guitar heroes.

Find more about Neil Zaza @

Listen to the Definitely Loud Podcast @

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Neil Zaza - Interview with the Definitely Loud Podcast

Christophe Godin: Mörglbl - Interview with the Definitely Loud Podcast

Interview with Mörglbl on the Definitely Loud Podcast in promotion of the Sept. 14, 2013 performance @ The Empty Glass in Charleston, WV.(

Led by guitarist extraordinaire Christophe Godin (Metal Kartoon, Gnô) as well as the phenomenal Ivan Rougny on bass and Aurélien Ouzoulias on drums, Mörglbl's live performances are crazy, and the band mixes together powerful metal riffs as well as subtle jazz harmonies, with a groovy attitude and their trademark goofy humor. The band is often described as Primus meets Steve Vai and Allan Holdsworth, with flavors of Frank Zappa!

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Mörglbl - Interview with the Definitely Loud Podcast

Peter Luha: Persona Grata - Forevermore

Progressive rock band Persona Grata with a new video - Forevermore

Martin Stavrovsky - vocals, rhythm guitar
Peter Luha - lead guitar
Matej Miklos - keyboards
Jan Steno - drums and percussions
Timo Stries - bass guitar

Find out more on:

Persona Grata - Forevermore /official video/

Marten Hagstrom: M80M Ibanez 8-string signature model

Ibanez sat down with Marten Hagstrom of Meshuggah to discuss the new M80M signature 8-string guitar. The instrument features an Ash body, 5pc Maple/Walnut 29.4" neck, Jumbo frets, Rosewood fingerboard, FX Edge III bridge, and the Lundgren Model M8P pickup. Check it out at an Ibanez dealer near you or at!

Marten Hagstrom on the Meshuggah M80M Ibanez 8-string signature model

Marshall Harrison: Thirteen Epic Questions part IIII

"Thirteen Epic Questions for Marshall Harrison" part III - talks about the most difficult piece of music he ever played Rachmaninoff opus 39 no 1 and more.

The Op. 39 set of Études-tableaux, written between 1916 and 1917 and published in 1917, was the last substantial composition written by Rachmaninoff while still in Russia, and it shows a marked departure from his previous work. Rachmaninoff had been listening keenly to his contemporaries Scriabin and Sergei Prokofiev, and had studied Scriabin's works to prepare a memorial recital in which Rachmaninoff himself played in Scriabin's honor. Though he was roundly criticized for his overly-analytical approach in his playing and overall lack of capturing the free-flying spirit that Scriabin had summoned so well in his own pianism, the compositional seeds resulting from his studying Scriabin's work had been planted. A melodic angularity and harmonic pungency appeared in these études as well as in his Op. 38 songs, which were written concurrently. The Op. 39 set is considered much more demanding technically than the Op. 33 set, and has been described as extremely virtuosic in its approach to keyboard writing, calling for unconventional hand positions, wide leaps for the fingers and considerable technical strength from the performer.[2] Also, "the individual mood and passionate character of each piece" pose musical problems that preclude performance from those not possessing a tremendous physical technique more

Renaud Louis-Servais: How to combine sweeping and strict alternate picking phrases in fusion

Renaud Louis-Servais is a french fusion guitarist/composer.
Listen to this track on his new album "Iluna"!
Please check this website:

RLSG is:
Renaud Louis-Servais : Guitars, Composition
Alain Bidot-Naude : Drums
Heni Dorina : Bass
Franck Guicherd : Keyboards

Renaud Louis-Servais plays Tom Anderson guitars:
Distributed in France by AudioTubeTech:

Renaud Louis-Servais's album "Iluna" has just released in 2011.
-on iTUNES:
-CD (USA):

How to combine sweeping and strict alternate picking phrases in fusion..." by Renaud Louis-Servais

Renaud Louis-Servais "Magnet 7"

 Renaud Louis-Servais: Iluna

SKU SKU25164
Track 1 Theme d'Iluna (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 2 Euria (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 3 Chani (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 5 Gimmick (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 6 LaQuete de Roland (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 7 Magnet 7 (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 8 Pulse (LISTEN TO AUDIO)

AbstractLogix link:

Michael Angelo Batio: Intermezzo CD gets a Final official release date

Michael Angelo Batio: Intermezzo CD gets a Final official release date

Michael Angelo Batio:

Hello everyone. Since my last update, a lot of great things have been happening. Over 20 extra shows were scheduled in July and August and it delayed the September 7th release date. However, the record is now finished and it is absolutely the best album I have ever recorded. I have also added several more guest stars and an additional track. A special thanks to Dave Reffett for his help on this final song for "Intermezzo." (We will post all of the names of the guest stars, including the Kickstarter guest stars very soon :-) The mix and mastering are scheduled to take place - 100% confirmed - in October. The official release date of "Intermezzo" is Thursday November 14th. I can confidently say that "Intermezzo" will be released and available on this date with no more delays. It's been a long time in the making, but I truly feel it is worth it and I think you will agree. 
We are in the process of creating a song sampling that will be available soon as well. To all of you that have supported me through Kickstarter, I would like to say a special "thank you." You have been patient and understanding. I can only reiterate that in a year or two from now - no one will care if "Intermezzo" was released in September or November of 2013, they will only remember if the record is great or not. I have put 110% of my energy, passion and experience into "Intermezzo" and it won't disappoint. Between now and October we are going to be putting out official press releases and getting the publicity component of the record in full swing. Also, I will 100% make sure every single person that contributed here on Kickstarter receives exactly what they pledged. In closing, I can't wait for everyone to hear "Intermezzo." You Rock, Michael Angelo Batio

News: Manson’s Auction For Signed Muse Guitar Raises Over £55,000 For Charity

Manson’s Auction For Signed Muse Guitar Raises Over £55,000 For Charity

The highly desirable, exclusive Manson Matthew Bellamy signature guitar MB-1 becomes even more so when combined with the signatures of all three Muse members, as a recent charity auction proved. The auction for this rare item, which closed on the 31st July was organised by Adrian Ashton, Manson’s Sales Director and raised in excess of £55,000 for two UK charities, Marie Curie Cancer Care and Progressive Supranuclear Palsy Association (PSPA).

Adrian was astonished by the total amount of £55,307.92 raised. In 2012 this would have comfortably made the top 10 global list of Celebrity Charity Auctions, surpassing the $80,000 raised to spend a day with former US president, Bill Clinton. ‘I am not sure I can adequately describe my thanks, firstly to the big heartedness of the successful bidder who wishes to remain anonymous, next the support from the Manson’s team and of course to Muse for signing the guitar, something I know they do not undertake lightly. I only hope I can repeat the result next year!’

Helen Thompson, spokesperson for the PSPA said ‘ We would like to extend our thanks to the generous buyer, to all those at Manson’s Guitar Works who contributed to the initiative, especially for choosing PSPA as one of the beneficiaries of this sale. The £27,000 we have received is a transformational amount of money for the PSPA…..’

Speaking on behalf of Marie Curie Cancer Care, Community Fundraiser Sarah Washington, commented ‘ the final bid coming in meant Marie Curie Cancer Care benefited from £27,653.96. This will provide 1382 nursing hours, which based on 26 hours a week would be a whole year of nursing care for a patient. We were delighted when we were informed of the amount that this generous gift raised’

To find out more about Manson Guitar Works please go to, to find out more about the work undertaken by Marie Curie Cancer Care and make a donation please visit and to find out more about the rare condition Progressive Supranuclear Palsy please go to where you can also make a donation too.

Andy James: SMT announces Co-Headlining Tour with Voodoo Six

This October, Sacred Mother Tongue will be heading out on a Co-Headlining Tour with Voodoo Six on 5 dates across the UK.

SMT/Voodoo Six Co-Headline Tour Dates:
October 2013
24th O2 Academy 3, Birmingham
25th Think Tank, Newcastle
26th Audio, Glasgow
27th Sound Control, Manchester
28th O2 Academy Islington, London

Tickets are onsale now through and

News: The DVD Music Licensing Guide - comprehensive music copyright handbook

The DVD Music Licensing Guide is a comprehensive music copyright handbook giving expert advice for anyone who wishes to use music in a DVD production. Don’t get caught out, learn how to license music correctly - and legally!
Ivan was inspired to write this guide due to the increase of copyright enquiries being received by his company, Musicalities, from eminent TV & video producers, independent film makers, school & theatrical productions, universities & colleges and even makers of wedding DVDs. This guide will help its readers to understand more fully about music copyright and how to navigate the way through what might be a music copyright minefield. It is very important to understand which music rights have to be cleared or licensed prior to the production, manufacture or distribution of a DVD - all of which is explained in the guide.
With ever changing technology, DVDs in many formats are being created by both amateurs and professionals and using any unlicensed music could be an extremely costly mistake. The author has worked within the music publishing and music copyright business for many years and is able to pass on through this guide first class advice and tips that he has learnt from his experience.
"Because it’s been devised by Ivan Chandler, who is such an authority on music copyright - as all those who attend his Indie Training Fund courses will testify - this Guide will be an invaluable reference for ITF member companies’ teams and for everyone who works in TV, video and digital production." - Ian Wyatt (Indie Training Fund - Training Director)
The publication will appeal to any individual, company or organization who wishes to include music in their video production for private retail sale or digital distribution. It is a ‘must-have’ guide for producers, film makers, advertising agencies, dance/theatre companies, website designers and many, many more!
About the Author:
Ivan Chandler is the founder of Musicalities Ltd., one of the UK’s leading music copyright consultancy companies for the television, film and entertainment industry. He was the author of “The Music Copyright Guide for Television and Film Production” published by PACT in 1997. He has since become one of the UK’s most highly respected trainers and lecturers in music copyright

Simon McBride,Mo Foster: Rotosound Launch YouTube Channel with video series with Simon and Mo

Rotosound Launch YouTube Channel with video series featuring Mo Foster and Simon McBride

Rotosound are proud to announce the launch of their new YouTube channel ‘RotosoundTV’, which features a new series of free videos featuring the great bassist Mo Foster and rising star, blues guitarist Simon McBride. 

The new channel launches with thirteen new videos featuring Mo and Simon demonstrating a wide range of Rotosound strings in different playing styles. The video’s, which are shot in super high definition with crystal clear sound, includes details on the history strings and useful background information on what they’re made of and the famous musicians that have played them. If you’ve ever wondered for example the difference in sound between a flatwound and roundwound strings these videos give you a definitive point of reference.

The videos featured include classic Rotosound bass strings such as the Tru, Jazz and Swing bass sets. There are also videos on their best selling electric guitar strings Rotos and more recently launched strings such as the British Steels, Nexus and Pure Nickels. Finally you can watch Simon demonstrate the acoustic Jumbo King, Tru Bronze and Super Bronze sets. What better way to help you decide on which strings you want to use than to hear a top pro play them so you can compare the difference side by side.

Music producer, songwriter/composer, author and session musician Mo Foster has been a top British bass player for over forty years. He has recording with artists as varied as Phil Collins, Jeff Beck, Meat Loaf and Nigel Kennedy as well as touring with Eric Clapton, Van Morrison and Sting. His book ‘The British Rock Guitar’ is critically acclaimed and he is a regular columnist in many music magazines.

Predicted to be the next Irish guitar hero in the footsteps of Rory Gallagher and Gary Moore, Simon McBride has undeniable guitar artistry combined with a fine voice. He has recently supported Jeff Beck, Joe Bonamassa and Joe Satriani. His latest CD Crossing The Line was included in the Best of 2012 selection in Classic Rock and “The Blues” magazines and it was also nominated for a Blues Blast Award.

Xander Demos: performing at the Pennsylvania Rock Show 9th Anniversary Concert

MTS Management Group and Xander Demos are happy to announce Xander will be performing at the Pennsylvania Rock Show 9th Anniversary Concert, this Saturday, September 14th at 6pm. The event will be held at Leechburg Moose, 104 Market Street, Leechburg, PA. (724) 882-4693. Tickets are $5 for members and $10 for guests. A free buffet is included in the ticket price. The show will benefit local Mooseheart and Rock For Life charities.

"We're very happy to have Xander on the bill for this show," said manager, Michael Stover of MTS Management Group. "Xander is known for giving back to his community, and is always willing to perform at benefit shows. He played at Gigaroo this summer, which was another Rock For Life benefit. Bill Domiano and the PA Rock Show have been very good to us, and we're excited to have been asked to participate. It's going to be a great show!"

Other acts on the bill include After The Fall, All My Monsters, The KGB Band, Doppler Effect, Zion Cross and Stratega. For more information, visit

Xander Demos is a metal guitarist, based in Pittsburgh, PA. His debut album, "Guitarcadia" was mixed by Cj Snare of Firehouse. Xander is also a guitarist with James Rivera's Sabbath Judas Sabbath, as well as James' solo band. For more information, visit

The Pennsylvania Rock Show is a online radio show/podcast that features a studio guest and is full of songs from the best bands Pennsylvania has to offer. It airs live every Friday, 8pm Eastern Standard Time (7pm Central Standard Time) on The show is then rebroadcast on a growing number of stations. The show is DJ’ed by Bill Domiano of the Alle-Kiski Music Scene and runs commercial free.

Tom Geldschläger: official news update

The first Fountainhead EP, "Fear Is The Enemy", was released digitally in January 2013.

Fountainhead: Fear Is The Enemy

Reviews so far have been very positive:
"for lovers of virtuoso guitar music, this album is moreover highly recommended" (
"A timeless journey through different kinds of music {…} greatly enchanting songs {…} which I could imagine working well as film-scores too." (
"Fear is the Enemy is a veritable masterwork. It is the product of years of training from one of jazz fusions most promising guitarist. This is a shining and monolothic artistic statement that proves the enduring might that a virtuoso guitarist can have" (
"If you want to know how thrilling a well-made mix of ambient, atmospherics, fusion and tech-metal can be, listen to this. It´s very rewarding!"(
"With ‘Fear Is The Enemy’, Fountainhead (...) is surely bound to impress those who have a ear for appreciating music per se." (
"This is one of the projects that will influence new bands to come because of its creativity and quality sound." (
"Fountainhead provides a mind blowing trip into musical realms largely untraveled. This is pure, instrumental greatness with a creative, Progressive Metal edge." (
"stunning, yes stunning music and guitar" (

The whole thing is still fully streamable on bandcamp and youtube. The pay-what-you-want download comes with full artwork and a beautiful music video that video-producer Martin Bahre created with me. It´s also available on all of the major online-stores (includingiTunes and CDbaby). Every cent I make off this album is being invested into making the follow-up, for which I´ll enter the studio next month.

Collaborations and session-work"Pitts/Minnemann Project"
Last year, the "Pitts/Minnemann Project" CD was released to great critical acclaim ( even proclaimed it "instrumental album of the year"). It´s part of drumming phenomenon Marco Minnemann´s Normalizer 2 series, which involves various artists from across the globe composing music on top of a 60-minute drumsolo by Marco - in this case the composer is Jimmy Pitts. I had the great honor to be the main guitar player on this album (which also features guest contributions by Jeremy Barnes, Pete Pachio, Bill Bruce, Ray Riendeau, Eddie Kohen among others), contributing more than 30 minutes worth of fretted and fretless guitars. There´s audiosamples off all tracks on cdbaby and I uploaded a compilation of some of my favorite guitar parts here. Because of the terrific reactions to the album and the strong musical chemistry between the players, I´m happy to announce that "Pitts/Minnemann Project 2" is already in the works and features Marco on drums, Jimmy on keyboards, Jerry Twyford on bass and myself on all guitars.

"The Fractured Dimension"
There´s another collaboration with Jimmy Pitts coming out very soon, a new album by his band "The Fractured Dimension". Having already contributed guest solos to their first album a couple of years ago, I was invited back for the follow-up, which features the following line-up: Jimmy on keyboards, Jerry Twyford on bass, Hannes Grossmann (Obscura, Necrophagist) on drums and myself on guitars, plus guest solos by Jeremy Barnes, Pete Pachio, Marcel Coenen, Bill Bruce, Alex Machaczek & Aaron Roten. An advance-single (a "farewell" to and featuring former drummer Alex Aranello) will be released digitally in just a few weeks. Expect some crazy instrumental prog-metal and tons of wild guitar playing!

Ray Riendeau
In spring, I was also invited by Ray Riendeau (bass player extraordinaire for James LaBrie, Rob Halford, Star Monarchy etc.) to join him and drummer Danny Handler on a track called "The Conservation of Angular Momentum", which is available from Ray´sbandcamp . Check out my full guitar playthrough-video of the song here.

Music-production & mixing-work
These are some of the projects I´ve been working on in the last few months, for release-dates and artwork please check the "discography" section on my website. Since most of these have not been officially released at this point, audio-samples will follow in the next newsletter.

- The Astronauts Return "10.000 Days Beyond Time" EP - progressive metal/ambient (produced, mixed, sound-design, co-engineered. also guest spots on fretless guitar, ambient guitar textures and slide-guitar)
- Yuval Ron & Residents Of The Future "Flags" (digital single feat. Tammy Sheffer) - jazz/fusion (produced & mixed)
- Sina Niklas "Getaway Car" - pop/rock (mixed, 3 guest guitar solos one of which I already posted here: )
- La Fontaine Dali "t.b.a." - swing/folk/chanson (produced & mixed)
- Geistzeit - electronica/techno/spoken-word (mixed)
- Sonic Rise "EP 2013" - rock/metal (co-engineered & mixed)

Ever since "Fear Is The Enemy" was released, a huge amount of new projects has been coming in. So if you want to have your music produced or mixed by Fountainhead, don´t hesite to get in touch, but please be aware that I´m completely booked until early 2014.

Other news
- Endorsements:
I´m now officially working with Soultool guitars (with whom I´m working on fretted and fretless signature models), LOXX products & Steinberg software, whose "flagship" Cubase 7 I´m now officially using on all production & mixing projects.

- Upcoming gigs:
Friday 20th September: "Werkstatt Der Kulturen Berlin" (Wissmannstrasse 32, 12049 Berlin) with XELL (avant-prog metal/bulgarian classical)
Saturday, 12th October: "Maschinenhaus/Kulturbrauerei" (Knaackstraße 97/Sredzkistraße 1, 10435 Berlin) with SINA NIKLAS & GETAWAY CAR (pop/rock)

- Interviews:
There´s a two-page interview in the January/February 20213 issue of the leading Indonesian guitar magazine "Gitar Plus", topics include: my role in the "Pitts/Minnemann Project", "Fear Is The Enemy", practising, gear, influences, etc.

- Compilations:
Itdjents have issued a compilation called "introspection/self-actualization", which includes my piece "I Do And I Will" and some liner-notes. You can download it here.

That´s all for now, folks. As I already stated at the beginning of this mail, the next newsletters will features exclusive previews on the content of my next EP.

Guthrie Govan, Bryan Beller, Marco Minnemann: limited pressing of 1000 on 180-gram audiophile virgin vinyl

We’ve been teasing this for long enough, but we wanted to make sure it was perfect. Now that they are, and we have them in hand, we’re proud to announce that we’re selling a very special limited edition double-vinyl version of Culture Clash.

As stated above, it’s a limited pressing of 1000 on 180-gram audiophile virgin vinyl, packaged in a deluxe gatefold polybagged jacket. It contains artwork exclusive to the packaging, and the very few folks who’ve heard the vinyl test pressings say it sounds huge. :-)

We’re pre-selling 200 of these through our online Aristo-store. Click here to pre-order now. Release date is September 24.

If you don’t manage to get one directly from us (which you should, hint hint, until they run out), you can get one from our vinyl partners Hostile City Distribution, by clicking here.

In other news, if you’ve been paying attention to the Tours page, you’ve seen some 2014 dates suddenly pop up. If you haven’t noticed, now might be a good time to check out the latest over there. Remember, these tours are still being booked and are far from complete, so don’t panic if you don’t see your city or country on there. There’s more to come.

Stay tuned for a lot more info on 2014 coming soon!

-The Aristocrats

Daddo Oreskovich: want an arpeggio challenge?

Are you up for some "arpeggio challenge" ?

This song is simplified for beginner/intermediate level players who want to develop arpeggio technique as the main focus, and some blues pentatonic and speedy Yngwie Malmsteen style harmonic minor runs. It is straight forward and great for left and right hand synchronization.

Learn how to play faster and speed up your chops.

Have fun and rock hard ;-)


Martin Goulding: Dragons Fury - Solo Study

Dragons Fury - Solo Study

Martin Goulding: Here we have a solo study in the neo-classical rock/metal style. This style gained popularity from the groundbreaking release of Yngwie Malmsteen’s 1984 debut album Rising Force, born from Yngwie’s unique blend of influences, combining classical harmonies and melodies with violin virtuoso Nicolo Paganini and composer J.S Bach cited as influences, alongside the high energy presentation of seventies rock legends like Jimi Hendrix, Uli Jon Roth and Ritchie Blackmore.

From the mid 1980’s, the technical demands of this fast melodic style were almost a rite of passage for up and coming rock virtuosos, and prominent players would include Vinnie Moore, Tony MacAlpine, Paul Gilbert, Jason Becker and Marty Friedman. Characterised by heavy driving rhythm sections and harmonically rich, classically influenced progressions, this style showcases techniques including alternate picking and sweeping along with an emphasis on accurate bending and vibrato.