Benjamin Woods: Metal Classics for Solo Guitar

This album is the audio accompaniment to the ebook "Metal Classics for Solo Guitar" which can be found at dot com, arranged and transcribed in notation and tablature by Benjamin Woods.
•Book Cover
•Aces High (Iron Maiden)
•Bark at the Moon (Ozzy Osbourne)
•Electric Eye (Judas Priest)
•Mr.Scary (Dokken)
•I am a Viking (Yngwie Malmsteen)
•We Rock (Dio)
•Rainbow in the Dark (Dio)
•Nothing Else Matters (Metallica)

The ebook is at an intermediate level, with some challenging authentic flamenco techniques and some hybrid techniques I've developed. You may notice I have shortened many of the original arrangements to better suit the instrumental treatment.

In my opinion, good music is good music, and metal has given us lots of it. Played in this medium, I believe these melodies and driving rhythms translate well to the solo Spanish Guitar, and can make a great contribution to the instrument's repertoire.
-Benjamin Woods

Benjamin Woods: Metal Classics for Solo Guitar

1. Aces High 3:53
2. Bark At the Moon 2:22
3. Electric Eye 2:59
4. Mr. Scary 2:01
5. I Am a Viking 2:04
6. We Rock 2:11
7. Rainbow in the Dark 2:26
8. Nothing Else Matters 3:08

DIO "Rainbow in the Dark" (acoustic) Ben Woods on flamenco guitar

Yngwie Malmsteen's "I am a Viking" (acoustic) Ben Woods