Drayen Labie: Holdsworth Chordal Style - great tones

Hi everyone,
I always liked the last track of Allan Holdsworth's Wardenclyffe Tower album. It's called Oneiric Moor.
Here's a little chordal improvisation inspired by this beautiful tune.
The main tools i use for this video are my Carvin DC 747 7 string ( for the clean baritone tones) , a Brunetti Star T Rack stereo amp through a 2X12 Tube Town cabinet and the Yamaha UD Stomp effect (including Holdsworth patches for Chorusing an Swelling).
The audio was captured through Logic 9 with a E906 microphone.

Thanks for watching.

Drayen Labie

UD Stomp Holdsworth Chordal Style

Paco by Drayen Labie (from the "Kissa i Lé" upcoming Album)

Kissa i Le, jazz rock song played live in Touraine.

Video presentation KISSA I LE, EP project in production: draft crowdfunding online: http://www.kisskissbankbank.com/draye ...

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Guitar: Drayen Labie
Bass: Rémi Viala
Drums: Marine Arrow
live Official promo video for the "Kissa i Lé" jazz rock project. Now with English sub-titles! For more info go to http://www.drayen.com

Drayen Labie - Kissa i Lé - Live + Interview