Matt Harnett: Enigma - the immense sounding new release trailored

My debut release as a solo musician, the Enigma EP is finally finished, featuring some incredible guest solos from some fantastic musicians. The first single off Enigma, Derealization, is scheduled for free release on Friday, September 27th. Enigma is set for release on October 12th, at midnight, for "pay what you want" on Bandcamp and a low set price on iTunes, Amazon, and other digital distributors.

Take Flight
Fantasy Shields (Feat. Sean Ashe)
Derealization (Feat. Jakub Zytecki)
Enigma I: Against Common Sense
Enigma II: The Unknown (Feat. Ryan Siew)
Enigma III: Belonging

I'm so relieved to finally be getting this EP of songs I started writing over a year ago out there. I have poured so much time into Enigma. Not only was it me recording my first release, but it was me learning how to produce, and overall improving my musical and technical abilities. This is only the beginning of my musical career, and I can't wait to release a lot more music in the future.

Derealization Single Release (FREE Download): September 27th
Enigma EP Release (pay what you want or set price): October 12th, midnight

Thank you.

Matt Harnett | ENIGMA Release Announcement (Oct. 12th)

In the meantime get the single

Matt Harnett,Jakub ŇĽytecki: Derealization